Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That looks like my niece. She’s the star dancer of Southern ballet. If I hadn’t goofed off so much when I was younger, I would be dancing.

If they would just let me go, then they’d just come back. They’re looking at them.

This is the front of the school. Earl is the one down at the house. I’m not going anywhere.

I love ballet. I wish I had been a good girl and stuck with it when I was younger. I had too much else to be interested in. Baseball. I have some things with that. I don’t want it like that way.

She said she is too lazy to go. I can’t tell you. I know ballet but I can’t tell you what she’s doing. She’s on her toes and she’s got her hands up in the air. The best place to get is right up here.

He’s the one who has this one. You don’t have to look at his. I had to get my hair fired.

She’s excellent. Where is she? Today. She takes everything in. I don’t want one.

I thought every year you had a red one.

She must be on a stage somewhere. Backdrop like that, it would have to be. She’s not dressed for anything, though. Rehearsal, maybe. Is she on a stage? Yeah.

Do you want two of them to be here dancing? Is it two tonight? Yeah. That’ll take care of everything.

Where’s your bisel row? I got me a new one. He’s looking for it. This is called chocolate.

I want to get the first one next, the next one. I have nothing I can wear, only this thing. That’s all they do.

There’s John. There was twenty-two. This was a pretty one. I liked it. I thought it was pretty.

What is her name? Dorothy. We’ll call her Dottie for short. Chocolate candy. She likes chocolate.

Is she practicing for a big performance? Doesn’t look like it. Just make it for her.

No smooching in here! Oh, he got it back, huh?

It looks like she’s holding the roof up.

Is that a man? No! That’s a woman. What city is she in? New York. She lives there.

She’s doing nothing. She’s looking at the thing above her. I think she’s just prancing around. We can’t have them all dancing. She’s not dancing. She’s just prancing.

What does she do for a living? She just prances. She hangs drapes. She’s a decorator. No smooching at this table.

When there’s no one looking and you want to prance around, why not? She doesn’t want to be different. When you’re acting silly and stuff. We’re too old to prance around. No, we’re not. We can prance around in our minds.

What else does she like to do? She just prances around. Does she like to do anything else? Well, I don’t.

What does Dorothy want? Well, I don’t think she wants to hang like that. I don’t think she’s just prancing around. She might be using her prancing around to get ahead.

Get us going, that’s what he said. You’re ready. You’re first.

What is Dorothy going to do after she finishes rehearsal? That covers a lot of territory. She might do another flip-flop and then some more prancing around.

What’s down there? It’s a fig room. She’s okay down there in the fig room.

What happens at the end of the day? Is she going to do a flip-flop? No.

How should our story end? But we haven’t gotten all the way around, have we? Mostly flip-flops up there. What’s a good ending for our story? I don’t know. There aren’t always good endings. Type a love letter to me.

STORY BY: Nancy, Vivian, Betty, Patricia, Betty Kelly, Betsy, Dottie, Barbara

HELPERS: Terry, Colin, Sarah

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