Monday, March 22, 2010



That’s in the city square. Which city? Geneva. Honolulu. What are these women doing? It looks like they’re eating out in the street. I don’t know how they can sit there. That’s lunch. I don’t know what she was burning. She’s looking at the sun it looks like. Those are bubbles, but it looks like smoke.

Those do look like big bubbles, don’t they? Who are these girls? Are they clerks? Why would they be sitting out in the street eating then? They’re probably not clerks. Those are some mighty big bubbles. What’s that on top of the building? DSW. That Orever 21 is better. DSW stands for District Southwest.

What are their names? They look like Whites. Is that their last or first names? I don’t know. I’m talking about their complexions.

What do you think their names are? Heidi and Zelda. Heidi is on the right and Zelda is on the left. They have each other. They’re friends that work together. Do they have tall buildings like that in Hawaii? I don’t know. I’ve never been to Hawaii. We can make it whatever we want it to be.

I think this is summer. But they’re wearing long-sleeve sweaters. It’s lunchtime. Why are they blowing bubbles? They’re just doing it. It’s something to do. They’d have to have something to blow bubbles with. They want to see who can blow the biggest one. Heidi’s blown the biggest bubble.

Where do they work? They don’t work. I don’t think they would sit across the street from where they work. They’re making the bubbles themselves. There’s no wind blowing. I’ve never seen a bubble like this before. They’re probably having fun. A lot of fun.

That looks like a tablecloth. That must be a place to rest while they’re not working.

What’s on the ground between them? It looks like half a head of lettuce. A couple of tomatoes. Why do they have lettuce and tomatoes? They’re probably on a diet. Could be. No preparation. You just cut it up and there it is. That’s a fun diet. It looks like a chicken to me. No, it looks more like an umbrella.

Are those big colleges over there? I don’t think they would be dressed like that if they were going to college, do you? They are students, but they’re going out for the day. What do you think they study in college? They study every day. But why would they be wearing clothes like they are to study in? They should dress better before they go out. They should dress right for the situation.

They like to study the tuba in school.

What are they going to do after they graduate college? They don’t have any idea what they want to do. They’re just blowing bubbles now.

Heidi is looking at something, something small. She’s sitting on a table. The people behind them are foreigners from someplace else. It’s difficult to tell from the way they’re dressed. Zelda looks like she’s from New York. Heidi is from down south. She’s just learning the ropes.

What are Heidi and Zelda going to do next? Pick up and go back to work. I don’t think they would be dressed like that in Honolulu. They must be going to a dime store.

Why are some of the characters so big? That’s a pretty wide street. Why are they so heavily dressed?

How should our story end? I think they’re going to be happy. I really do. You can tell they’re having fun.

STORY BY: Barbara, Betty, Patricia

HELPERS: Collin, Kennedy, Sarah

Monday, March 15, 2010


I would say he just had an argument with his son and daughter-in-law and he’s waiting to see if they follow him. In a way he’s hoping they do and in a way he’s hoping they don’t. He’s just sitting there waiting to see what’s going to happen.

It doesn’t look easy, but we have to pray.

Where do you think this man is? It’s not too far from here. It doesn’t matter where he is, not today. He thinks they should get married right away and they don’t want to get married right away. He’s really upset because he doesn’t want his family to live that way.

Yes, honey, that is hard. You don’t need that many.

What is he looking at? He’s not looking at anything. He’s looking to the side.

We didn’t do it. I’m tired of driving. I’m going out tonight. Do you think he’s going out? Yes.

He’s going back home to tell his wife what happened to the two kids, and how unhappy he is with them.

There are a lot of people in the back. Where are they? Just coming out of the subway station in New York. That’s my hometown. They’re all in a group going somewhere, probably down to Boston to see the baseball game. He’s thinking they’re a rambunctious bunch. Is that why he’s sitting way up here? He got disgusted with them waiting in the station, so he went up to where he thought he wouldn’t be bothered. Grouchy old fart.

He’s looking to see if he can find out who’s going to move up. Poor man. He’s got more troubles than he needs. What is his name? He looks like a McFarlin. I don’t think he’s going to be going around because of those cookies. Everybody loves him. That’s something that’s like an instant, like a little candy. He’s a good man.

Other than his son, who doesn’t want to get married, does he have any other children? I don’t think either one of them feels right about getting married right away. They want more financial stability and no unexpected events like pregnancy. But you never can tell. He’s just grumpy about the whole thing because he wanted a big wedding. He’s the big show-off type. He wanted all his friends to see. Maybe he’ll get it next year after the baby comes. There’s a baby? Yes, she’s pregnant. You didn’t know that? Where have you been? Everybody in town knows. You must not pay attention to gossip.

