Monday, September 24, 2012

We, the People

by Earnest, Eleanor, Gretchen, Nona, Marjory, [Alice, Lana]

[What do you see in the picture?]

That's a Coca-Cola and that's the one trying to be with it.

[Who's that in the picture?]

I guess that's supposed to be a person. He wants that coke to drink.

[What else do you see?]

It's an empty bottle. An "E" for effort. 

[What's the "person" doing?]

He's trying to fill the bottle but doesn't have anything to fill it with. The thing that's supposed to be a person is another bottle. They are trying to fill the two bottles up with ocean water.

[What's that taste like?]

It's salty, and the only one available. Maybe we're supposed to drink it, or maybe we're suppose to throw it away. Or maybe a little bit of both.

[What will happen if we drink it?]

It's hard to tell what will happen if we drink it. I don't think we'l die. We've got to have water to drink, that's for sure. Drinking salty water is stupid. I've never drank salty water. It would feel rather dull, and it wouldn't sharpen me up any.

[What will happen next?]

We're going to pick up these bottles and trade them back in. We'll get a dime a piece. Maybe a nickel. 

[What will we do with the money?]

We're going to buy more paper for more writing. We're going to start our own (news)paper. That's right! Once we get it all, it's a whole bunch of munch. Oh, yeah, it is, and the baking has to start, too.

[What will be in the paper?]

Maybe a picture of the area. We should see people and something good to look at. If that's what we're looking at, that's what we've got. 

[Do people like the paper?]

Our (news)paper is popular. They need to give everybody one. It's a bunch of junk, it's a newspaper and that's all it is. And that's what he's separating us from.

[Who's separating us?]

People who have stories to tell are separating us with their ideas. 

[What's the name of the paper?]

It could be called "Eleanor's Book".

[Have the people learned anything yet?]

We haven't learned anything yet. We should go ahead and trash it. (break for argument)

Eleanor has a big influence on all nine of us. That should be me. Eleanor keeps on teaching, and we're keeping the newspaper. She definitely tries to bring out the teaching in people. The people are curious.

[What does she teach people?]

She's teaching the people they can do their own things. 

[How do the people feel?]

They feel good. The people are ready. They now appreciate their education. They better take the whole damn thing in there.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Dilemma of Joe's Friend

by Ellen, Gretchen, Maxine, Marjorie, Patricia, [Lana]

[What's happening in this picture?]

The topic is a ball. That's the man.

[What's the man's name?]

His name is Joe. He's a gentleman that stands up all the time. He doesn't like to lay down.

[What's he doing?]

Somebody's showing us how big they are to how big we are. 

[How's that make Joe feel?]

Joe's content with his size. Oh, Lord, yes -- it's good! I thought he would never come, and he's even barefooted.

[Why does Joe have a ball?]

Joe decided to play some ball. He likes to play! It's good. And today, I was so proud of them. Joe caught the ball, trying to win.

[Whose hand is holding the ball with Joe?]

It's me, the other hand. They could be friends.

[How do you feel about friends playing against each other?]

I think I'd try to stop it. Make them competitors, not as friends. But they'll always be friends, it's just a game.

[What will they do after the game?]

They'll talk about the game. Joe's bewildered because he got to keep his friend. Now, they're going to the hospital because Joe's friend is unconscious.

[Why's he unconscious?]

Joe had to take him because he was afraid he'd die. He's (Joe's friend) taking a lot of tests to see if he's okay.

[What did Joe do while his friend was taking these tests?]

Joe decided to let everyone know his friend is in the hospital. He doesn't have the right to decide his life for him. It was paved in a piece of paper. I don't know what it is but it was there all along.

[How's Joe's friend doing now?]

He's probably doing okay. They don't like the hospital, but they needed it desperately. But now they can leave.

[Where are they going?]

They're going home, and they feel good. You never know.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


by Anne, Ellen, Margaret, Earnest, Marjorie, Maxine, Eleanor, Pura, Joey, [Alice, Lana]

[What do you want to call him?]


[What's he like?]

Peek-a-Boo is a curious little dog. He's wearing a towel because he's just been bathed, and he's nice and clean. His owner put the towel on. 

[What's the owner like?]

Apparently he cares about the dog to put a towel on him. Lucinda (named owner) takes good care of Peek-a-Boo.

[What's Peek-a-Boo like?]

Peek-a-Boo is very alert. It's some kind of fun!

[Tell me more about Lucinda.]

Lucinda is a quiet person with a good personality. She's going to adopt Peek-a-Boo. 

[How did they meet?]

Lucinda met Peek-a-Boo in the road. Peek-a-Boo was lost without any caretaker. She'll have to call him. She'll clap her hands and call "Peek-a-Boo!" And he comes naturally.

[What does Peek-a-Boo do then?]

When she picks him up, he will nuzzle to her, very alert. Nice and clean makes you feel good. You know how that does.

[How does that make you feel?]

I want to take him with me. When a child gets in that position and wants to take a dog with him and he can't, that's sad. Who gets the dog?

[Who do you want to get the dog?]

The safest place is with Lucinda because Lucinda will take good care of him and feed him. A child would lose interest. 

[How does the story end?]

A child this big (speaker measures four inches tall on fingers) gets to keep the dog. This is a scary thing because the child is bite-size.

The end.

A Cake Conversation

by Glenna, Margaret, Anne, Gretchen, Henry, Marjory, Dorothy, Philamine, Lorlene, Jean, Earnest, Evonne, Joyce, [Alice, Lana]

[What's happening?]

A little boy is walking in a storm.

[What should we call him?]

Jimmy Carlos Glenn from West Virginia.

[What's happening outside?]

The storm is in Tennessee.

[Where's he going?]

He was taking a trip, going someplace. He's walking there, asking people how to get there.

[How does he feel?]

He's tired, tired. His feet are sore, he's dodging traffic, he's thinking where he's going, soaking wet, cold.

[What should we call the other boy in the background?]

Little Boy Bobby (whose name is Robert).

[How does he feel?]

He is very lonesome because he's gone far away. Who would let a little boy like that by himself?

[Why is he alone?]

His people are sleeping. Why would they do that?

[Where is he now?]

Little Boy Bobby is farther away. There's a big difference. He's got more clothes. Somebody is going to go looking for him. His parents will go looking for him. Sooner or later somebody will find him.

[How will the story end?]

It may be the last one. Or maybe my mind or my miles. Count the steps. See what they say. Take somebody with me so they don't miss him. After the talking's done with children and parents, it went the way the parents said.