Tuesday, December 1, 2009


What are these people doing? They’re just gossiping. They’re opening a picture. It looks like the work they do around here a lot. They have two shopping bags. I think they’re waiting on somebody. Probably another woman. They’re going to play cards or something.

It says “happy” on the bag. It looks like they’re sitting in a station waiting to go someplace. They look like farmwomen. Those are kind of odd dresses. Look what they’ve got on. They’ve got bibs on.

One is a lot bigger than the other one. I didn’t look that big. No, I didn’t.

I think they’re going home. It’s kind of country-style.

The woman on the left is showing the other woman a picture. That’s me in the picture. I guess it has to be. I wasn’t nearly as big as that. I never saw her.

Those are small shopping bags. I don’t know what they’re going to do, or who’s going to eat them.

Lucy is the one on the right. Who is the other woman? She sure is pigeon-toed. She must have some peanuts in her purse. That one on the right is kind of chubby, isn’t she?

They’re both going in their purses. It’s on the other way. It looks like an iron. They should know it. They won’t go to seat.

We’ve all gotten heavier and warmer. They must have something to eat because they’re both opening the bags up. They bought pretzels or peanuts, because look around on the floor, there’s all kinds of paper.

We never did look that fat. There’s a lot of fat on Lucy. Lucy looks like she ate it all.

There he is. They don’t like to be that way. So we can be big and fat. See, they do look fat, don’t they?

Where are those two women going? Well, they’re just going. Some of them do. That was wrong. It shouldn’t have four. It should have been one.

They look kind of stupid to go swimming. They’re going to have fat bulging out of their suits. You think you’re super thin. I always thought I was awfully thin. They look bigger than they did before.

Look at the hats they’ve got on. That’s a hot bag. Maybe this kind of hat was important in those days. Are those pretty hats? They’re up higher. Their hats are high. I like their hats.

Where are they sitting? It looks like a stall for horses. See, it’s a real wide stall for these real wide broads. There’s a narrow stall right next to it. Why would they be sitting in a horse stall? There are fans in there. They’re wearing different kinds of shoes in the horse stall. They didn’t buy anything big.

We’re all smaller than they are. They got a big contract for something. She really looks small, doesn’t she? They’re smaller than that. Yeah, she was. He’s a lot smaller than he seems to be.

There are my tears. This couldn’t be more than two miles away from here.

Why are they standing in a horse stall? It doesn’t actually have any stalls.

For one thing, she’s slender. No, my wife is slender. Neither one of those women is slender.

If this is a horse stall, there aren’t any places for the horses to eat from.

My wife doesn’t wear a hat, and she doesn’t wear shoes like that. She’s looking for me.

I never could think that way. I always thought I looked younger than I was.

Where are the women? It’s an old picture. Some little towns had places where you could wait for a bus or a streetcar.

Who is the woman on the left? I would name her Margaret. She’s twenty.

Do Margaret and Lucy live together? No. They’re young.

Where are Margaret and Lucy going to go next? They don’t know. I wish they would go, instead of just sitting. I wish they would just accept that everybody’s old.

Because they’re going. That’s what they do. Where do they want to go? They don’t have any luggage, so they can’t be going very far. I called over there and talked to them. It’s not the bottom part; it’s the top part. I don’t think they get away with it. That’s right.

Don’t let them go! These are the questions we have. Maybe somebody could find someone.

Are they mother and daughter? They don’t seem like they’re friendly with people their own age. Do you have a lot of friends younger than you? Not a lot younger. There’s a big difference in their ages. How old do you think they are? She’s got dark hair, and she’s got blonde hair. They don’t seem to me to be attractive. What’s their attraction?

I wasn’t big that long when I was that young. They don’t seem to have anything in common by looking at them.

Lucy looks like my grandmother. What was your grandmother’s name? Grandma. Did she live in a place like that? She wore a hat like that.

Is this a picture taken over a picture? It looks like there’s a picture underneath this one. Is there another one?

Has she been kidnapped? War is hell. I agree. You see what you see. I think it’s a gravel road.

Where are they going next? I wouldn’t know. Do you think they’re two women who are going to run around together? Room thirteen. That’s bad luck.

How should our story end? Like this. I don’t know why he paid for two women’s hotel bills. If I was there, I’d throw them away. I’d like to see one of those. Not like this.

