Monday, November 21, 2011

People or Targets

[*I’ve decided to include my prompt questions, so that readers can understand part of the reason why the storytellers sometimes takes sudden, unexpected turns. - Alice]

[How did the elephants get there?]

The owners of the elephants had to take them in there. I don’t know. I haven’t ever seen any elephants in a church.

[Why did the owners take them in there?]

The elephants are not getting along. This one wants it one way, that one wants it the other way. Pretty hard to straighten it out. They need to go to the hospital. All the elephants have to do is make a visit and straighten it out. They will operate on the elephants to straighten the problem.

[What is the problem?]

The elephants have no say. This one wants to do it the right way. This one wants to warn them. Every bunk has the same rules and the same fruit. Apples, sour cucumbers, and so on - the cheapest and most tasty. Sacrilege. We don’t need any elephants in the church. Send a peeping tom to find out what they are doing in there. They are making too much noise.

[Who gave them permission to bring elephants in the church?]

The leader is Chief of Staff. This person is full of explanatory advices. He’s the man we are going to take care of. The Chief of Staff is with the most authority, and is popular and is authorized to do things like that. He will keep all the money. He is fully responsible for every loss. People have to have leaders.

[Where did the money come from?]

If they want to collect money, they can collect it from the people. This is a waste of four minutes. The people are happy as they can be, but nobody is getting rich. If they get a lot of money, and it is heavy, then the elephants can carry all the money. They are big and can carry heavy loads. If they are using change, and not dollar bills, then it will be very heavy. It seems like he was helping other people. That should have made them happy.

[What will he do with the money?]

It all depends on his personality - play, take chances, be popular, or be the most wise person. It depends on how you agree with the one who calls certain persons, but it is hard to define persons with ability, because the one who commits this kind of crime has no witnesses. Would you approach a large elephant if you were a small person? I would not do that.

[How much money is there?]

I don’t know. Count it. You should go around equivalent to the years that you have walked around that place, and then you will know how much money the Chief of Staff keeps. The bank holds the money for him, and the bank knows it is his money. If they ask my name, I will say, “My name is yesterday.” They don’t know my name. If you have a lot of money, then you have a name, and someone will keep somebody from stealing it.

[Is that your real name?]

Many times I was walking the street, and there were all kinds of people. The majority of them were asking, “Hey! Hey! Which one are you?” They are using names they are not supposed to use, names that are not popular in conversation, names that they are not supposed to use in church. I’m not going to tell you my name. Or maybe I will just call myself “Chuck”.

[What happens next?]

The Chief of Staff is going to check it all out and make a decision. You must have a base of how to make a decision. Find out which person is the most expensive, because there are people who like different stories and have some fun. He is presented with quite a lot of people. He wants to be popular by doing things people will appreciate. If he has a lot of money then he will be popular. Arming soldiers as frequently as possible, getting in touch with them by conversation. Those who drink go to the bar, those who don’t drink, don’t go to the bar.

[Where are they going?]

Mars. And do you know what Mars is? It is a planet. I’ll call you in about a year. As far as I can remember, going backwards, the scientists on this earth are trying to find a representative for this earth. I heard that Mars, and then the sun, and then the moon were once classified as one piece of something. Due to the fact that there are thousands of past experience, thousands of pieces, people are also able to ask about detachment. For that kind of expedition, we need an extra engine. Put your mind on those who are in that kind of space. I explained to someone who wants to know more about the capsule. When collisions take place, it will be very easy to determine that the only person who can do it is the person who knows the capsule can travel, with the advice of scientists and people who have a lot of conversation. Extra, extra curious things, that up until now, no one is able to solve the problem.

[What is the problem?]

Last week I read an article that they came to the conclusion that the earth is part of seven planets covered with sun in different suns. If they can stop one, maybe there will be signs, and people who are fortunate to be there can find out about it. I never found this kind of money on the street. That is luck with a sign on top of it. Only with luck can you achieve this kind of profit. It is nice to go church and Mars. Interesting, and equally full of power and detachment.

[Do people find the answers?]

It is possible to find out about everything.

[How do they find out?]

