Monday, December 26, 2011

A Story about Animals

It’s a cow, isn’t it? I had an idea. Make sheets from heavy paper. Double wide. A wolf. Probably. They are looking for home. That’s what they want you to do. If I cut this in the middle. You can’t cut this. I want to make a home for all these animals. If we cut it in the middle. We have to split it in fifty pieces, twenty five each. Put the number and name of each animal. Make a whole set of drawings. I’ll give you pictures of animals. I have to go to school to see if I can get a whole pile of drawings. I found them wandering around in the woods, starving to death. They don’t hunt because they are too weak. They are weak because they can’t get food. The stronger ones can eat - find some food. We can work on this a little at a time. Make a book out of it. The sheep is full of fleas. The other one scratches his head. You have to have money to get food. A bag of dreams costs five dollars. Beside that, they need water. Put them near a pond. Now they are healthy. They feel better I guess so. We can get the state to give us money to buy food. I don’t want it to be a pretend story because I love animals. A young man in his fifties, with dark hair, dressed like a farmer is going to come and help the animals. He feeds them whatever he has, some grain, water, no meat though. I don’t think they have meat. You have to let me think and go through my accounts. Corn. I’d put them in something and feed them after I checked to see if they are not in danger. Five or six but not too much because he would be ill. Have you ever had a time when you are not ill, but you run into problems? It’s all sweaty. You don’t need that, but you need music for the ears. She didn’t go far. Ten dollars. I don’t know right now; I’ve been busy getting other things going. Horses are side by side. Maybe after a while they can go hunting, not now, because they are still run down. He has more food for them. They have a hiding place about this big [she holds her hands apart two feet] where they keep the food. One of them says to the other, “Are you my mother?” She says, “Yes!” [They clap their hands and smile.] They find the hiding place and have enough food to satisfy themselves.

Henry, June, Betty, Margaret, Gretchen, Maxine

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It Takes Life to Make a Baby

Mergitroy’s jazzing it up. Patricia just found out that they are expecting a baby. His wife is playing the flute, while the husband sings a song. It goes like this, “My parking days are over. My sparkling lights are out. What used to be my sex appeal is now my water spout.” They are not children; they are adults. It is entirely different now. Mergitroy is juggling two apples, and he drops the apples. They just get along, that’s all. This is the first time she has ever been pregnant. They are excited and afraid, it’s something new. She was a cashier, and she told the boss at J.C. Penney. She rings up things that people are buying and shows them various objects that they are wanting to look at. She continues to work while she is pregnant. Mergitroy is a railroad man, he rides the rails and watches over them. She had her baby, a girl, six pounds and four ounces. The baby has blond hair and blue eyes. Giving birth was not too much trouble. They call her Abigail Loretta. You have to have bottles, diapers, everything else and whatnot to take care of the baby. She slept through the night and she was very comfortable. Patricia took six months off work. Make sure the baby has a good home to go to - that’s the first thing. She works eight hours a day. It makes it kind of rough. Mergitroy asks her, “Take a leave of absence while the baby is so young.” She says, “You take care of the baby.” He growls at her. She growls back at him and says, “I’m doing it may way.” He should help her out accordingly, get supper ready. He is good dad. He prepares, helps her prepare. Thank God! She quits her job. The dear little baby made up for everything. They work it out very well.