This guy’s making his fingers warm. Who is the person on the left with the hat on? I don’t know, but he ought to go home and take that stupid hat off. I don’t know where I’m going to go. What about the man behind McFarlin? What’s he doing? He’s just a casual bystander. He’s just wondering what the hell is going on. He’s not important.

What’s his son’s name? Sonny.

What does McFarlin do for a living? He retired, at his age. From what? Probably from retirement. Looks like he owned his own business. What’s his business? Looking at women.

He probably had two or three employees. Three at the most. The business is just about to go out because no one is using fireplaces anymore, not like they used to anyway. That’s sad. Poor man. He’s made his million. He says, “If they think I’m going to come back and join them they’re crazy.” He’s a snot, a pain in the ass.

His daughter is telling her fiance, “See why I didn’t want to invite him? He’s being a perfect ass.” And her fiancĂ© says “Yeah, but he’s going to cut you off and not leave you any money. “ And she says, “Why does that matter?” And he says, “Why do you think I’m marrying you?” His daughter is named Angela, and her fiance’s name is Sonny.

What does McFarlin do for fun? I can’t imagine him having any fun. Probably keeps score at the baseball game and has the opposing team lose, the way he keeps score.

He’s going to complain to his wife about his kids. He’s going to say, “I’m sure glad I didn’t invite them to lunch!” His wife is going to say, “Well, I told you so! I told you so!” How does his wife react to the news? She says, “Thank God. Are you sure it’s not a necessity?”

What is McFarlin’s best quality? He’s righteous. He’s very conscious-ridden. He’s extremely proud of his daughter, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. If this was yesterday, he was fully dressed for it. By happen to her, I mean the neighbor’s talk. What’s his worst quality? He spends too much time looking at the women behind him. He doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with them.

Does he have a carrot in his pocket? He’s sitting there thinking, if I was up there I’d tell them young pipsqueaks a thing or two about baseball. They don’t know a damn thing about baseball, and I do. I watched Mickey Mantle hit his first homerun. I was only ten at the time.

What does McFarlin want, other than for his daughter to get married? To inherit a million dollars and move to Florida. That’s a little bit more reasonable than his daughter getting married.

What is he going to do tomorrow? I don’t think he’s made up his mind what he’s going to do because he doesn’t know what day it is. Nobody’s told him.

How does the story end? The boys she’s engaged to says, “Won’t you come up and tell our friends how happy you are they’re getting married.” The old man says, “I never lie, but I’ll come up and meet your friends.” Who is now her husband. They’re not going to get any business. They’re two kids. They’re going to try to do it. They’re good kids, anyway. That’s all right. They’ve got the chance to go out and play or something like that. They can’t be perfect. That would be boring.

Is he going to make up with his daughter? Well, they always make up after an argument. They won’t stay mad. She’s knows better because she wants to inherit his money, and he knows better because he loves her.

STORY BY: Barbara, Tony, Thomas, Nelsa, Vivian, and Dottie

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

Monday, March 8, 2010


What is this a picture of? A guy selling balloons. Pigeons eating in the street. It’s some sort of celebration they have every so often when they sell balloons to all the kids. When the kids let them go whoever’s balloon flies the farthest gets a prize. The man’s got all the balloons. Why is he holding all the balloons? I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. He’s having fun with it.

What are they celebrating? They’re celebrating selling balloons! Every kid gets one. Some get two. How come some of the kids get two? I don’t see any of them getting two.

There’s a little kid standing here. He’s just watching and looking down. The pigeons are waiting for something. They’re just standing there. You know how pigeons are.

I don’t know how this man can hold all these balloons. Why are there so many balloons? That’s what it was. An occasion.

It doesn’t look like there’s much air out there. The birds are just waddling around.

There are a lot of birds there to count. Fifteen birds. I give up. The birds don’t seem to be very bothered by the balloons. The birds are hoping that something will happen to the balloons and they’ll all blow up.

Where is this man? The town square of some little town in Europe. They’ve been in business for a long period of time. The balloons are too far from the buildings.

You thought the man cuts hair, that he was a barber.

What is the man on the left doing? Do you think he’s taking a picture? It looks like it. Or he’s just trying to find his way somewhere. I don’t think he’s lost. I just think he’s trying to find a street that he doesn’t know where it is. That little kid is with him. Is the kid related to him? I don’t think so. No, I really think that’s his kid.

Evidently, he’s taking a picture. Doesn’t look like that to me at all. If I was there, I’d take a picture just like that. I think his kid is just sitting there.

How he keeps all the balloons separate, I don’t know. I don’t care. I wish they would break at the same time and fly off in the air!

