Monday, September 20, 2010


Cows and everything. Looks like a cluster way back in the back. It’s been a long time since I got to go there.

They’re on a highway someplace. When it was over, one of the women said, “You certainly do look a lot like her.”

What are they running from? Looks like little kids. They’re not running yet. They’re about to run.

It’s cloudy. They’re not running away. They’re running to something. Looks like they’re on a road or driving. There’s more running behind them. There’s no writing on it.

They’re bicycle-riding out in the middle of nowhere. They’re having a good time out of life. Looks like they have guns over their shoulders.

I used to look exactly like them. In fact I have seen that, not exactly. Is this the main highway? Yes. They’re all on the main highway.

They’ve been gone somewhere and they’re coming back. Maybe they were leaving to go and she’s gone for some food. I just looked up and said, “What?”

They’re going on a bike. I was riding, and we were talking, and I was lucky I wasn’t there. She said, “I’d like to show you.” They looked about like that, and I started laughing. It makes you make a fun feeling.

Here he is.

There’s a lot of people on the highway. They’re not people. They’re cows.

I think it’s a cool day, and mother and daughter are out on a stroll on the highway, enjoying life. It’s got to be fall weather. She’s got a sweater on because it’s cool. They’re having a wonderful time.

She’s got something in her hair. There are trees behind her. I ought to have given you one. It was very good. I would like to be out there. I’d do the same thing. I’d have myself a ball. If they have a friend with them, they’d probably look around. Taking a bicycle ride.

Looks a little bit cloudy, so it’s cool. Yes, it scares me. I took many a ride like that.

That looks like a pretty big crowd on top of the hill. They’re not really crowds, not all of them. They’re watching.

She’s got a necklace. It looks like shells.

What is a good woman’s name? Tom.

There are buildings back there. Wouldn’t it be fun to be out there? The other woman is named Junior. Big deal.

I’ve been out there like that. In Florida.

They’re weird. They’re probably just getting started because they have too much energy. Give this to the women in there.

There are elephants on the hill. It was Willy. He can run, can’t he? Yes, ma’m. Twelve. That’s how many there are.

There are elephants, but they aren’t running. Three more want nine.

See the house on the hill? I can’t even find my cars key. Shit.

Have you been bicycling like that? Yes, ma’m. We laughed like crazy. He’s up there now. Are you trying to feel the road? Oh, yes.

They’re not too far from home. I was going to say, she should tell her the word and they can go. No, I wouldn’t do it.

Here it is. Did you bicycle much? I loved it. We took a picnic lunch with us. You’d have to carry it, though. What would you put in the lunch? Everything imaginable that was good. Sandwiches, cookies, cold drinks. Children. Who is going to carry all that? Me! I want to be sure it gets there. Gretchen is pretending to be on the bike. Well, she’s going to need a bus for all that stuff. You can carry quite a bit on a bike. We took it all in. You’ve got to have a vivid imagination.

Take it here. That looks like Florida in a way. What are they going to do next? Sit down and have a picnic. Carry the trash out. That’s going to be a lot of trash.

Will there be anybody else at the picnic? I have a feeling that if there were more people, we’d see them.

Junior has sandals on.

Those are mountains in the background or a big city. What’s over there? Grass. She could tell me.

After their picnic, what will they do? They’re going to be worn out from carrying that food. That’s when it got rough, when you were in the mountains and worked yourself to death. Looks like they’re close to the city.

What city is this, if it’s in Florida? I’ve never seen this many hills in Florida.

There’s a lot of people behind them, and a graveyard. That’s a cloud I would say.

They’re going on a picnic. And they took their picture? That was nice.

How is the story going to end? We haven’t even got started yet. It will have to have a happy ending. What are they going to do with all the tin cans on the back of their bikes? That was noisy.

That whole place is on fire. It looks like dry land. Maybe they’re near a beach where this is a lot of land.

There’s not any room to do anything because of all the trees. There are a lot of buildings back in there.

Look at the smile on their faces. I bet they’re going to look for some guys. I bet that’s right.

STORY BY: Gretchen, Betty, Betsy, Patricia, June

Monday, September 13, 2010


He’s way up there, isn’t he? Looking out over the city. I’ve seen this before, I know I did. I can’t even get a child away from me. She just drives me crazy.

I’ve been here a long time. Not as long as I have.

He’s a pretty good-looking kid. He’s a kid to all of us. I would think that’s New York or something like that, with all the houses.

He’s way higher than that. He’s way above the city. What’s his name? Anonymous. He’s a good-looking boy.

How’d he get there? Elevator. He’s too lazy to climb the stairs. Over New York, with the smoke. He’s looking down to see what’s going on. I see he’s got his toddy with him. He’s got a handle on it.

You can see all the sky, and it’s not clear at all. They’ve got so many people there and everything. He’s a cute-looking guy. He’s a little young. Not much. Only four years, or more.

What is he looking for? It’s on the back. Nothing. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a cup of coffee, because there’s a handle on the coffee. I’d rather have more than a cup of coffee.

I think he’s happy to look to see. By the looks of the cup, it isn’t coffee. See where the handle is?

He sure is over a smoky city. He’s probably visiting New York. Why? Because he’s never been there. Because she’s there. It’s seventeen years forward. He’s looking out for somebody.

His name is Any Name. I’m not sure if New York is cold like that. He probably went there because there’s a lot to see. No! I’d know from the way they talk. They have a real different slang.

I’ve been to New York a few times. It’s not anything I want to go back to.

Where did he come from? Chicago. Could be.

What does he do for a living? He’s got on a regular shirt. Is he taking pictures? Looks like a camera there. It’s not real cold weather because he’s has a short-sleeve shirt on. Is he a photographer? He’d probably have a lot more equipment. It’s smoggy up there all the time.

What’s this other thing there? That’s a camera, but what’s beside it? That’s his hand. Does he find what he’s looking for? I have a feeling he would.

You’re so good to me, since the baby came and I’m so tired of it all.

He’s going to borrow from many. I don’t think I would. I would leave.

He’s looking the situation over pretty good, isn’t he? Is that a sandwich?

He’s on the top of the building. He’s studying it. He’s trying to figure out himself what he’s doing.

He’s puzzled. He’s standing there thinking what is this, what am I doing? If he had this all figured out, he’d be more jubilant, more dynamic. I think he’s stumped. Just the way he’s got his hands down like that.

What should he do next? Nothing. Go home. He’s got a short-sleeved short on, so he’s out a lot. A lot of those people wear long sleeves because it’s cold. Slow boys.

What does he have left to do before he leaves? Does he go visit the woman? If that’s what he went for, he wouldn’t be standing around looking like a tourist.

That thing is holding up a roof. I have a short smokestack, and you all have a long one, so we have a different situation?

He wants a woman, that’s what he wants. Let’s face it.

STORY BY: Henry, Maxine, Patricia, Nina, Dottie, Gretchen, Tony, and Joyce