Friday, July 29, 2011

Gangsters in Chicago

The people who work there decide to remove part of this big, thick column in order to have more space for parking. The guy is trying to sell something. Apparently they approve of the occasion. I don’t understand the direction here, the flow of water is about all I can say. What kind of liquid is being used from under the ground to above the ground? This material they are trying to move is chemically dangerous. These are special forces - anyone who comes here will get gas in the stomache, so powerful that a person could be sick.

A man and a woman are dancing there. Up above it says "Josef." Josef must have something to do with it. It looks nuts to me because they are yelling at each other and pointing high. Why don’t they go up and be done with it?

While this action is being taken in a big, big, big scale, any antique tree should be left alone for the signal to people who are complaining about it. In the past, this was a beautiful country or land. Save it for a few seconds. Preserve your health. Save money for the barber shop. People who use this kind of a passage, this is a healthy way of preventing some trees which are still growing. Eventually at that rate, the trees will be cut down, and everyone will be sorry. Everything grows back into the ground.

They are pointing at what they know. They want that mouth to shut up. They know already, but what about the rest of the population? They need more space! How many people will come and be crowded, and disappointed with you, disgusted, and turning back home? Consequently, when the work is so hard, trying to preserve stone and trees is very popular.

They are pointing at the camera, because they want you to see what is ahead of it. People who are trying to remove the camera are trying to grow higher and higher, to trim as much as possible, to build a special building for chemical expansion. They are debating about what they should do. The man on the right seems to know what he thinks should be done, he is satisfied with the idea that they should go ahead, continue what they have started. They must see somebody somewhere. They are trying to get attention, to watch for the bad storm if you go out.

She’s had enough, yelling with that arm way up there. He’s fed up with that, too, pointing up to her. The camera belongs to someone else. People are very proud of their names and want their names on walls that are highly visible. At the same time, the government accuses and makes people work hard so it can be strong as possible.

In all probability, they had a close encounter several times when people who were too far from each other were questioned deeper, deeper, deeper into the ground. Josef, the owner, is on the sidewalk telling them how he feels about the whole thing, how he approves. The others don’t approve of what is going on, because they are trying to figure out what the camera is doing.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is asking to change. They want to prop each other up to reach the camera. In all probability, it is a well known fact that when you take something to the post office, it is not good to be as delicate as possible, but do a job that is very secure. He is telling the cameras that they want to decide what is the better idea: to talk or to dance.

Trees with out support from the ground will not be growing properly, the skin detaches, and then they have a 50% chance of being male or female, and then the wheel on the sidewalk will go riding up the building.

They decide to talk. Nobody ever is able to dance and be acceptable by the rest of the crew. It is questionable. Some people want to have no part of it. Certain items called food and certain items called leaves and other things - those people will just change temperatures of weather, to conflict and dilute, cause damage. And things fall down.

They want to get rid of the camera. The camera is not very heavy, so they can take it down. If they had a ladder, they could reach it. This picture was made so that passersby would know. They passed by and left their bicycles parked there. Those parts should be used, traded; look closely at the problem. They open up their mouth, and they are surprised because those particular items are very easily attached, repaired, and reattached.

Young people are not very happy being locked up in small territories with small actioning. They all want to read something about their country, watch movies that are highly appreciated. Let’s be honest, they are not supposed to come close to the point where they can touch the camera. People who live in this place take an interest and think it should be removed.


Get rid of all this stuff. They are successful. It needs to end. They all go home and leave the letters on the wall, J-O-S-E-F, and they study the camera to see how and why it happened.

Joetta, Joseph, Alice, Maxine, Gretchen, Henry, Alice

Monday, July 25, 2011

Diamond in the Sky

“Oh my Lord!” John, the little brother, has his hands up and he is saying, “Oh my Lord!” Little fella is happening, happy, happy.

There is a happy family, a father and kids having a good time and laughing together. Dad is grinning because someone said something funny. These things are so. Grandmother and Grandfather - the two children call them “Nana” and “Papa”.

