Monday, November 1, 2010


Is this supposed to be one person, or three people? The only thing that separates the three is the hair-do. The foot size and arm length appear to be the same. He’s black. Two of them look like the same guy, but the one on the right, he’s probably a brother or something. He looks different, his head is shaped differently, he looks taller.

I think not. He’s smaller, the one closest to the water. They’re just running.

What are you supposed to do, all you do is run.

Where do you think they are at? When I look at the background, well the first thing I want to say is Florida, but it looks like the South Carolina coast. That’s the only coast I’ve seen that looks different than a Florida coast.

The two on the left look like they could be brothers but the third guy looks different, he’s not related.

Jeff is the boy on the left. The second boy looks like my first cousin, he could be a Rand. The one on the right looks like the oldest one. Bob is the oldest on the right. I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking Robert.

They’re having oodles of fun, enjoying themselves. Enjoying the surf.

That water doesn’t look that deep, see how low it is. Is it safe enough for them to jump in? Probably not. I wouldn’t say so for safety’s sake. They’re might be oyster shells. See where his feet are hitting the water, there isn’t a wake. It’s shallow, very shallow. They’ll probably cut their feet. Oysters don’t just swim around in the water, they latch onto something. Well they come in clusters. They bury into the sand. They use that water a lot, oysters wouldn’t be in it.

Do they know the water is shallow? Yes, they can see the bottom because of the pole, the old cut-off telephone pole. Then why are they jumping? They’re just three old knot-heads. Are their parents nearby? Judging by their age probably, but if they live close they might be on their own.

I think it’s great.

How do they know it’s shallow? If the sun is shining you can see the bottom of the ocean.

What does the water feel like? It’s fairly warm if the sun is out shining. The water is not deep enough to keep cold.

If you look at the embankment you can see it’s a shallow coast, it’s just a bay. They’re dumb to be jumping into water that shallow.

What kind of animals might be out there? There is likely to be stingrays out in that shallow warm water.

I don’t think what they are doing is particularly dangerous, they’re probably isn’t anyone else out there.

We’ve all done it. I’ve jumped into shallow water like that before.

What are they saying to each other? Kids that size, no telling what they’d be saying. Most of the time they are trying to coax each other into the water.

Which one of the boys is the leader? Bob. What did he say to convince them in the water? “It’s ok, everything is fine. No danger, don’t worry.”

What do the other two respond? “Get out of the way.”

What kind of trouble could they get into? I think the boy is sitting in the water. The color of the water makes it looker deeper than it is. How could he sit in the water? It’s shallow in the front but its gets deeper the farther you go.

What does it sound like? You would hear the splashes of the surf. On occasion a few frogs. They’re talking to each other. You would hear mullet when they jump into the water. It’s just the mullet playing and having fun. Sea trout does that too. They look a little like mullet.

In the bay, the sea smell will override most other smells. Unless there is dead trout or something else.

What will they do next? I guess they will swim around, climb out, then jump in again.

The funny thing is, every seashore you go to, I’ve been to many. France, Italy, other areas. The fish are all pretty well the same. They act the same, they react the same. There is not much difference.

I think the prettiest country, the one nearest to the United States, is Germany.

Let’s make up an ending. The boys are having fun, and they go home to have dinner. They make it home just in time to eat. The seashore furnishes food, recreation. It’s a drawing card for people to swim in, boat in, fish in, whatever.

There are people that all they do is go out and fish for mullet, they go out catch them and sell them. That’s all they do for income.

Story by: Maxine, Duncan, Joyce, Nina, Barbara