Thelma, Barbara, Christine, Gretchen, Patricia

Friday, December 9, 2011

Saving Rosemary

It’s pretty good. This is a masterpiece. Skinny legs on these two. They are really working hard, that’s for sure. Playing mostly, throwing that darn piece of wire around. This scribbly stuff, I’d say throw it away, it looks like it was used for something else. It reminds me of a cold winter’s night, and I wouldn’t have any use for it. It looks like frozen ground and the stuff out there, I grew up on a farm so that’s what it looks like. Long skinny people trying to go fishing with a net. I could never stand there and do that and not fall in the water. So far they have not had luck, and hopefully before the day is over, they will have something. There must be something there or they wouldn’t go after it. They come from Oregon. One is Rosemary, and Charlie is the man. Cart it all around like a Caesar. Make a boo boo here and there. Rosemary got a fish hook in her foot. Charlie helped her get the fish hook out of her foot. It wasn’t easy, but because it was cold, she didn’t feel a lot of pain. He straightened the fish hook and pulled it out, so that it wouldn’t be so painful. He probably does have more experience than she has. He learned that at his father’s knee. That’s how a lot of boys learn things. They follow their father. The guys throws a net, and it’s a good idea. From the back and from the front, everywhere the same picture. They got the fish hook out and lived happily ever after. They will do very well because a fish hook can be easily healed. She won’t limp forever. They won’t go fishing very much with a net now.

Alex, Gretchen, Barbara, Thelma, June, Stella, Alice

Monday, November 21, 2011

People or Targets

[*I’ve decided to include my prompt questions, so that readers can understand part of the reason why the storytellers sometimes takes sudden, unexpected turns. - Alice]

[How did the elephants get there?]

The owners of the elephants had to take them in there. I don’t know. I haven’t ever seen any elephants in a church.

[Why did the owners take them in there?]

The elephants are not getting along. This one wants it one way, that one wants it the other way. Pretty hard to straighten it out. They need to go to the hospital. All the elephants have to do is make a visit and straighten it out. They will operate on the elephants to straighten the problem.

[What is the problem?]

The elephants have no say. This one wants to do it the right way. This one wants to warn them. Every bunk has the same rules and the same fruit. Apples, sour cucumbers, and so on - the cheapest and most tasty. Sacrilege. We don’t need any elephants in the church. Send a peeping tom to find out what they are doing in there. They are making too much noise.

[Who gave them permission to bring elephants in the church?]

The leader is Chief of Staff. This person is full of explanatory advices. He’s the man we are going to take care of. The Chief of Staff is with the most authority, and is popular and is authorized to do things like that. He will keep all the money. He is fully responsible for every loss. People have to have leaders.

[Where did the money come from?]

If they want to collect money, they can collect it from the people. This is a waste of four minutes. The people are happy as they can be, but nobody is getting rich. If they get a lot of money, and it is heavy, then the elephants can carry all the money. They are big and can carry heavy loads. If they are using change, and not dollar bills, then it will be very heavy. It seems like he was helping other people. That should have made them happy.

[What will he do with the money?]

It all depends on his personality - play, take chances, be popular, or be the most wise person. It depends on how you agree with the one who calls certain persons, but it is hard to define persons with ability, because the one who commits this kind of crime has no witnesses. Would you approach a large elephant if you were a small person? I would not do that.

[How much money is there?]

I don’t know. Count it. You should go around equivalent to the years that you have walked around that place, and then you will know how much money the Chief of Staff keeps. The bank holds the money for him, and the bank knows it is his money. If they ask my name, I will say, “My name is yesterday.” They don’t know my name. If you have a lot of money, then you have a name, and someone will keep somebody from stealing it.

[Is that your real name?]

Many times I was walking the street, and there were all kinds of people. The majority of them were asking, “Hey! Hey! Which one are you?” They are using names they are not supposed to use, names that are not popular in conversation, names that they are not supposed to use in church. I’m not going to tell you my name. Or maybe I will just call myself “Chuck”.

[What happens next?]

The Chief of Staff is going to check it all out and make a decision. You must have a base of how to make a decision. Find out which person is the most expensive, because there are people who like different stories and have some fun. He is presented with quite a lot of people. He wants to be popular by doing things people will appreciate. If he has a lot of money then he will be popular. Arming soldiers as frequently as possible, getting in touch with them by conversation. Those who drink go to the bar, those who don’t drink, don’t go to the bar.

[Where are they going?]

Mars. And do you know what Mars is? It is a planet. I’ll call you in about a year. As far as I can remember, going backwards, the scientists on this earth are trying to find a representative for this earth. I heard that Mars, and then the sun, and then the moon were once classified as one piece of something. Due to the fact that there are thousands of past experience, thousands of pieces, people are also able to ask about detachment. For that kind of expedition, we need an extra engine. Put your mind on those who are in that kind of space. I explained to someone who wants to know more about the capsule. When collisions take place, it will be very easy to determine that the only person who can do it is the person who knows the capsule can travel, with the advice of scientists and people who have a lot of conversation. Extra, extra curious things, that up until now, no one is able to solve the problem.

