Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking for the Reference Point

Is it mine? Are they telling me I can’t do this? Do we have to talk about this first? There’s nothing on. I don’t care for this, when they have nothing on. The only thing good about it is you can tell which rear-end person is the best looking. Immerse yourself in the front. Ahhhh! That is where you see the beauty of the person.

I can’t. I can’t. I don’t. I don’t. Lady, what is wrong with you? But, it seems to be okay, it just so happens, because there was nothing else to wear. You must have the will to be who you want to be, ignoring all the other reasons. That is the philosophy of the table. I can’t stay positively yellow, but I can try. The person on the extreme right is tin. The person next to her is a man who had to listen to what they say. That’s why I feel like I do, listening to them say, “Too darn long.”

No, no, no. Well, it seems to me they don’t look ashamed. They look loose, talk to people, and don’t pay much attention to their body exposure. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why. All the people who have their backs to the camera can’t be recognized. In some countries there is an exposure that can be punished. Pay attention.

You shouldn’t pay attention to that kind of problem, if you do it yourself. How can you judge? If all the people think it is normal, let’s have it normal. A normal dance. Enjoy life.

I always talk to myself and ask why did God create it? That part of the body? Why did He create it? Bad people belong to you and your eyes, but you find yourself wondering if someone is bad or good. It depends on opinion. Opinion is based on looks and thoughts. If you can judge on those things, well, then okay. I’m too old for this position. But remember that one side is polished. The other side is not polished.

People were created in a special unit. The exact moment they were created, there were a lot of crystals, breaking out, creating an illusion. Use your own judgment, after they have finished ripening. Red tomatoes. They used to be green. Right now, they are yellow.

They have all had a little bit of alcohol, I think. Some of them are in the shadows.

What do you think people should do, when they have been assigned a place, a bed, a room, and things that don’t belong to them? Do they call this home? If they panic, they don’t know how to go to where they belong. Someone should assign them to a group. Organize them in categories. Tell them how to go home. How can I go home?

The light is steady from the east to the west. The position, they are all the same, but all the wide shoulders cause problems. They may try to follow the sun, the direction of the light, but then they come to a point where they ask if they are on the right road. Should they be there? Or should they be in a different direction?

I’ve seen this before. This picture was in the newspaper, attracting a headline so they can push your mind into a predicament. You can see that they all have the same spot, in one place, except they have to be careful of one man who is back-face in facing the sun. The back of the face is facing the sun, and that’s his form. The face back is facing the front sun, the other side of the face, but not from the back of the head.

They are very popular - why do I think so? Because I have created for myself a world of sun, so I have a chance to solve problems. Some people apart from others undertake 90 degree positions, thus if you look closely, you will find that previously there were at 80. Go 360, like a sport! Turn all the way around and see where you came from, your reference point! On that basis, you can be able to come to a conclusion that they are all not of the same kind, time, or place. I am 85 years old. No, I am much older than that! A long, long time ago, I was born. June 23rd is how old I am. I am tired! Someone else can take my position because I am done with all of this now. Two people can take my position.

The solution needs to be put on the table. Spread it out on a flat place, to find out the exact location. Look for someone who has a full face, open your hand at 80 degrees to receive the full.

If you don’t expose yourself to the sun, being hidden somewhere in the shadows, then you can use the military. It’s to the left, between the east and the west.

He is going into the sun, physically going into the sun, entering in. With this kind of puzzle, you must be very careful, think logically, solve the problem, and develop a circle. The consequence is that you cannot describe the circle properly.

Do you know where they live? Half of the world is 180 degrees, opposites. Four times ninety is three-hundred and sixty. I can’t find my reference point in any of the nineties. Do you have the ability to pick me up and deliver me to my reference point? What good are these people going to do, without knowing a reference point? You can’t just tell me to walk all around and look for it, 360 degrees, walking all the way around and never finding.

Don’t you have any answers? That’s no help to me. I have no answers for them, looking, just looking.

Sometimes when I talk to people, I ask them if they understand what I am talking about. I don’t know all these words, what I am saying. This is my idea. I haven’t solved the puzzle, yet. Do you know what I am saying? Do you understand? I understand.

Judy, Joseph, Mr. Krokus, Gretchen, Alice

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Belongs to It

Two people in a boat. Somebody lost their purse or walked off and forgot about it, and they didn’t realize that they lost it. So, it looks like, it feels like this fell off of something, like a car or something like that, off the back seat. When they started to take off, it just flipped off, because they hit a pothole, and she never, they never picked it up. Whoever had, they lost it. A car going down a road in a forest. Now, I can’t stand it. A waterproof bag with two people sitting in it and a dog on top and a dog on the bottom. They lost part of their wherever they’re going to. It’s on the ground. In the bag, either clothes or some real fast in a hurry to go someplace and it fell out. Shoes. A raincoat. The bag belongs to the fellow in the middle. He’s got something behind him, a woman or a boy. When they get home, then it’s too late for what they were carrying. There’s clothes in there. I know. That is what it shows. They will try to get it back. Evidently it had to stay there for quite a while. The wheel fell off the car. The fellow is young, with a small head, and he’s hanging out of the boat. There’s a hook. He went too fast and fell out of the bag. If he didn’t feel it, he can’t find it. He has, he has, he had other informants. A young woman, because it’s pink. A guy came and picked it up. He has a child with him, a small child. He held the kid tight, the child. It has the thing on top, that piece should be where someone can see it. A neighbor or somebody that would pick it up. He may have a sentence on the thing to tell them that he lost it. Whoever came to him can return it back. They may go around to see who it belongs to. Check and see. A name to pick up and take back again. A short cut. He took his chance to see whether he got it back or not, to give it to some other deal to hold on to it if it belonged to him. It is always marked. Find where he goes. Does this belong to you? He says, “Thank you for finding it. [Here, the story teller starts speaking another language.]” Therefore, he got it back again. It is hard to say whether it is right or wrong. He did not hold for himself, but found the problem and satisfied that he did his best. Tried to find someone that belongs to it. Pick it up for him, the gentleman was tickled to death to find it at the same time. Back again, that’s my opinion. They don’t do anything about potholes. Drove through it. I’m happy for him. A good day. A good treat.

Henry, Gretchen, Mary, Mr. Kokus, June, Alice