Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What’s going on in this picture? It looks like the old railroad station in Orlando, years ago. He’s supposed to be one of those that plays baseball. Don’t worry about it. This is the most important thing. They’re beautiful.

What’s the time? It’ 2:04. The woman is dancing. They’re asking each other questions. They’re acting silly. And they’re having a good time. I can’t see where the music’s coming from so it must just be in their heads. Things go away like that, but they’re waiting for all the people. Three years later. The clothes smell good. I think it’s my son.

Why do they have umbrellas? The lady is holding something in her hand other than the umbrella, like a bouquet. Poor old row. Where does yours go? It doesn’t go to him. They came from down the road. That’s a bad place to go. They could hold on for hours, which is too long.

Are they touching the ground? They could touch it, but it’s up to them what they do. Someone told me to keep on dancing and dancing and dancing. We don’t want it pulling out on you. What are they going to do tomorrow? They’ll do something. It’s a beautiful dress. Look at the way they walk. They’re either running or dancing.

It’s a cute picture. They’re coming toward us. Where are they? In Florida. It looks like a railroad station in some little town. Nobody else is around so it’s not used much. The train came in and it came in the back of it. Are they going somewhere on the train? I guess they are, if they’re going to New York. He just heard that they’ve got an audition for a Broadway show. The lady said, “Don’t worry about it.”

That’s a beautiful picture. That looks like the old railroad station in Orlando that isn’t used anymore. They’re both good people. You can see there are no cars parked around it, nobody wandering around. The railroad is still in good condition but nobody’s using it.

She’s burning now. He’s looking at her dress. Where is he? You have a need to cherish everything. The kids have money. It’s good because it’s not crowded.

It doesn’t look at all like him. They won’t stay. That’s a deserted railroad station. Nobody there. If they’re going to catch a train they’ve got luggage, and somebody should be there to pick up the luggage. Us people, sometimes we get so scared, and I don’t know why. When people need help, we need to help them. Come on, that’s all right.

His name is Alfred. I knew someone named that. He said okay, he’d run around with an umbrella in his hand if there was no one to see him. I mean, this is one valley life.

I wish they had those night things. I did, I did, I tried. What is her name? Betty, and he’s a Tom. Her name is Mickey Bell. What about Betty Mickey Bell? It’s a possibility. Well, nobody’s there to hear them or see them.

She looks like she’s heading toward the park. They’re having a good time. It’s obvious they’re looking at someone. Who are they looking at? Who is taking the picture? That’s who they’re looking at. She doesn’t much give a damn. I think my daughter Melinda is taking the picture. That’s a deserted station.

He headed for five fields, wherever that is.

Where are they going? There were no rugs, no studs, nothing that you could want. I couldn’t get on them.

Everything he wants to know, he just takes it. I don’t know I’d be stepping and flying. It’s because they get afraid. They’re posing for a picture.

They’re going to New Jersey. Why would they go to New Jersey? Same reason you would.

Why is the crew taking a picture? They don’t have anything else to do, and someone told them to go take a picture. Actually, they could have just taken the picture and then posed these two people on it, instead of dragging them out there in the first place.

I like them both. Whatever he’s doing, I don’t know what he’s doing. It doesn’t even look like their feet are touching the ground. His do, but hers don’t.

How do they know each other? They went to school together. That’s what they were talking about. Are there any others in the area or is there just empty space?

Do you have that little half-calf?

What is their relationship now? They’re fooling around. That’s all they do.

The umbrellas are taking them up off the ground. They’re relatives. Let’s get on the road. Tie everyone down.

They’re dancing. They’re beautiful. Put away the pen cap and anything else that’s loose.

She did a good job. I did a lot of those. My son was talking to me about it. Why do they need umbrellas for their dance? The girl is the only one there. It was not in my head at all, because I didn’t know how much they were going to have to do over there. I had a lot.

Why do they have the umbrellas? They had to have a prop of some kind. Because when they were zebras, they needed them. Start the engine as quickly as possible. I see the heat.

That was good. Why do we have two drivers? Take that call.

This is my daughter and son. My son is dancing with my daughter. She always wanted to be an actress. She made it. That’s good.

Is that a gun? They’re in the chicken yard. If we don’t get off the ground by 3:00, I’m going to cancel.

This is the most beautiful picture. I met him a long time ago and he had a beautiful suit. I don’t care if I get there or not.

Why are you all of the sudden cleaning? They’ll be here. I don’t know what time he’ll get here. We don’t even know what else is in the truck.

What are they going to do after they get their photo taken? His father works there. It’s a chance to get a picture of the old place in the news again. Nobody uses the train station anymore. Everybody flies. Why not? It takes fifteen minutes by air and two hours by train. Buckle up.

