Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Tiger Tale

Mother and baby. They are eating. The little one changed. They are enjoying it. They enjoyed it in the past. Two animals. A tiger man and a guy. It’s gruesome looking. It is time to play together. If they have a fight, they can let mom and dad settle it.

Mother and baby.

Mother looks tired, doesn’t she? The one that is more human is Tom. I’m not animal oriented. Someone with personal problems, then whatever. Here I am.

They are in bed, where they stay part of the time. One is darker, but still. Leaning against. Cuddling up. I wouldn’t think that for wild animals. They are in a house. Someone had to adopt them. They need a little place that is already built. Mother’s putting her arm around. I can’t imagine Tom letting it.

Mother looks kind of tired, doesn’t she?

I’ve never been around this type of people. Tigers and things. They had to have been together before, to be calm like this. They seem to be friends. Where are they looking to go to? Whatever they are going to do, they are going to be friends doing it. Friends, not enemies.

They have not always been friends. Wildlife. He went up a tree, encouraging the other animals in his area to go up the tree.

Look at mothers eyes. She’s so tired she doesn’t know what to do. They met in the tree. Tom followed him up. They might not understand each other’s language. Growling. They have to have some time of understanding to be that cozy. They say they love each other very much.

Momma looks tired, too.

They go out in the back yard with all the trees and shrubbery. They would like something that they could [makes climbing motions], even if they tore it down. Big ones, little ones, in between ones. It was more fun than anything I have ever seen.

This mother is tired, already.

The baby is okay. Stripes.

She’s tired. She’s been busy. Killing some time I guess. See her eyes? She just had the baby. The baby is wide awake. They might go to sleep again. We saw them as babies, but they are worth while.

Mother is tired. Look at her eyes. From the north to the south, all part of it. They will look for some food to eat.

Mama’s tired. They will get good for each one. They will find it. They will find whatever is available. Some milk for the young one. She better be busy if she is going to feed him. Is this commercial feeds or open spaces? Which way are they traveling? They are in commercial places. They are on a blanket. They need a group. They need others, brothers and sisters, probably, born at the same time. If Mama doesn’t get the right food, she might collapse. She will eat peanuts if she can get it. She won’t start nibbling on the child, she will get up and hunt for small animals that can’t defend themselves. Some kind of wild thing she can tear apart. If they are aware of plants and possible to obtain, she may do this.

The mother looks kind of tired. Maybe she fought a battle to keep her young one, a small quick animal, dangerous because it’s wild, out, and already going around checking things out - it’s all over though. She fought the battle, and now she is resting. The spend time together, not so close and calm is they were on a fighting paralysis policy. Build a humongous building of concrete and put them in it, because to begin with, he would not have a big building to be in.

Anne, Gretchen, Mable, Patricia, Margaret, Maxine, Alice

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone with the Cloth

I see two wings. A raven. A creature that was created. A plane that looks like it’s been wrecked. It’s a machine that looks like it’s alive. It’s missing parts. They have a use for it or they wouldn’t have made it. I would think that a man built it. A man named Squirmer. He’s 32 years old, an unmarried man. His face is clean-shaven and he has red hair on his head. He wears a suit, a hat, and a hammer. Since he works with equipment, he needs to be medium size. He’s a good guy.

He’s indoors, fixing to go outdoors, after he collects his tools. It’s 8:00 in the morning. He is about to go to work. He already had grits, bacon, and eggs. He had to cook it by himself, or maybe his friend Caesar came over to cook it for him. It’s cloudy-March-April-Spring. He doesn’t remember to bring his umbrella, because men don’t remember anything.

In the afternoon, he will fly or make it float. Somewhere to do both. Fly and float. I heard of one the other day, in the paper. If it was fixed it would flew. Flew for a while and if it is rough then it will go down. The machine is missing parts. His experience makes a difference in how he handles the situation. He doesn’t have a lot of experiences. He has a problem; he crashes and falls.

He falls in the bushes. Rose bushes. He dies immediately. I am sick of him! [At this point, there is a disagreement among the storytellers as to whether they should kill off the main character. We take a vote and decide that he does not die after all.] The machine was not damaged. It stayed in the bushes. Squirmy isn’t hurt, because he wouldn’t take it that high. He pulls the machine out. It was scratched, because he landed in bushes. It required repainting. He paints it red. Just red. He goes to a mechanical shop to buy replacement parts. Parts get exploded or get hurt.

It looks like it isn’t mechanical stuff, it’s some kind of cloth. Heavy duty. He goes to the mechanical shop, and he is told that they don’t have any cloth. His friend Caesar will give him a ride. He sees trees. If he was in my area, he would see me going the other direction. He must find some kind of little repair shop. But it’s a repair shop for cars, so they keep going. He sees blue birds, someone working on a car, red and pink geranium flowers, and a happy couple holding hands walking along. She stubs her toe and doesn’t fall. She keeps going, and he does, too.

Squirmer and Caesar find a store with heavy cloth. Something he can use. They buy the cloth, two kinds, not the same depth, not as heavy as the other. One gives warmth and the other is like material for keeping rain off stuff, a piece of equipment. He gets enough to use, and drives back to his problems. He makes a coat out of it, so he’ll have something to wear in the wintertime. He fixes. And then takes off!

Jeanie, Mable, Ruth, Maxine, Margaret, Patricia, Alice