If they get on a bus, where will they go? To Vienna. They couldn’t ride a bus all the way from there to Vienna. They’d have to get on a small plane. How do they know to get on a plane if they don’t know what it looks like? I guess they’d have to know what it looks like.

The place they’re going to doesn’t sound good to me. Two older women of separate ages want to go to Vienna. They don’t look like too much. Do you think they’re attractive? No.

How could they be going to Vienna? They don’t have too much stuff, and Vienna is clear across the ocean. Maybe they’ll shop more when they get to Vienna. They’re going to get a dancing outfit and dance. Can you imagine them in a dancing outfit? Not together.

STORY BY: Edna, Betty, Chuck, Coach, Tony, Vivian, Patricia

HELPERS: Jessica, Terry, Katie, and Sarah

Monday, November 23, 2009


The man is trying to attract attention, if he’s sitting there with all those lights. He might be in a store. What kind of a store is it? It must have something to do with electricity.

Why does he have so many light bulbs? He likes the pretty lights. His name is Mr. Light Bird.

The first thing he does when he gets to his store is turn on the lights. Are they different colored lights? Do the different colored lights mean different things? No.

What kind of lights does he sell? They must be really pretty lights. It’s unusual for those kinds of lights to be sewn together. I’ve never seen them like that before. Light bulbs are light bulbs. Have you ever been in a store where the light bulbs were different colors? Yes.

He sets them up at night. Some lights are bright for reading, and some are colored lights that people enjoy having in their homes because a lot of time when you go into a room and it’s a colored light, you kind of relax.

I like very bright lights for reading. You can have a blue light or any color light just to sit down and relax. But they wouldn’t show up if they were all colors.

I think the colored lights depend on the person and their personality. What I would like, you wouldn’t like, and what you would like, I wouldn’t like. You have to think of the light with the person. If you want a very bright light for reading, for relaxing, you wouldn’t mind having a yellow light or a blue light. What kind of light would an angry person have? I think they would just have a regular light you just look and see. Because if you’re going to be angry, you want a good light to see who you’re looking at.

A bright light, if a person you’re not particularly fond of comes to see you, you don’t want to sit in a room with that person. The lights are on all the time for the curiosity of people. You couldn’t see them well in the daytime. What would be the point of having them on?

What do they use the lights for? To attract people, I guess. They have these lights shining all over but they wouldn’t really do anything for you. Where do you think the store is? Maybe he’s in Antarctica. Then Mr. Light Bird would be very eccentric. It would be too cold for people to sit around and watch him.

Where is the store? It’s right there! What city is it? It’s a big one. I don’t think it’s very big. I wouldn’t be interested in a store like that, would you? What kind of person would want a store like this? What if he wants to take a bath? Would you want to watch him? No, he can take a bath by himself. I just don’t see a point in him making himself the star of this picture.

How did he get started in the light bulb business? He’s a crackpot.

What kind of light do you like? I guess yellow light would be relaxing. Kind of like the sun.

What would be the point of having the lights on in the daytime? What would be the point of having them on in the nighttime because people are sleeping? What is the purpose of the lights? Nothing.

Everybody’s got lights. How do you sleep at night with lights on? That would drive me crazy.

The man looks bowlegged.

What does Mr. Light Bird want? He’s a crackpot. What do crackpots want? All kinds of silly things. He wants nothing. He wants to bull ride. I don’t want nothing for him. I don’t have any idea what a crackpot like that wants. Let’s cut around the chair and cut him out completely. Then we’ll have an empty place. Let the light bulbs die.

Is there anyone else in the store? No. Only one guy. Do you think someone is hiding in there? I would be curious about the man. I wouldn’t bother him, but I would take a peek in. I would like to ask him about the lights, if they’re too bright for him, if he can see good. What would he say? It depends on his personality. If he’s not talkative, he won’t say a lot. But he might talk, talk, talk, and you’ll be sorry you asked him.

I think there are more important things in life than light bulbs. It’s interesting, but why would he want light bulbs in the nighttime when everyone is sleeping, and in the daytime when nobody can see them because of the sun? We don’t know why people do what they do. That’s true.

Why would anyone want fancy light bulbs on in the middle of the night? You’d have to go outside and take a drive around the neighborhood to see what he’s doing with the light bulbs. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

How should our story end? I think it should have a beginning before it ends. I think some crackpot just made this up. The story should end with everyone buying a light bulb.