[What is the problem?]

Last week I read an article that they came to the conclusion that the earth is part of seven planets covered with sun in different suns. If they can stop one, maybe there will be signs, and people who are fortunate to be there can find out about it. I never found this kind of money on the street. That is luck with a sign on top of it. Only with luck can you achieve this kind of profit. It is nice to go church and Mars. Interesting, and equally full of power and detachment.

[Do people find the answers?]

It is possible to find out about everything.

[How do they find out?]

A book in the library claims Christ will come back again. Maybe when Christ was a part of earth’s life, around back then, the only people who were curious were the people who observed Him. These are the only people classified to answer this project. If you like to have very curious questions and answers, try to find the book. Read very slowly, because no person can claim he knows the answer to this particular project, this kind of readership. The Bible has questions and the Bible has answers, but not the way any normal person can read or explain to himself.

[Does this mean they find the answer or does this mean they don’t find the answer?]

The answer will find a question. Somehow, the pieces of these two items are too fast in order to meet and establish.

[How does the story end?]

The elephants will find a place in the circus. They leave the money in the bank, I guess.

[What should we call the story?]

I don’t know. Maybe we will call it “People” or maybe we will call it “Targets”.

Phil, Henry, Evonne, Betsy, Joseph, Alice

Monday, November 7, 2011

If Phil Comes Home

Phil, Christine, Henry, June, Gretchen, Patricia
I can’t tell. It looks like a dog. A tree. Cutting his nose. A walrus. That’s an animal. That’s what it look like to me. I can’t see nothing. The man is trying to help the walrus. A monster is what he’s got there. That’s a good picture. He is healthy. Do you know that? It looks like an animal. It’s got to be a big one. It must be good, because it is by a human being. They tame them to be good animals. They work on him. I don’t know that they did, but they tried to make a good animal out of Phil, that’s his name. The man is a goose with a long neck. I was in the past. I forget. The man has a saw or an axe, chopping up the monster, cutting the wing off. Chopping his head. Yes, I can see that myself. It is stupid, and I won’t. Honest. I don’t care what they. He’s doing something to Phil’s head to train him. Phil’s looking for somebody that he can eat. Tame him to be a good animal. He’s cutting away on that animal. It might be dead. I don’t know. I won’t be made out of anything. That’s a big animal! That is the first thing I see. The animal gets tears in his eyes, starts crying from getting brutalized. He says “ow, my leg falls off.” Phil won’t be crying if he loses that leg. If the man can get through it, then it will be the end of the leg. A big sore on his leg. It’s very sad that he got the infection and has to have that done. I hope so. I knew, but I don’t know about that. It might be. He’s cutting it off now. We’ll know much more after he stops cutting. The man thinks it will help. Don’t get me wrong. It must be alright, because you’ve been with it. The story will end when he gets through cutting. I love Phil and I care for Phil. Phil gets better, in other words, a watch dog.