John is saying, “Oh it is too much, much, much. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

Everybody looks happy. The older brother, Peter, is saying, “I don’t want to do it.” Peter is in the back, so far away, trying to think of something to say. He is not too happy, a little jealous of his little brother, because John is bigger and getting more attention from his father and the others in the group.

Peter found a diamond, but he put it in his pocket, because he doesn’t know what a diamond is. They are not in snow, they are in the back of a truck that has hay in it. Nice nay-nay-hay, very nice. They are watching fireworks and reacting to the loud booms. There must be something going on.

I see ever watch, and look, and see!

He always puts his little hands. That’s my mind, my boy.

They are all smiling. Peter says, “Don’t be silly, that’s just fireworks.”

The only drama is explosives, redness in the sky. I think somebody might die if they land a parachute in fireworks. Fireworks don’t light people up at night. I am a realist. I can’t deal with that.

Mom is at home, close by, making some hot dogs for the boys. They look like they are all ready for their food, and they see it is about to come.

Later, Peter’s mom finds the diamond in his pocket in the laundry. She asks him, “How did you find it? And what is it for sure? (Because you can’t always tell.)”

Peter says, “It is a pretty stone. I found it on the street after the parade.”

The reason he said that is because he likes to wish. Anybody does! His mom is unsure, because a normal person can’t tell the difference. She takes it to the jeweler to find out how much it is worth.

The jeweler tells her, “It has a good value. A fair amount. Fifty dollars.”

They say, “Woop-tee-doo!” And then they wonder what they will do with the money, but they decide to keep it. Peter is proud because this is good amount of value for kid to find. The father should advise the kid to keep it. But a young kid doesn’t know that much about it.

The father says, “We will keep it unless someone claims it. If we determine someone was looking for it, we will give it to them. If nobody claims it, then we will put it in your college fund.” The father turns it in to the officials of the parades. Nobody claims it. Peter lives happily ever after. And his family lives happily ever after to some extent.

Henry, Ruth Ann, June, Jeanne, Alice, Alice

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Costume Party

The tall lady is in charge. Someone's holding it back, not letting it go. The boy in front is having such a good time. Looks like a sign says, "Art Gallery." I don't notice it, but I wonder if they are having a meeting. They might be planning on doing something with that piece of equipment on the left. They are walking to see something. It's a group of children in costumes having a parade down the middle of the street. They probably made their simple masks in the Art Gallery. If it is Halloween, then there will be many sections marked for coming and going. They will need to push all the cars out of the way so they can see the program. If they can't agree on things it will cause an argument. In general, they do not coordinate together in groups because they come from different schools where they are not all taught the same thing. They have different lessons; it's a free-for-all. Only two grown-ups are required to be there. There may be other grown-ups on the sidelines keeping the kids within the boundaries. It depends on how big of a town it is if they are going to an exercise program or a party. Curiosity gets the closer to what is going on. The party dwindles down to just a few. It's just one of those things. In a political parade, everyone has extra masks and appendages. There's someone on a loudspeaker running for office. Since it is as dim as it is, there are only children. No old people! It has to do with politics. They can look at children's art, have refreshments, and the politicians will meet and greet individually. Do you oversee, overseas? That's understandable. Costumes and pretenses, but children just have fun.