STORY BY: Betsy, Betty, Tony, Margaret, Betty Kelly, Edna, Patricia

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah


He looked like he wasn’t going to do anything for her. They’re throwing dice. Maybe they are. The women are sisters. Her daddy I knew. There’s another one. Earl said there might be something to learn, so you better be careful.

They’re shooting craps. That’s what I think it looks like. They’re doing good. I thought things were going good. He was having a good time.

It looks like a man and a woman. They must be working together. He came over and got me a bigger piece. I didn’t go very far.

It’s a Sunday. How do they know it’s Sunday? Where do they shoot craps on a Sunday? In front of the preacher?

You can take one back home. What are the women going to take home? A kitchen. I saw that. Where’s the kitchen? Where’s the church?

I was blue and pretty about it. Nobody gets mad in there. They don’t want these things.

He’ll be ready to make you marry her. They’ve got two places to go. They didn’t care about nothing else. It’s not there. They said, “He’s not kissing you.” Is he going to kiss you? That’s what it looked like.

They’re not that good. Do they look like women to you? They’re awfully ugly women. Are you sure they’re women? They could be. Do you know any women who shoot craps?

They ask, “Where do you go to get it?” I can’t see their hands. You can tell by a person’s hands.

I don’t know what to do today.

They look like twin sisters to me. One of the women is my sister. My sister dresses and wins more things. Let’s say they’re sisters, even if they aren’t attractive women. No, no, we don’t have any of those.

What’s the difference between craps and playing dice? It looks to me like they’re in a pool hall. I think they’re pretty girls. I’m good at those. They’re good girls.

Do you think they’re going to win any money? That’s just a penny. The chips look like pennies. They were playing craps last week also. Where were they last week? They were off in the yard. You mean they have a pool table in the yard, with flowers in it? It wouldn’t be the Sunday one.

It looks to me like they’re playing by themselves, but there are other people around. Not many people have a pool table this size in their home. You never know what they’ll pick up.

I don’t think they’re shooting craps. How would they have a pool table that big at their house? That’s all you can have.

Out in the fields, they dig. Do women shoot craps? Do they win money? What money do you think they can win? I think they’re winning.

I don’t see him. This is a man and a woman. It looks like she’s pulling the dice out of her bra. She’s hanging over the table. The man looks like he has big boobs, too. He’s driving me crazy.

I don’t think they’re in a pool hall because pool halls are made differently. Two people throwing dice? That’s doesn’t making sense. They should be talking about normal people.

Maybe they’re in a private room in Las Vegas. I doubt it. I think I’ve been to Las Vegas. I was looking for a man. I wasn’t particularly interested in dice. I’ve never seen dice like this. Why are they shooting craps with a diaper or something around their necks?

Who is the man? They’re living and loving it. It’s a good thing. She spoke back to the boy because he wouldn’t stay there and fix things while he was there.

Are they going to win some money? No, I just sit there and do nothing. Not very great. Some of them do and some of them don’t.

So now I’m going back. Do you know who that is? They found this place. That’s supposed to be his wife.

I would get in a good fight. Let’s just all sit down and say you’re a good person. I live right up here and I was going to get some people but then I just lost them. Anybody know where they are? I didn’t know they would come back.

They’re playing a game wherever they are. You know, I know that game but I’ve never played it. I think they’re playing craps.

What are they going to do next? They’re going to squawk. They’re going to go to their house. Do you think they’ve been in the pool hall since spring? I’ve known him ever since he’s been here. He’s got it. We did it.

STORY BY: Edna, Betty, Coach, Miss Peach, Bill, Betty Kelly, Vivian

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah


They weren’t doing anything good. He’s got both legs hanging out there. It looks like they’re sleeping. Only one of them is sleeping. What’s the other one doing? It’s a he.

Are these two the only ones left? There are two couples in the back. They’re in the clouds. In the name of Jesus, amen.

It looks relaxing. Did she say it was? Where are they? He’s halfway there now, isn’t he? They’re waiting to die. How long have they been there? Is that Notre Dame? He’s watching the water come down. The water is in there. There’s too little water. It looks like there’s water all around, with a tree in the middle. That could be grass back there. Grass doesn’t shine that much.