They want to take me home. Nobody’s over there, I don’t think.

STORY BY: Erwin, Betty Kelly, Dottie, Barbara, Tony, Vivian, Patricia, Nelsa

HELPERS: Terry, Kennedy, Collin, Sarah

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Where is this? It’s not New York, that’s for sure. It might be India somewhere. She’s chasing after him. Is she jealous? He’s trying to kiss her while he’s dancing with her, but she’s not real sure, that’s why she’s pulling her head back.

He’s awful free with it.

Singapore, could be. The guy in the back is just standing there. One guy is jealous of the other guy. He doesn’t know it but he’s going to be caught. He’s just watching them.

I’m trying to remember where that skyline is. I’ve seen it before. It looks like Seattle. It might be. I’ve only seen Seattle in pictures or in movies. I’ve never been there.

I think it’s right here in this town. You’ve got to look for the skyscrapers.

This poor little lost soul is just looking for anything she can grab. The other one is saying, “I hope she doesn’t see me.” The other one is saying, “Don’t pay any attention to her.” It’s just simple as that.

Why is she going after the man? There’s no one else available at the moment.

The woman dancing is awfully tall. The woman dancing with the man is telling him not to pay attention to the other woman. Why would the woman want just any man? You want to watch them to be sure you’re going to get them.

The man is Hubert. Her name is Mineola. Just send them back. What is the other woman’s name? Mineola is the one running away. The one he’s dancing with is Crystal. What about the lone man in the background? He don’t know. His name doesn’t matter.

All the men are standing by the posts.

Mineola is telling the man in the back “Don’t jump! I’m right here. You don’t know me, but I’m right here.”

Hubert is exceptionally tall. What does Hubert do for a living? He chases women.

I don’t like that the people are in the way of the buildings. I’d like to see the buildings.

How high off the ground are they? They don’t care. The guy in the back threatens to jump every night to attract females, to get attention. Now Mineola is going to run over to him and he’s going to tell her he’s lonely, he needs somebody.

It’s a foggy day in London town. So it’s London. Yes, it’s London. Don’t you remember the old song a long time ago, it’s a foggy day in London town? When I met you the fog was so bad I couldn’t see you. Damn! Things would have been different.

There are a lot of buildings in the background. Where are they dancing? Could be a bridge. It’s not the top of a building; it’s a bridge over the top of the river. Any river. It’s a big one.

What are Hubert and Crystal talking about while they’re dancing? Where they’re going to go to bed. It looks to me like Mineola is too short for the guy in the back. Hubert can’t do much dancing with that heavy overcoat on. Maybe he’s cold. He’s not going to take it off to satisfy her. She’s all fired up. “Hey, here I am!” It doesn’t take much to fire her up. He’s just standing there.

What does Mineola do for a living? She’s got her arms up. She’s smiling. She says to the man in the back, “Yes, you and I. I’m ready for you.”

Hubert is tall. Girls like tall men. Most of them do. Do you look at really short guys when you’re out horsing around? You’re pretty tall.

Crystal is a very uncomfortable partner for a man to dance with. Look at where her hand is. It should be on his shoulder. She’s not with him. I think she’s lost there. You never put your hand on the man’s arm that way if you’re dancing. It should always be on his shoulder.

I don’t think she’s got much choice there. There’s some guy standing in the back. Another guy by the post. What is the guy in the back looking at? He’s looking at the water. He’s sick of looking at the river. He’s looking away. Well, it doesn’t look to me like a very good place to dance. It’s sloppy. Do you like to dance in the water?

Mineola asked the man in the back if he was stood up but he said he just missed the bus. Crystal said they should do something so he’s not moping all night long. Mineola goes to talk to the man and he says, “Where the hell did you come from?”

I don’t think any of the four or five guys look too appetizing. The way this guy’s grabbed a hold of this girl, I don’t think he really wants her. He’s not standing close enough to her. Not compared to the way men act today.

Why aren’t there more people there? I wonder that, too. They’re all in the buildings. It’s too cold to be outside. No, it’s just that time of day. She doesn’t look like it’s too cold.

I don’t think any of them look interested. Is it too early in the morning for others to be out? No, it’s evening. Nobody would be dancing around that early in the morning unless they’re nuts. Well, sometimes people are odd.

They’re going to have to go someplace else next. They need more people. Only one girl for five guys.

That isn’t England. Do you think it’s somewhere in America? It’s somewhere in Europe.

None of the people are very attractive.

It’s somewhere around us in Orlando on a roof. It doesn’t look like they’re worth too much. That’s not a rooftop. It’s just a patio, or a sidewalk. It’s too even with the rest of the buildings to be a rooftop.