What city do you think he’s at? What’s he doing, taking a picture? He could be taking a picture of the pigeons. No, I think he’s waiting for them all to fly away. The little boy lost something and he’s trying to find it. He dropped it, and the guy came along with the balloons and now he can’t find it. It just fell and rolled down the street and the balloons walked all over it. He’s not too happy with the balloon man. But the people do. If they didn’t like the balloon man, they wouldn’t buy his balloons. Maybe he owns his own business and blows up balloons? Oh bull-hockey.

The age of the building looks old. The sun is heating on the back of the building. When you look at the sun on the building, it looks like it has antiquity.

He dropped his change.

What is the name of the man holding the balloons? Does he own them all? He must have a partner; he couldn’t possibly own them all. It would be good to have two partners. Two would work as a good team.

There’s one thing lacking. There are no children there saying, “Daddy buy me that one! Daddy buy me that one!” I don’t think that’s a real kid; she’s just a posed one. She’s not jumping up and down; she’s just standing there.

Is that a puppy dog? The balloons are fish. There might be a prize fish. There it is, I see it! I guess if you sat down and really looked, you could make a fish out of any of those balloons. Maybe the fish is a male for food.

What is the green box? It’s just a box he’s got sitting out there. It’s nothing. It’s all open so if there’s fruit in there, it gets air.

The balloon man is kind of boring. What can we do to make it less boring? All the balloons could fly away. Or the little boy could pop all the balloons. The guy’s going to let go and they’re all going to fly up in the air.

STORY BY: Barbara, Patricia, Tony, Erwin

HELPERS: Collin, Kennedy, Valeri, Sarah

Monday, March 1, 2010


I helped to design this flyer in the last session. What was that guy’s name? I guess the next step is the purpose of the event. No horsing around.

They’re going to a convention. She saw them. I imagine they’re going to a party. Looks like they’ve been partying before they left. They’re looking like they’re at a New Year’s Eve party. It was about a month ago. I remember that.

Rooster’s the head chicken head of some kind. Why are they wearing chicken heads? Candy. Two heads. If they’re indoors they’re just making a lot of noise.

They’re introducing colorful.

Who are they?

Where do they want to be?

For what reason? Candy for dinner.

What are they doing? They’re going to New Year’s.

Why are they wearing the chicken hats? Some kind of fuss up there and so they’re going to see that, too. I don’t know how to put it in. Tthere aren’t any men in there. It came in empty. Why are they wearing chicken heads? It’s just the way it is. I guess it’s a requirement for the party, which is a costume party.

What kind of costume party?

The guy in the blue suit is the big rooster, and the other guys are his buddies.

Where are all these fellas going? The other two are trying to behave themselves. They should learn to behave themselves. It’s going to be good.

Okay there’s that part. If you don’t share, you won’t get any more candy. They just looked it up.

They look like they’re all salesman. They’re working in the barnyards. The one in the blue suit is the big cheese. They’re having a great time. Not just nice, but they don’t cut loose like this very often.

Normally don’t dress this nice. Chicken is just for some barnyard humor. “Wear a hat?”

We should have spudded it. What to do.

I don’t know, honey.

Two of them are doing what they were asked to do, but the others are just cutting up. The remaining men are…I don’t know. How many fellas are in there? Maybe they’re three chickens getting ready for dinner. Looks like it’s wonderful.

Their names are chicken head. Maybe we should give them names of horses. The names of the horses, since it doesn’t matter to chickens what their names are. Look at the little ones there. This is the same one.

Same name as the horse from last week. Do you remember what his name was? Is this the same guy from the horse picture we saw a couple of weeks ago?

Looks like an Alfred to me. You mean the guy with the mustache? Yeah, that first one.

I think this a wild guess.

Do you want to go home tonight? I have a lot of meetings, classes, first.

I’m not able to read what it looks like. I’m sitting in my chair here, but I just don’t know.

Do you have one? Yes. Yes. I think so so so.

I want it to be through. What are they holding? Does one of them have a drink? They’re right here. Right there. Because you can get it from light. I can put it in my lies and take it to the ramp, and then when I ran I fant it. Cuz if I do you don’t know how you’re gonna breat. Are you every a fafa too?

Martinis or hula hoops. There go those crackpots. There go those crackpots.

They’re not as drunk tonight as they were last night. They’re given ‘em time.

What are they looking at? There’s a parade coming down the street. They want to see if they can get in it.

Oh, my land. Yeah. Granted.

This one’s saying to that one, “Put your hat on right!”

“It’s fine with me,” he says.

“As soon as I finish this drink, it’ll be even better.”

He’s going to need to do whatever he does. They’re going to sit around and talk about how good it is. Some of them are good. Some aren’t.

“How much fun that was that?” they’ll say.

“Let’s do it again next year. But let’s change our heads.”