It doesn’t seem like it would be that way. Is it all just water? Underneath there, there’s not much. How could there be grass? How could they be swimming in grass? They need a boat. You can’t float on grass. It looks like grass to me. What are the people doing? Evidently, they’re trying to see who’s out there. They look like people out there.

That looks like a ferris wheel in the background, facing us. I don’t know exactly what it is. What’s going on in the picture? I don’t want to tell you. It’s just a whole lot of something. A whole lot of shooting going on. Because it’s one of those things that shoots right up.

Is that a college? What is that building? When we came in, I waited and that was the way it was. It’s probably a college. Yes. Someone is lying down looking over the other person. Their heads are in the water. The people are playing. He’s trying to revive her because their heads are in the water. They’re getting ready to try to do something. What are they getting ready to do? The one on the bench is ready to jump in and rescue the other one. Usually you jump into something like that to commit suicide. Who is that guy supposed to be?

What are they going to do next? I don’t know. He didn’t say anything else. At first it looks like someone trying to commit suicide in the water. I don’t know what this guy is doing. He’s sitting up now. And that’s a canoe, isn’t it? It’s shaped like a canoe.

What does the man want now that he’s saved the woman? I think that looks like another man. Is he trying to revive that guy, or what? Is this a man or a woman? It could be either one. It looks too tall for a woman. I don’t know whether he’s reviving her or not. Why is the fountain so close and so far? Why isn’t the fountain sprinkling over here?

When you look at the picture from a distance, the fountain isn’t as far away as I thought it was. What is above the picture? I thought for an instant, there was writing there. It you look at the picture closely, there are steps coming down. I think it’s a nice lawn. So maybe we’ve got this whole thing messed up.

There are two people there. Are those trees or people in the background? I believe they’re trees.

I’m trying to see the writing above the picture. Is that grass or water out front of the college? Well, the water has to be squirting out of something.

It looks to me like the person lying down is unconscious. There are workers up there, too. Their names are Chris and Jesse. Or Jack and Frankie. Do Chris and Jesse know each other? I’m saying no. How many guys and girls lie out on benches in a place like this and mess around? How far is it across the pond? Do you think they’re messing around? Is that a resting place or what?

What do you think is in front of the bench? How would they get a picture like this? It looks like they’re on a sidewalk. Doesn’t it look like that to you?

Are they talking to each other? No, I don’t believe they are. I didn’t expect to see something like that in front of a college. What’s he got in his lap? I don’t know what he had on. I assume that’s a girl. I don’t think any decent girl would go out like that. To go around in front of a college and prance around and lie down. Maybe she’s not a decent girl. I’ve seen worse than that at a college.

They’re all going to go to sleep. They have plenty of things going on. Do you think they did? I think so. How far is it from the building? A mile, maybe. How should this story end? They’re going to get married and have kids.

STORY BY: Edna, Patricia, Betty, Walt, Thomas

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah


Oh, it’s a man! Is that what it is? No. It looks like a man to me. I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.

Maybe he got it. That could have been while the three were eating.

What is he doing? He’s flying. Where is he flying? He called me. It looks like it’s in the Alps, or over the ocean. You can’t get anything more than what you put in.

If you could fly, where would you go? Do you like flying? I guess. I wouldn’t want to fly by myself because I wouldn’t want to get lost.

Is that one or two persons? It’s just one, isn’t it? Does he have friends with him? No. What is he looking at? He’s just looking. I don’t see anything. He won’t be finding gold.

Is it a her? What is he wearing in the picture? Not too much. A little boy. He’s just a little fellow. Did I do it right? I did it! You’re in a good mood today. She should be!

Where is he flying to? He’s right in the middle, I guess. If I was a man, I would want to do it that way. Otherwise, it would never be as pretty as we did it.

We know all about those men. We’re going to keep checking on you so you’ll be as beautiful as we are. Do you love me? I love you.

How high do you think he’s up there? They look like they’re hiding. Are they hiding? It’s must be about the baby or about the dad. That little baby might need him. You think there’s a little baby in there?

Chocolate. Is he flying after chocolate? I would fly after chocolate. Let’s hang in there until we find a way to do it perfect. We don’t want to miss anybody. We want those baby girls and baby boys.

