Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Man on the Wheel

by Gretchen, Marjory, Anne, Maxine, Margaret, Ernest, Philamine, [Alice, Lana]

[What's your first impression of the picture?]

Not watching where he’s going. With hair on his head, he looks big. He’s not really straight, thinking he’s at that road. That’s a man that did it by himself. I have nothing to do with it. Look at that. That’s what they hand to me. I don’t know who the hell that is! I never saw it! I guess he’s on a pretty big thing. He seems happy. He’s looking at the situation around him to know what he can talk about. I think he’s trying to be a modern bicyclist. He’s younger, not mid-life yet. The bicycle was sent to him so he could do something.

[Do we want to give him a name?]

What’s his name? We gotta give him a name – James, just James. Good God.

[What does he want?]

He wants to get people out. We don’t see any more people. The people there are down below wondering what they’re going to do. Do you recognize that man? He’s the one who was telling everybody about all the good things. Why was I supposed to tell him? I’m not at the present to them. I don’t know him! I don’t want it near me. I’d rather you have it than I do.

[Who are the people?]

They’re just regular people. Friends he meets, issues in their personalities that would decide what kind of people there should be.

[What is your favorite personality?]

Yes, and no, I guess. I hope people are sincere. People want to get out! Sound like a good idea? The people really actually care. They can get out with his help.

[Explain their personalities.]

You’re the one, huh? Well, you’re on the list. Wait a minute, give me your hands. Now pull me! Some place he lives tells what people are like. They won’t all be good people. It seems like there’s always some people that are different. It’s not working. I want you to keep an eye out. Don’t give anything out, something’s not right. We’ll take care of this ourselves. Bring them to my office tomorrow morning.

I don’t know any bad personalities in my family. They weren’t very truthful, misrepresenting themselves. You put your trust in them thinking they were okay, but not really. Hypocrite! Let’s hope there aren’t too many. Why’s he gonna get everybody out? What’ll he use the place for?

[What will James do with the empty space?]

He wants it to go with what he wants to do and feel and think. He covers it all so he can hide if he wants. He might not be thinking that way now. He’s thinking about the beautiful world! Oh, yes! I know it. I just hear things, here and there. I’ll kind of watch out now and then.

[Tell me about the beautiful world.]

 Birds and bees. Christmas is coming! I hear many things. For me, they pass out a lot of things. I went out on and thought it was very interesting. I stayed there a while and had a good time, too. The next time, it was just beautiful. Who can do something and who can’t. beautiful is not tearing down, and they love it. Red. Smells like fragrance. Sunshine. Good weather.

[How should the story end?]

We should have a beautiful world.  The people want permission to build a plan. It’s hard, too.

[What does James really think?]

He has no idea. He’s observant. He wants to be in the future.

[What's in their future?]

Good ideas to better themselves, to do good things. Everything looks good, and everything goes good. I don’t know, the things that are best. You know, the stuff you bring, something to eat or drink. It’s what you want to give them. Be nice to them. Give them things they need, do what they like, smile.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black Eye

by Marjory, Anne, Gretchen, Earnest, Patricia [Alice, Lana]

[What's happening with this woman?]

She has a black eye. She got hit by somebody.

[How does she feel about that?]

She's feeling pain and discomfort, and she doesn't want anybody to see her. In other words, that's what you worry about.

[Why was she hit in the face?]

She didn't get to finish putting on her face, it's healing. The man in the circus hit her. She upset him.

[How did she upset him?]

She didn't want to see him anymore and had him arrested.

[What does she do when he's in jail?]

It didn't feel good because it was the wrong thing. She goes out somewhere, probably goes home.

[Who's waiting for her at home?]

They're alright, the people that came in. They're from around here. She knows them from church.

[What do they say about her black eye?]

They thought to let her know that it wasn't right. They have to talk about everything. The next day, they all felt better. They're all getting along, but some are hesitant and some feel guilty.

[Are these people close to her?]

They all think they're friends, but she doesn't know if she's guilty or not.

[How do you feel about her situation?]

I'm an adult, a damn good adult! It's a confusing situation and has got her all upset. He (the circus man) shouldn't have done that and he's going to pay for it.

[How long will he be in jail?]

He won't be in jail for very long. He knows people that have been bad often.

[How does the woman feel about him being in jail?]

She thinks he's bad and unsuitable for her. She may feel sorry for him when he's out of jail, but things may change.

[How is her life without him?]

I don't know how her life is going, waiting on you. Oh, my God! He'll get out when his sentence is over.

[What do you think she'll do once he's out of jail?]

She has two opposing thoughts -- she's at fault, and he's half bad. So, they pull each other's hair and I think they get back together.

[How do they feel about getting back together?]

They both feel bad and work through reasoning to fix it, and both keep trying. They have to.