Women Walking, Men Watching

Four windows, a wash job. Are they on this property? Here? [Patricia makes a box shape with her hands.] Sitting out there watching the ladies go by. Typical thing. In the middle of the street and a park bench, doing whatever they want to. Every time I sit down to have my teeth done, they say go here, go there. They are excreamely [SIC] interested up. Time to turn in. They’ve been sitting for a half hour on the part where they are going to be watching. The women are just walking away, down the hill, to the park or somewhere. They are close enough, so they must know everybody. The men have big eyes, square feet, and big shoes. The women are going to heaven only knows down the street. The two men are friends since they sit together. The women are friends, not sisters, they’ve got their hair fixed. Typical men sitting there. None of them are married. The women are going somewhere to sleep, and live, and come back. They are going to the center. I wonder if they look at their legs or not. Peering at the legs, not missing a thing, shaking their heads about the women. Good, the sun is out, but it must be cold, because they’ve got coats on and everything. All of them should make plans together, but they can’t do that now; they’ve been passed by. A sign on the post will tell them which way to go, or it says, “Typical Men”. If they all have a goal, then they will all head this way. They are out in the walking together in the jacket in the weather. The men are talking together about what they are going to do, and they haven’t been able to take their eyes off of them yet. Invite them home to dinner. The problem is there’s only two men and three women. We need to know what he’s thinking about. Where do you get a man like that? It should end if they get together, but nobody is moving. They get up and go talk to the ladies, talk them into going with them. The one on the left gets left out. She wants to get in the crowd. She could be angry or she could be glad to get out of the way. She says, “Leave me alone. Keep going.” She’s not going to stand there all the time, she takes off the other way.

Henry, Patricia, Gretchen, Margarette, Maxine

Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking for the Reference Point

Is it mine? Are they telling me I can’t do this? Do we have to talk about this first? There’s nothing on. I don’t care for this, when they have nothing on. The only thing good about it is you can tell which rear-end person is the best looking. Immerse yourself in the front. Ahhhh! That is where you see the beauty of the person.

I can’t. I can’t. I don’t. I don’t. Lady, what is wrong with you? But, it seems to be okay, it just so happens, because there was nothing else to wear. You must have the will to be who you want to be, ignoring all the other reasons. That is the philosophy of the table. I can’t stay positively yellow, but I can try. The person on the extreme right is tin. The person next to her is a man who had to listen to what they say. That’s why I feel like I do, listening to them say, “Too darn long.”

No, no, no. Well, it seems to me they don’t look ashamed. They look loose, talk to people, and don’t pay much attention to their body exposure. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why. All the people who have their backs to the camera can’t be recognized. In some countries there is an exposure that can be punished. Pay attention.

You shouldn’t pay attention to that kind of problem, if you do it yourself. How can you judge? If all the people think it is normal, let’s have it normal. A normal dance. Enjoy life.

I always talk to myself and ask why did God create it? That part of the body? Why did He create it? Bad people belong to you and your eyes, but you find yourself wondering if someone is bad or good. It depends on opinion. Opinion is based on looks and thoughts. If you can judge on those things, well, then okay. I’m too old for this position. But remember that one side is polished. The other side is not polished.

People were created in a special unit. The exact moment they were created, there were a lot of crystals, breaking out, creating an illusion. Use your own judgment, after they have finished ripening. Red tomatoes. They used to be green. Right now, they are yellow.

They have all had a little bit of alcohol, I think. Some of them are in the shadows.

What do you think people should do, when they have been assigned a place, a bed, a room, and things that don’t belong to them? Do they call this home? If they panic, they don’t know how to go to where they belong. Someone should assign them to a group. Organize them in categories. Tell them how to go home. How can I go home?

The light is steady from the east to the west. The position, they are all the same, but all the wide shoulders cause problems. They may try to follow the sun, the direction of the light, but then they come to a point where they ask if they are on the right road. Should they be there? Or should they be in a different direction?

I’ve seen this before. This picture was in the newspaper, attracting a headline so they can push your mind into a predicament. You can see that they all have the same spot, in one place, except they have to be careful of one man who is back-face in facing the sun. The back of the face is facing the sun, and that’s his form. The face back is facing the front sun, the other side of the face, but not from the back of the head.

They are very popular - why do I think so? Because I have created for myself a world of sun, so I have a chance to solve problems. Some people apart from others undertake 90 degree positions, thus if you look closely, you will find that previously there were at 80. Go 360, like a sport! Turn all the way around and see where you came from, your reference point! On that basis, you can be able to come to a conclusion that they are all not of the same kind, time, or place. I am 85 years old. No, I am much older than that! A long, long time ago, I was born. June 23rd is how old I am. I am tired! Someone else can take my position because I am done with all of this now. Two people can take my position.

The solution needs to be put on the table. Spread it out on a flat place, to find out the exact location. Look for someone who has a full face, open your hand at 80 degrees to receive the full.