I can’t fly, so I couldn’t do that in a million years. We can watch when the people fly. We will watch them. He might let us look at it. Miss Peach is a pretty lady. She is. He looks like he’s by himself. Chocolate candy. Mmmmm. Does he have any little boys or little girls? We’d be lucky if he took both of them. He’s taking his little boys with him. Why not? Everyone would be strong every day because of the little boy.

Chocolate, that’s what we use, isn’t it? Gold would be kind of hard to find flying around. You’d have to fly closer to the ground.

Are you sure it’s a man? What name do you like? They’re all nice. I don’t even think he’s flying. Those mountains aren’t very mountainous looking. What else would he be doing? We’re going to go up there and we will see. That’s just one more day.

His name is Donny. It’s pretty silly to fly by himself. If they’re other people with him, they’re on the ground watching him fly and look silly flying by himself.

This looks like water to me. It looks like waves because there are rocks over this way. The waves are vicious looking. I wouldn’t want to go with him. Does that look to you like a rock? It might be a vicious storm. I don’t doubt there’s a layout there. I don’t understand this position. Well, do you think he’s going to land on the rocks? There’s a big building right there. What kind of building? How did he get up there in the first place? He’s been laying there. He’s laying on the mountains. Must be.

That’s kind of a dumb thing. He’s not very bright. What would you think if you saw someone flying above you? I’d just stand and watch. It must be high up. It looks like he’s on his stomach. Why is he flying? When I look at that it looks like there’s a wall.

It looks like he’s flying, but he’s not flying at all. What’s he doing, then? He’s studying the universe.

Look how steep those mountains look over in there. It might be a long bridge. He’s not flying. No. She said he’d be there about three-thirty. He’s got to get there by three-thirty. Where is he going? I don’t know and I’m not going to ask it. They’re all going just fine.

He’s in a race. He’s winning the race. Why do they have a wall right there? It could be worse. No, he’s not in a race. He wants something to do. She was afraid to. What was she afraid of? I don’t see anything hard about it. He’s going down to see some more. He’s quite a bit higher.

Have you been flying like that? No, I don’t think so. What does he see on the ground? I don’t know what kind of country it is. Put the cash onto it. I think the mountains are there, so it’s not good for farming. Over here, it looks like it’s water, a bridge.

Where did he go? I was going out, I was going out, too. I just went out and got her up and got a bag of gold. There’s mountains and water below him. Are you ahead of him? I must be. He might be looking for girls. He’s trying to impress her. He’s looking down at other things, too.

How should this story end? Where is he going next? I didn’t see a picture or anything. I think he’s nuts.

STORY BY: Miss Peach, Vivian, Patricia, Betty, Betty Kelly, Bill

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Secret Affair

It looks like two pictures. Those are two men. No, the one in the green is a woman.

What are they doing there? They’re playing tiddlywinks. Where are they? What kind of building is this? Sort of like this, I think. You better be careful, because you could be somewhere else. Yes, it does. It’s some kind of a building. Is this cement, or what?

What do you want their names to be? You never know, do you? Are these three men? I think they have something to say to somebody. What are they saying? They’re saying “yeah.” What have they been doing? Which one is it? Is that the one that’s living there?

The thing on the table looks like a birthday cake. She looks pretty well, doesn’t she? She does. I don’t know why they’d throw a birthday party with only two people.

Is that somebody standing up there? Looks like it. It could be a coat hung up there. I don’t know why it would be right there. This picture doesn’t look exciting to me. Does it to you? They’re just talking. It looks like a man in the back. What are they two women talking about? It’s hard to tell. She was shaving her legs this morning. How do you know it’s a woman? You never know.

It’s in some building, and somebody’s standing right there. Why do you think they’re standing there? It seems like neither of them is very big. I want part of it, or I want all of it. There’s the other one. Cause there’s a sale on Friday, I don’t know why. What’s she doing? For his grade.

I don’t think this is a very entertaining picture to talk about it. There’s nothing exciting going on. They’re not talking excitedly with their hands. Are they gossiping or making plans?

There’s some Reagans right there. What color are they? Yes, I’m glad to have you. A little bit pink. One of them was yellow.

One of them was a man and a woman. Whether there are men or women there. Is this one a man or a woman? It’s hard to tell. Let’s see what we can get. The table in the back has a man. What’s his name? His name is Hank. It’s an odd name.