A book in the library claims Christ will come back again. Maybe when Christ was a part of earth’s life, around back then, the only people who were curious were the people who observed Him. These are the only people classified to answer this project. If you like to have very curious questions and answers, try to find the book. Read very slowly, because no person can claim he knows the answer to this particular project, this kind of readership. The Bible has questions and the Bible has answers, but not the way any normal person can read or explain to himself.

[Does this mean they find the answer or does this mean they don’t find the answer?]

The answer will find a question. Somehow, the pieces of these two items are too fast in order to meet and establish.

[How does the story end?]

The elephants will find a place in the circus. They leave the money in the bank, I guess.

[What should we call the story?]

I don’t know. Maybe we will call it “People” or maybe we will call it “Targets”.

Phil, Henry, Evonne, Betsy, Joseph, Alice

Monday, November 7, 2011

If Phil Comes Home

Phil, Christine, Henry, June, Gretchen, Patricia
I can’t tell. It looks like a dog. A tree. Cutting his nose. A walrus. That’s an animal. That’s what it look like to me. I can’t see nothing. The man is trying to help the walrus. A monster is what he’s got there. That’s a good picture. He is healthy. Do you know that? It looks like an animal. It’s got to be a big one. It must be good, because it is by a human being. They tame them to be good animals. They work on him. I don’t know that they did, but they tried to make a good animal out of Phil, that’s his name. The man is a goose with a long neck. I was in the past. I forget. The man has a saw or an axe, chopping up the monster, cutting the wing off. Chopping his head. Yes, I can see that myself. It is stupid, and I won’t. Honest. I don’t care what they. He’s doing something to Phil’s head to train him. Phil’s looking for somebody that he can eat. Tame him to be a good animal. He’s cutting away on that animal. It might be dead. I don’t know. I won’t be made out of anything. That’s a big animal! That is the first thing I see. The animal gets tears in his eyes, starts crying from getting brutalized. He says “ow, my leg falls off.” Phil won’t be crying if he loses that leg. If the man can get through it, then it will be the end of the leg. A big sore on his leg. It’s very sad that he got the infection and has to have that done. I hope so. I knew, but I don’t know about that. It might be. He’s cutting it off now. We’ll know much more after he stops cutting. The man thinks it will help. Don’t get me wrong. It must be alright, because you’ve been with it. The story will end when he gets through cutting. I love Phil and I care for Phil. Phil gets better, in other words, a watch dog.

Women Walking, Men Watching

Four windows, a wash job. Are they on this property? Here? [Patricia makes a box shape with her hands.] Sitting out there watching the ladies go by. Typical thing. In the middle of the street and a park bench, doing whatever they want to. Every time I sit down to have my teeth done, they say go here, go there. They are excreamely [SIC] interested up. Time to turn in. They’ve been sitting for a half hour on the part where they are going to be watching. The women are just walking away, down the hill, to the park or somewhere. They are close enough, so they must know everybody. The men have big eyes, square feet, and big shoes. The women are going to heaven only knows down the street. The two men are friends since they sit together. The women are friends, not sisters, they’ve got their hair fixed. Typical men sitting there. None of them are married. The women are going somewhere to sleep, and live, and come back. They are going to the center. I wonder if they look at their legs or not. Peering at the legs, not missing a thing, shaking their heads about the women. Good, the sun is out, but it must be cold, because they’ve got coats on and everything. All of them should make plans together, but they can’t do that now; they’ve been passed by. A sign on the post will tell them which way to go, or it says, “Typical Men”. If they all have a goal, then they will all head this way. They are out in the walking together in the jacket in the weather. The men are talking together about what they are going to do, and they haven’t been able to take their eyes off of them yet. Invite them home to dinner. The problem is there’s only two men and three women. We need to know what he’s thinking about. Where do you get a man like that? It should end if they get together, but nobody is moving. They get up and go talk to the ladies, talk them into going with them. The one on the left gets left out. She wants to get in the crowd. She could be angry or she could be glad to get out of the way. She says, “Leave me alone. Keep going.” She’s not going to stand there all the time, she takes off the other way.

Henry, Patricia, Gretchen, Margarette, Maxine