If you don’t expose yourself to the sun, being hidden somewhere in the shadows, then you can use the military. It’s to the left, between the east and the west.

He is going into the sun, physically going into the sun, entering in. With this kind of puzzle, you must be very careful, think logically, solve the problem, and develop a circle. The consequence is that you cannot describe the circle properly.

Do you know where they live? Half of the world is 180 degrees, opposites. Four times ninety is three-hundred and sixty. I can’t find my reference point in any of the nineties. Do you have the ability to pick me up and deliver me to my reference point? What good are these people going to do, without knowing a reference point? You can’t just tell me to walk all around and look for it, 360 degrees, walking all the way around and never finding.

Don’t you have any answers? That’s no help to me. I have no answers for them, looking, just looking.

Sometimes when I talk to people, I ask them if they understand what I am talking about. I don’t know all these words, what I am saying. This is my idea. I haven’t solved the puzzle, yet. Do you know what I am saying? Do you understand? I understand.

Judy, Joseph, Mr. Krokus, Gretchen, Alice

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Belongs to It

Two people in a boat. Somebody lost their purse or walked off and forgot about it, and they didn’t realize that they lost it. So, it looks like, it feels like this fell off of something, like a car or something like that, off the back seat. When they started to take off, it just flipped off, because they hit a pothole, and she never, they never picked it up. Whoever had, they lost it. A car going down a road in a forest. Now, I can’t stand it. A waterproof bag with two people sitting in it and a dog on top and a dog on the bottom. They lost part of their wherever they’re going to. It’s on the ground. In the bag, either clothes or some real fast in a hurry to go someplace and it fell out. Shoes. A raincoat. The bag belongs to the fellow in the middle. He’s got something behind him, a woman or a boy. When they get home, then it’s too late for what they were carrying. There’s clothes in there. I know. That is what it shows. They will try to get it back. Evidently it had to stay there for quite a while. The wheel fell off the car. The fellow is young, with a small head, and he’s hanging out of the boat. There’s a hook. He went too fast and fell out of the bag. If he didn’t feel it, he can’t find it. He has, he has, he had other informants. A young woman, because it’s pink. A guy came and picked it up. He has a child with him, a small child. He held the kid tight, the child. It has the thing on top, that piece should be where someone can see it. A neighbor or somebody that would pick it up. He may have a sentence on the thing to tell them that he lost it. Whoever came to him can return it back. They may go around to see who it belongs to. Check and see. A name to pick up and take back again. A short cut. He took his chance to see whether he got it back or not, to give it to some other deal to hold on to it if it belonged to him. It is always marked. Find where he goes. Does this belong to you? He says, “Thank you for finding it. [Here, the story teller starts speaking another language.]” Therefore, he got it back again. It is hard to say whether it is right or wrong. He did not hold for himself, but found the problem and satisfied that he did his best. Tried to find someone that belongs to it. Pick it up for him, the gentleman was tickled to death to find it at the same time. Back again, that’s my opinion. They don’t do anything about potholes. Drove through it. I’m happy for him. A good day. A good treat.

Henry, Gretchen, Mary, Mr. Kokus, June, Alice

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Tiger Tale

Mother and baby. They are eating. The little one changed. They are enjoying it. They enjoyed it in the past. Two animals. A tiger man and a guy. It’s gruesome looking. It is time to play together. If they have a fight, they can let mom and dad settle it.

Mother and baby.

Mother looks tired, doesn’t she? The one that is more human is Tom. I’m not animal oriented. Someone with personal problems, then whatever. Here I am.

They are in bed, where they stay part of the time. One is darker, but still. Leaning against. Cuddling up. I wouldn’t think that for wild animals. They are in a house. Someone had to adopt them. They need a little place that is already built. Mother’s putting her arm around. I can’t imagine Tom letting it.

Mother looks kind of tired, doesn’t she?

I’ve never been around this type of people. Tigers and things. They had to have been together before, to be calm like this. They seem to be friends. Where are they looking to go to? Whatever they are going to do, they are going to be friends doing it. Friends, not enemies.