What kind of a building is this? What is an imaginary name for a woman? That’s their wish, isn’t it? I wish it was. I don’t have any of it. I don’t want to throw it for you. There’s one. Stick it in the Keys. Let them have it. I will have it, honey.

I want to go. Where? I just don’t want her to go ahead. We can do these for today. She’s going this week. There’s the rest of it, right here.

The woman’s name is Amy. Which woman is Amy? How do you know they’re both women? They seem like us. Let’s get someone to take them down there.

What’s this window, here? They’re too close together. Is that a sign in the background?

Maybe there’s a horse back there. What is the horse doing there?

There’s got to be some reason they’re meeting there. It’s a strange place to meet. The two people don’t fit together. Whose birthday is it? How do you know it’s someone’s birthday? Is it what you want? Yes.

Why would three men and one woman go someplace? They’re there because they’re there. They do have a reason for it. I imagine this man and this woman are there without permission of the parents. Yeah. That’s an odd place for a young couple to meet. So why are they meeting there? Maybe it just happened that way. They come in there because they can sit together there and that’s what they want.

It looks like an airplane wing outside the window. It’s an odd place for a couple to meet. If they’re in love, why are they sneaking around about it? He has one. Her dad might kill the boy she’s meeting because he doesn’t approve.

Why are these guys sneaking around? One of them wants her ring back. It’s my ring, she says. It might be an engagement ring. They’re in an alliance together.

One, two, three, four, five. Five what? Some bras.

If they’ve got a serious thing to talk about, why are they so close to the other people? Why are the other people listening to them? It’s kind of rude, huh? Yeah. They’re hearing what they say.

There are suitcases. This is his last one. What’s in the suitcase? That’s the needy one. I hadn’t thought of it. Are they meeting and going away? We don’t know who’s going to be that way. Are they going somewhere together? No. That’s a big one. They might be planning to go somewhere together.

What kind of building is this? Is this an airplane wing? They belong together, don’t they? If this is an airplane, where are they going to go? They’re looking at each other, and she just wants ladies there. She doesn’t want that man there. They all look good. These are the two main ones.

What do these two people see in one another? Maybe they don’t like each other. Maybe it’s just a way for her to get away. Why are they sitting so close together? They look like they’re ehhh. Why is this couple listening in? It’s cold in this place. He needs to see it. This girl doesn’t like this boy. The two of them, they’re going to leave. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Why are they at an airport? What kind of building is this? Why are they so close together? That looks like an airplane wing. Do you think that’s a horse back there?

What does it smell like in the room? It smells terrible. It smells like real honey. Is Amy eating some honey? Yeah. Are there other smells? It doesn’t look too clean for an airport. They might have sugar there. What else, I don’t know.

Why would you bring a horse inside of a building? There’s a horse stable between the buildings. How else would a horse be there? It could be somebody’s coat. Doesn’t look like it, though.

I’d be careful which plane I took. Where do you think the airplane is going?

They’re blowing bubbles in the air. They’ve got one dish there. They’ve got their fingers on the dish.

Maybe this guy and this girl are having an affair, and she doesn’t like it. She’s got these guys in the back watching the guy in the front. That really does look like a horse.

I’m thinking of their families. I think there are three buildings and the horse is coming out of the building behind them. Maybe it’s one of their horses. Do airplanes have horses?

You going to get it? No, you’re going to tell me where to get it. I wouldn’t do that, would you? Don’t get it to her. I don’t want it because it’s a battle. She never gets her way, when he has it, the little boy. Where do you see a little boy? Maybe one of them has a little boy as a secret?

They don’t have good parents. Why would a mother and a father have all these problems? Maybe they are in New Jersey.

In the back it looks like a man. There they are, right there. You’d think that was a man. That could be a girl and her brother. Well, I know you know what to do with it. I think that this must have been a long time ago. He doesn’t want to see any of them. The horse likes to go “neigh.”

There aren’t many people in the picture. Where do you think they’re going to go? I don’t see how they can go so close to the ground. The picture is pretty, isn’t it? I like it.

How does this story end? I wouldn’t have a secret affair to begin with. Would you? Do they get on the plane? She just said, he came and said to bring his stool. They had that before. With all the problems they’ve got, they’ve got just a short time.