Gretchen, Jeanne, Mable, Alice, and Alice

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be My Friend

Brother and sister in the park holding hands, cute as they can be. I’m not sure who is saying goodbye to who, I don’t know much about youngsters these days, I just sit inside and listen to the others tell me about what is going on. Two children playing in a compound of some sort and one child has a bird that he is holding up, the other child is looking at it, and I expect that they are intrigued by this bird. It seems like it is a pet. Families have been given a place to live. The two children have come across a parrot; someone’s pet has gotten away. It is obviously quite tame. I don’t even know where the picture was made. That is all I can talk about. I can’t talk about it. They are playing ring around the rosy. This was here before. They are working full time. A place where they can play, a part that is educational and Christian-like where they are taught how to… I don’t really know what they are teaching. They are trained in a care-center. Each one has to put in his part. They are going to play. They are already playing. They are watching the parrot. I’m not used to them doing that. They are holding it. The parrot belongs to the boy with the blue shirt. There is a big floor like a gymnasium. Do any of you know of a place where they would like to have children my age? I am an unwanted child. Not necessarily. I would like to look for another home. These are two stranger or else they would be hugging. This might be a displaced person compound and the parrot is a displaced animal or bird. The children are being gentle with it. Something attached to its leg because it escaped from his home. They feel a kinsmanship with the bird, which is unusual for children this age. There is no way to know whether this bird has a vocabulary. She wants him to go somewhere he hasn’t planned to go. He may be the one doing the talking if that’s the case. They have ways to reach the destination. Is that in France? I remember when that picture came out. I’ve only killed myself. That’s all. I’ve never killed anyone else. Johnny and Kim, whatever that translates into their language. Johnny is showing Kim the bird, and they feel like they have come across a beautiful treasure. They are well-behaved, but if they go of by themselves maybe the won’t be. These are trained children. Their parent’s don’t know what they are doing. Neither one of them are crying. The parents are behind something. The parents are working in the fields. There is a caretaker of some sort watching over What one thing I could do to make them remember what I did so they won’t forget me? I wish I knew what it was. I smile. Hold hands. Don’t say anything bad. I hope they can see through me and see I want to be their friend. They are not fighting, and that is a good sign. Maybe if you went by the school and showed them those children do you suppose they might know? I don’t live here like you do; I just live here once in a while. Polly wants a cracker. If so, it is ironic, because these two children are hungry and they want a cracker, too. I bet if they had a cracker they would give it to the parrot, even though they are hungry. They look like very kind children. If the teachers are dead, it will be a good story as long as they are ready to go. If they are not ready to go and they die then it will not be too joyous. In their conversation they locate part of the things have been doing so they can do it again. And they will look for somebody, for one of the parents. Whatever they do, they will do it together. That’s the way it goes, that’s a good idea

Phil, Henry, Mabel, Gretchen, Jeanne, Ruth Ann

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Madding Crowd

A bunch of people together enjoying life, laughing and joking - it’s a carnival atmosphere on the street, with cubicles set up. It’s probably the Winter Park Spring Festival, an art show. The weather is nice and fairly warm. Maybe rain will come later.

This older guy in the front looks like he’s one of us, the way he’s dressed, the way he’s combed his hair. He must be happy for the trip, but he didn’t come from far away. He found a temporary home there in the neighborhood. He is the leader of the group. There are a lot of followers who are just as interesting.

The one with his back turned has seen something. She is a safety type of person, looking for something to prevent an accident, to prevent something from happening to the other people. I don’t know for sure where they are going. It depends on how good of friends they are, whether the others will trust her as a leader to show them where to go. That way they wouldn’t get in trouble.

This character with the blue shirt looks like a helper who tries to sell the paintings and the wares. He is only responsible for this one particular tent.

The girl with the sunglasses has her arms full of things that she has purchased already, some glassware from one of the vendors in the booth.

A sudden, heavy rainstorm, which they don’t seem to be prepared for, begins. And having participated in a hundred, a thousand outdoor art shows, they would hide in the tents, totally hiding in all the art there until the storm lessened. The artists would put plastic over their artwork. Total confusion. The crowd will thin by at least 50%. Plastic to put over paintings and sculpture, to keep their work dry, to protect the work - all outdoor artists come equipped with that stuff. If they come equipped with tents to put their work under, they are prepared.

The guy with the visor will take his hat down and run with the crowd. Even though he’s overweight, he won’t have any trouble running with the crowd.

The one with the glassware in between the others would get really scared, not only scared for herself, but concerned for other people as well. She might be concerned about her glassware breaking, scared about the jostling crowd more than she is concerned with the stampeding crowd.

If the crowd scattered they would have to get back together to go home. There would have to be someone to supervise the whole thing.

Henry, Gretchen, June, Maybel, Jeanne, Alice