They have not always been friends. Wildlife. He went up a tree, encouraging the other animals in his area to go up the tree.

Look at mothers eyes. She’s so tired she doesn’t know what to do. They met in the tree. Tom followed him up. They might not understand each other’s language. Growling. They have to have some time of understanding to be that cozy. They say they love each other very much.

Momma looks tired, too.

They go out in the back yard with all the trees and shrubbery. They would like something that they could [makes climbing motions], even if they tore it down. Big ones, little ones, in between ones. It was more fun than anything I have ever seen.

This mother is tired, already.

The baby is okay. Stripes.

She’s tired. She’s been busy. Killing some time I guess. See her eyes? She just had the baby. The baby is wide awake. They might go to sleep again. We saw them as babies, but they are worth while.

Mother is tired. Look at her eyes. From the north to the south, all part of it. They will look for some food to eat.

Mama’s tired. They will get good for each one. They will find it. They will find whatever is available. Some milk for the young one. She better be busy if she is going to feed him. Is this commercial feeds or open spaces? Which way are they traveling? They are in commercial places. They are on a blanket. They need a group. They need others, brothers and sisters, probably, born at the same time. If Mama doesn’t get the right food, she might collapse. She will eat peanuts if she can get it. She won’t start nibbling on the child, she will get up and hunt for small animals that can’t defend themselves. Some kind of wild thing she can tear apart. If they are aware of plants and possible to obtain, she may do this.

The mother looks kind of tired. Maybe she fought a battle to keep her young one, a small quick animal, dangerous because it’s wild, out, and already going around checking things out - it’s all over though. She fought the battle, and now she is resting. The spend time together, not so close and calm is they were on a fighting paralysis policy. Build a humongous building of concrete and put them in it, because to begin with, he would not have a big building to be in.

Anne, Gretchen, Mable, Patricia, Margaret, Maxine, Alice

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone with the Cloth

I see two wings. A raven. A creature that was created. A plane that looks like it’s been wrecked. It’s a machine that looks like it’s alive. It’s missing parts. They have a use for it or they wouldn’t have made it. I would think that a man built it. A man named Squirmer. He’s 32 years old, an unmarried man. His face is clean-shaven and he has red hair on his head. He wears a suit, a hat, and a hammer. Since he works with equipment, he needs to be medium size. He’s a good guy.

He’s indoors, fixing to go outdoors, after he collects his tools. It’s 8:00 in the morning. He is about to go to work. He already had grits, bacon, and eggs. He had to cook it by himself, or maybe his friend Caesar came over to cook it for him. It’s cloudy-March-April-Spring. He doesn’t remember to bring his umbrella, because men don’t remember anything.

In the afternoon, he will fly or make it float. Somewhere to do both. Fly and float. I heard of one the other day, in the paper. If it was fixed it would flew. Flew for a while and if it is rough then it will go down. The machine is missing parts. His experience makes a difference in how he handles the situation. He doesn’t have a lot of experiences. He has a problem; he crashes and falls.

He falls in the bushes. Rose bushes. He dies immediately. I am sick of him! [At this point, there is a disagreement among the storytellers as to whether they should kill off the main character. We take a vote and decide that he does not die after all.] The machine was not damaged. It stayed in the bushes. Squirmy isn’t hurt, because he wouldn’t take it that high. He pulls the machine out. It was scratched, because he landed in bushes. It required repainting. He paints it red. Just red. He goes to a mechanical shop to buy replacement parts. Parts get exploded or get hurt.

It looks like it isn’t mechanical stuff, it’s some kind of cloth. Heavy duty. He goes to the mechanical shop, and he is told that they don’t have any cloth. His friend Caesar will give him a ride. He sees trees. If he was in my area, he would see me going the other direction. He must find some kind of little repair shop. But it’s a repair shop for cars, so they keep going. He sees blue birds, someone working on a car, red and pink geranium flowers, and a happy couple holding hands walking along. She stubs her toe and doesn’t fall. She keeps going, and he does, too.