STORY BY: Edna, Miss Peach, Vivian, Patricia, and Betty

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Jessica, Dave, and Sarah

Escaping from Enemies

Who’s that? What’s that? The girl is going toward it. There at the top of the tree. Well, she wasn’t there. She’s from the birds.

Who is the person in the picture, with brown hair? Her name is Jane. What is Jane doing? She’s dancing with Geneva. Jane’s gumming up the works.

Are all these nests up here? Quite a few nests. That’s all a tree. It wouldn’t get that big, would it? I can’t see the birds.

What is Jane doing up in the tree? She’s going to get the little thing. Is she a climber? She’s going to jump onto this one. Jane is a friend. We have two people. Are they friends?

Is she escaping or pretending to be? She’s escaping from the enemy. Who is the enemy? I don’t know, but she’s pretty clever. She’s dancing and singing. I never saw her before. Why is she escaping? What did she do? It’s somebody else she hardly knows.

What is this way over on the side? See this little thing here? Who is this? It looks like another person is hanging there. Which one of our friends is there? Well, someone is there because there is a guy standing there. Well, he’s got bloomers on. How come there are more enemies than friends? There are friends here, see?

Where is this bush coming from out of nowhere? What kind of a bush is it? She’ll tell you. It’s just a tree. It’s possible. Get them going. Is this a trick tree? See, it’s got glasses, and it’s got ribbons and what is this thing right here behind the girl? Why would the tree have glasses that big? It has to be an artificial tree.

Is that one of our men back behind there, with Jane? This is a branch of something, or is this a resting spot? Well, there’s only one of her. And she is too tied up, which is feasible, before they got there.

This is an awful lot of strange people. The one man thinks he has partial control. But he gave a signal to get all the guys who are coming from New Orleans. They’re surrounding the tree. It you look there’s little orange spots. I don’t know, but it’s something scary. Yeah, they’re surrounding the tree. They’re already there. These guys are so busy that they’re not noticing it. That color is close to the sky. This is all black. Why are the men surrounding the tree? They’re enemies. There are a lot of enemies, look. They’re not welcome, I can see that.

Why are they enemies? You could be right in there if you want to. Maybe I will climb a tree. Yeah, you can. I won’t. I just can’t do it. What if you could? Yeah. Would you climb this tree? Yeah. What would you do in this tree? Just take it in there and put some syrup on. I’d look for some of my buddies.

How could they get a tree that big all in one piece? That’s more than a tree. Look how thick those branches are. There are more guys surrounding it. We decided a bunch of them are coming right there. I don’t know why this tree is there. They’ve got all kind of weapons along with them. Look how small they are.

Jane is out there on a limb. She knows where she is. I don’t know. I thought I did.

Is Jane going to be able to escape from the men surrounding the tree? I haven’t heard anything of it. Yes, she’s going to escape. How? The seventh one she could get away from. She’s looking for those guys to come. Give it to him. She knows they’re enemies, but the rest of them don’t know. They don’t think they’re enemies. They’re just working on the tree.

She’s got a whole bunch of friends behind her. She’s the leader. What is behind them? There’s some back in there. I think these guys in the back are looking for trouble. She doesn’t know the enemies are attacking. She’s not aware of the fact that they’re surrounding the tree. One of her relatives probably got that tree.

There’s a lot of them. This is some place near heaven. I’m surprised that many people are there already. Why? Maybe Marcie is one of the enemies. Marcie’s one of the friends. Maybe she’s way up in this tree.

What about Jane in the tree? It doesn’t look like what I’m waiting for. I’m going to do some other things. What is Jane doing? It sure looks different. Yeah, it sure is. Yeah, there’s not too much to it. It looks like it’s on top of a mountain. That sounds right. It makes a difference, doesn’t it? Jane has long legs. They all look alike. We would have been something if we went to the whole shop. That’s where they were sitting. I haven’t been back there. I can’t remember anything about it.

Who are you for, this person or this person? I’m for Jane. There are two people there together in the picture. They’re a lot alike. I was looking like Jane. I’m a little different now. I don’t know if she’s an enemy or not.

It’s written on there that you should take it and bring it to me. There’s one of them. Three and one more. We’re all in this story. Vivian was the head guy. She is going to the other side. You let her go so easy. Maybe she’s going on a secret mission. Maybe she’s going to pull these people back farther than they think. We’ve got to keep them there now because we need them. We could get tougher. They all look younger than me now. It makes a difference.