It doesn’t seem like it’s a place for that type of people to be. They thought something else would be going on. They’re looking across.

Crystal has her arm up, so she’s just arrived. They’ve all just arrived. They haven’t really found company yet.

How should our story end? The guy in the back thinks he was stood up, so he walked down here to pout. “I’m not going to turn around and look at her. She’s got to come over here. Then I’ll tell her to get lost.”

They’re going to another deck next. What music are they listening to? There’s not a radio in sight, so the music must be coming from one of the buildings. What kind of music are they dancing to? I don’t think they’re dancing.

It looks like they’re in Spain to me. Those buildings are lonely looking. How should the story end? He turns around and says, “Get lost. You weren’t here when I wanted you here. Don’t do that to me.”

The man next to her is just standing there. And she’s happy.

STORY BY: Barbara, Tony, Dottie, Betty, Patricia

HELPERS: Kennedy, Collin, Sarah

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The little boy loves the horsie. I would say they were hand-in-mouth ranchers. They might be movie actors. Which one? The horse is the actor. The horse is wearing a bridle.

The man’s name is Larry. A little girl is next to him. No, it’s a boy. You can see it’s a boy. Her name is Allison. She’s meeting the horse. What’s the horse’s name? We’re treating the horse like a dog.

The horse’s name is Horsie. What are they going to do with the horse? What would you do with a horse? I don’t want to say. They’re going to let the little kid ride. Sit in the saddle anyhow. The name for the horse is Bernett.

Allison has never ridden Bernett before, but she has ridden other horses. If they live on a ranch, they’d ride the horse around the ranch, around their property. Some people ride them for pleasure through the park. Most people who own horses own riding horses.

I’ve been to a ranch. My cousins had a ranch, and I visited them once in a while. You can read an awful lot about these things today.

They have their own vegetable garden on the ranch and they grow their own vegetables. Raise a couple of sheep perhaps. Have young animals there for the kids to pet. They can teach the children proper care of the horse from the time they’re little, how to groom them, you know.

What is the name of the ranch? That’s such a big question. There are so many ranches and so many ways to name them. I’d call mine Tally-ho. I’d name mine Patty.

Does Allison have any brothers or sisters? I think so. She’s got an older brother, about fourteen. I don’t know about that.

Larry is not their father. You would automatically think father and son or uncle and son. I think father and son. Is that a girl or a boy? I don’t think a little girl that age would be wearing earrings. My little girl wouldn’t be. She doesn’t look much like a little girl.

What’s in the back? I don’t think that’s anything, it’s all black. It’s nothing that would be important to look at or see. I don’t know; the horse is in the way. If her name is Allison, that must be a girl then.

How old is Allison, about seven or eight? I’d say seven, approximately. She’s taller than she looks. She probably doesn’t usually ride horses. When she stands up and stretches her legs out she’s going to be taller.

Do you think Larry is taller than the horse? I think he’s taller than the horse. Allison is probably older than she looks. I kind of think Allison is a boy. His hair is kind of cut like a boy’s.

What are they talking about? Riding the horse. I imagine they’re talking about riding. The little boy looks like he’s anxious to ride. I think he’d have to be closer to twelve because if you’re going to take a child away from home and immediately put him on a horse that’s an odd thing to do. If a child is too little they’d be scared.

They’re talking about the horses. I can see they’re doing something with the horse. You can see he is looking up at the horse, and so is the little boy. They’re obviously talking about the horse. Larry is probably asking if he wants to ride. The kid is anxious to do it. He’s not really scared but he’s a little bit frightened. He looks like he’s very very much interested.

They’re in Tennessee. Kids are usually afraid of animals at first. They want to get acquainted. He’s searching for things, wants to know what’s going on. He wants to know if he can ride. He’s got a hold of the reins and everything. Does Larry ride too? I should think so. I don’t imagine he’d want to start out with a pony that’s not done anything. Is the horse already trained then? Sure. The horse seems eager to get going on something.

The guy that owns the horse is teaching Allison to ride. Larry owns the horse I imagine.

They’re being interviewed. Maybe the guy’s father wants to see how the kid’s doing.

This guy wouldn’t be out here if he wasn’t expecting to take him for a ride. The little boy is anxious because he’s older than Larry thinks. I don’t think this is the same kid as before. Yes, it is.

How should our story end? They’re going to go riding. That’s what he’s there for. Larry is anxious for them to start, too. Look at his hands. He can’t hardly hold himself in.

STORY BY: Erwin, Tony, Betty, Barbara, Patricia

HELPERS: Kennedy, Sarah