Squirmer and Caesar find a store with heavy cloth. Something he can use. They buy the cloth, two kinds, not the same depth, not as heavy as the other. One gives warmth and the other is like material for keeping rain off stuff, a piece of equipment. He gets enough to use, and drives back to his problems. He makes a coat out of it, so he’ll have something to wear in the wintertime. He fixes. And then takes off!

Jeanie, Mable, Ruth, Maxine, Margaret, Patricia, Alice

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gangsters in Chicago

The people who work there decide to remove part of this big, thick column in order to have more space for parking. The guy is trying to sell something. Apparently they approve of the occasion. I don’t understand the direction here, the flow of water is about all I can say. What kind of liquid is being used from under the ground to above the ground? This material they are trying to move is chemically dangerous. These are special forces - anyone who comes here will get gas in the stomache, so powerful that a person could be sick.

A man and a woman are dancing there. Up above it says "Josef." Josef must have something to do with it. It looks nuts to me because they are yelling at each other and pointing high. Why don’t they go up and be done with it?

While this action is being taken in a big, big, big scale, any antique tree should be left alone for the signal to people who are complaining about it. In the past, this was a beautiful country or land. Save it for a few seconds. Preserve your health. Save money for the barber shop. People who use this kind of a passage, this is a healthy way of preventing some trees which are still growing. Eventually at that rate, the trees will be cut down, and everyone will be sorry. Everything grows back into the ground.

They are pointing at what they know. They want that mouth to shut up. They know already, but what about the rest of the population? They need more space! How many people will come and be crowded, and disappointed with you, disgusted, and turning back home? Consequently, when the work is so hard, trying to preserve stone and trees is very popular.

They are pointing at the camera, because they want you to see what is ahead of it. People who are trying to remove the camera are trying to grow higher and higher, to trim as much as possible, to build a special building for chemical expansion. They are debating about what they should do. The man on the right seems to know what he thinks should be done, he is satisfied with the idea that they should go ahead, continue what they have started. They must see somebody somewhere. They are trying to get attention, to watch for the bad storm if you go out.

She’s had enough, yelling with that arm way up there. He’s fed up with that, too, pointing up to her. The camera belongs to someone else. People are very proud of their names and want their names on walls that are highly visible. At the same time, the government accuses and makes people work hard so it can be strong as possible.

In all probability, they had a close encounter several times when people who were too far from each other were questioned deeper, deeper, deeper into the ground. Josef, the owner, is on the sidewalk telling them how he feels about the whole thing, how he approves. The others don’t approve of what is going on, because they are trying to figure out what the camera is doing.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is asking to change. They want to prop each other up to reach the camera. In all probability, it is a well known fact that when you take something to the post office, it is not good to be as delicate as possible, but do a job that is very secure. He is telling the cameras that they want to decide what is the better idea: to talk or to dance.

Trees with out support from the ground will not be growing properly, the skin detaches, and then they have a 50% chance of being male or female, and then the wheel on the sidewalk will go riding up the building.

They decide to talk. Nobody ever is able to dance and be acceptable by the rest of the crew. It is questionable. Some people want to have no part of it. Certain items called food and certain items called leaves and other things - those people will just change temperatures of weather, to conflict and dilute, cause damage. And things fall down.

They want to get rid of the camera. The camera is not very heavy, so they can take it down. If they had a ladder, they could reach it. This picture was made so that passersby would know. They passed by and left their bicycles parked there. Those parts should be used, traded; look closely at the problem. They open up their mouth, and they are surprised because those particular items are very easily attached, repaired, and reattached.

Young people are not very happy being locked up in small territories with small actioning. They all want to read something about their country, watch movies that are highly appreciated. Let’s be honest, they are not supposed to come close to the point where they can touch the camera. People who live in this place take an interest and think it should be removed.


Get rid of all this stuff. They are successful. It needs to end. They all go home and leave the letters on the wall, J-O-S-E-F, and they study the camera to see how and why it happened.

Joetta, Joseph, Alice, Maxine, Gretchen, Henry, Alice