Who’s on your team now, Betty? I’m surprised that Vivian isn’t on our team. Everything is a little bit different now, isn’t it? Well, what is the solution to the problem? Jane has got a lot of support around the tree. But the tree has a lot of support in the tree. The tree is only half grown. What is the solution to the problem? They’re all different. What if we fly off the tree? We don’t know what we’d do then. I was getting scared when I was in the tree there. I was halfway between them and me, and I didn’t know where I was.

STORY BY: Vivian, Betty, Patricia and Edna

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Who is that woman? That's me. It is out west. I have probably been there. Where is it? It is out west. I want to take a vacation, that's all. I'd like to sleep out west. So nobody can bother me. It is a pretty picture. Where is the diving board? I want to go swimming. I like to swim. She paid it twice. Just swell. Where's the lake? There's ice up there. What is her name? Well, somebody else. Because over there, see how that is? She's in the bus. Where is the bus? She's just wishing there was a bus. The bus is covered by the ice. Look, that's her arms. Is that a bathroom over there? The bathroom is for relieving oneself. Does this woman have a husband? Maybe not. I don't know. We will have to find when we see it. Is that what you were looking in, in that package? That sounds like it. How many cloud clusters do you see? That's not too bad. There might be flowers covered with ice. We haven't thought of a name for her yet. What is her name? Julia. She's quite a gal, isn't she? I remember the train. Oh gosh, yes.

The train is behind the ice cube. That's a big ice cube! Where is the train going? Ice skating! Can you show me? Is it somebody you know? Sure. Where does she live? Sacramento. She must be in Idaho. I would want to get out of that. That's a job. It started in California and it's up in Idaho. It's about three states over isn't it? What is she doing that far from home? Maybe she's got a boyfriend over there some place. How could she go so far from home in such a short amount of rest? It's not very close to Florida. Son of a gun. She might be really cold in those clothes. How old is she? Old enough to know better. Old enough to know to bring clothes. I don't think so. She's going to go diving. She might be on a diving board.

Where is Julia going to go after this? She can't go too far. She can't walk that far. The water is too cold. The diving board won't last forever. But that one will last a lot longer than a wooden one. She must just not get cold if she's wearing that. She looks like an Indian boy to me. How old is she? We can just make it up. Why not? This is supposed to be imaginary. She's sweet sixteen. She is pretty young. She's got sandals on up to her knees. That's the way it looks. Not good shoes to wear in the snow. They're all going swimming. Is that a he or a she? What's back there behind the ice? It looks like a whale to me. There is heat. The heat is coming from the sun. It's a beautiful sky. There is a tunnel going from Florida to this place. I thought so too, yes. Yeah, I knew. He talked about that before he left. I don't know what this brick thing is. Is that a female? You mean to tell me that they can slide over the tops of all these mountains? Unless they slide down! Is Julia going to ride the train after this? I didn't see a train in there, did you? Well, we think it may be behind the mountain. You know that song, “She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain when she comes”.

Those are really rugged mountains. She said to me take your turn and we'll go ahead and get started. And then he took it off. Did the whale freeze? Why is there a whale in the mountains? He swam there, and then he froze. He's a big one. I'm not sure that's a whale. Back there it looks like a bunny rabbit. Maybe there's a bunny rabbit in the mountains. It could be. We've got to find them out and go soon. Well don't go too far, because I want to stick my nose in. We know where they are. I could have jumped over that mountain myself. There is too much wind in there. What is this big whatever it is? What kind of animal is that? We told you about this place. It looks like where I was born. How should the story end? Well we just got started! We could continue it this week, or we could continue it now. It looks like she wants to fly. Is she going to fly? She is going to need some assistance. Do you want her to fly? Sure. Where is she going to fly? This thing bothers me. It looks like a pain in the neck. When I go there, I'll look around and see what I can find. Where is she going to fly? Where she helped me roll the Coke. I didn't get any of that Coke. She's going to go dipsy doodle. She should have a black headpiece. Where is she going to get the black headpiece? We're going to have to go to a Catholic church to get it. She's going to have to fly to get it. How is she going to fly there? Her headpiece is going to help her get there. It helps her fly.

STORY BY: Betty, Miss Peach, Vivian

HELPERS: Terry, Jessica, Sarah