Monday, September 13, 2010


He’s way up there, isn’t he? Looking out over the city. I’ve seen this before, I know I did. I can’t even get a child away from me. She just drives me crazy.

I’ve been here a long time. Not as long as I have.

He’s a pretty good-looking kid. He’s a kid to all of us. I would think that’s New York or something like that, with all the houses.

He’s way higher than that. He’s way above the city. What’s his name? Anonymous. He’s a good-looking boy.

How’d he get there? Elevator. He’s too lazy to climb the stairs. Over New York, with the smoke. He’s looking down to see what’s going on. I see he’s got his toddy with him. He’s got a handle on it.

You can see all the sky, and it’s not clear at all. They’ve got so many people there and everything. He’s a cute-looking guy. He’s a little young. Not much. Only four years, or more.

What is he looking for? It’s on the back. Nothing. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a cup of coffee, because there’s a handle on the coffee. I’d rather have more than a cup of coffee.

I think he’s happy to look to see. By the looks of the cup, it isn’t coffee. See where the handle is?

He sure is over a smoky city. He’s probably visiting New York. Why? Because he’s never been there. Because she’s there. It’s seventeen years forward. He’s looking out for somebody.

His name is Any Name. I’m not sure if New York is cold like that. He probably went there because there’s a lot to see. No! I’d know from the way they talk. They have a real different slang.

I’ve been to New York a few times. It’s not anything I want to go back to.

Where did he come from? Chicago. Could be.

What does he do for a living? He’s got on a regular shirt. Is he taking pictures? Looks like a camera there. It’s not real cold weather because he’s has a short-sleeve shirt on. Is he a photographer? He’d probably have a lot more equipment. It’s smoggy up there all the time.

What’s this other thing there? That’s a camera, but what’s beside it? That’s his hand. Does he find what he’s looking for? I have a feeling he would.

You’re so good to me, since the baby came and I’m so tired of it all.

He’s going to borrow from many. I don’t think I would. I would leave.

He’s looking the situation over pretty good, isn’t he? Is that a sandwich?

He’s on the top of the building. He’s studying it. He’s trying to figure out himself what he’s doing.

He’s puzzled. He’s standing there thinking what is this, what am I doing? If he had this all figured out, he’d be more jubilant, more dynamic. I think he’s stumped. Just the way he’s got his hands down like that.

What should he do next? Nothing. Go home. He’s got a short-sleeved short on, so he’s out a lot. A lot of those people wear long sleeves because it’s cold. Slow boys.

What does he have left to do before he leaves? Does he go visit the woman? If that’s what he went for, he wouldn’t be standing around looking like a tourist.

That thing is holding up a roof. I have a short smokestack, and you all have a long one, so we have a different situation?

He wants a woman, that’s what he wants. Let’s face it.

STORY BY: Henry, Maxine, Patricia, Nina, Dottie, Gretchen, Tony, and Joyce

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