Monday, January 11, 2010


What time of day is this? 3:00 in the afternoon. Are these women friends? They could be. Then again, they could be a pain in the neck.

They’re pretty. They look pretty nice. They put a lot of work together.

Well, their feet are not touching the ground. It looks like two bicycles put together. Or just one long bicycle. It’s kind of weird. There’s a spotlight on them. They’ve got two little umbrellas over them. The bicycle looks like it’s being held up. A couple of horns in the front.

They’re going to a picnic at the seashore. Are they meeting anyone or is it just them? Just them. Obviously they’re not worried about their shoes because they’re barefoot. Look again, they do have shoes on. Little yellow shoes. Doesn’t look like it to me, but I guess it is. How will they get to the seashore? On the bicycles.

What are their names? Kay and Irene. Or Irena Kay. Kay is in the front. They look to me like they’re underwater. Definitely. Looks like it’s wavy.

These two women are friends. It doesn’t look to me like they have very good food on hand. They’re definitely bringing cold food, nothing cooked.

Why are they going to have a picnic? Must just be that time of day, that time of year. They’re spending their vacation on the water. Where are they spending their vacation, if it’s by the water? Anywhere on the coast. Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina. Where are Kay and Irene? Looks to me like they’re suspended in the water.

How did they get their bikes underwater? Just rolled them in there. Is anyone else on vacation with them? The people with them are taking the pictures. Who came with them on vacation? Family.

Where are they from? Somewhere near water, because they’re very much accustomed to being in water. That’s very still water they’re in, because the umbrellas aren’t moving at all. There’s no flap in them. They’re just standing there straight. Doesn’t look like there’s any land under the front wheel.

The bicycle looks like it’s tipping a little bit. The girl in the back’s hair is blowing out back, and the girl in the front’s hair is blowing out front. Why is that? Must be a whirlwind of air going through there. They both have their feet pointed in the same direction. But the one in the front seems to be taking more on than the one in the back.

What are they wearing? Just shorts and a shirt. Looks like some sort of scarf over one’s shoulder. What’s that on their backs? Must be part of a collar. Their hair is flowing down over the top of it.

What do they want? Just to have a good time. Exercise. What are they going to do to have a good time? Get off those dumb bicycles. Then what? They’ve got bags around them that they can open up and spread around to sit on. I imagine one of them has some food in the box behind them.

I don’t think either one of them is too interested in the picnic. They’re just posing for the picture. One of them’s wheel is completely off the ground, and the other one’s back wheel is on the ground. So how are they getting anywhere? Well, I think obviously they don’t want to go anywhere.

They’re on the edge of a cliff under the water. No land under the front wheel, but under the back wheel is that cliff.

What else are they going to do when they get to the seashore? They’re probably going to wade in the water, since they’ve got their shoes off. They’ll blow the horn. Beautiful faces. They look happy, don’t they? She’s got a package. I wonder what’s in there. What could be in there? Something to eat. Pretty girls.

Is there anything besides food in the basket? Doesn’t look like the kind of basket you’d carry food in. But I guess maybe they do. I think so. Wish they’d bring me some of the food.

Notice how much the wind is blowing up the skirts? Are there any animals under the water with them? I don’t think they’re underwater.

They’ve got little shoes on. It’s a nice picture. Kay and Irene. Wouldn’t that be funny if that were really their names?

When they’re not on vacation, what do they do? They work as waitresses. Do they like being waitresses? Well, it’s the best job they could get with their talent.

There’s a lot of wind on the girl in the back. Her hair is standing up. It’s really a cute picture.

Does anything go wrong on their vacation? I don’t think so. They have a nice vacation.

Well, they’re not going to get very far if they’re riding those bicycles with the umbrellas up because the wind will get under them and lift them up. Take them out of the water. Enough is enough. Don’t send them away somewhere.

Where are the children? Do they have any children? No, doesn’t look like it. If they’re dealing with water, the children have to be near them.

They’re pretty stupid if they’re riding their bikes with the umbrellas up, because the wind could take them off. They should tie them down, because they could go much faster. If they know where they’re going. I don’t think they do.

You came to the right place. We’re funny. This is the fun group.

I hope they haven’t got a long ways to go.

It’s a pretty picture. It gives you something.

How should our story end? Pretty quick. Let’s end it quick. Should we let them get to the seashore? I think they’re there already. I think they want to go home. They look like happy women. But there’s something about them that makes them look old. They ran into a rainstorm and it destroyed everything they had with them. They had no place to stay, so they got on their bikes and went back home.

STORY BY: Dottie, Patricia, Nancy, Barbara, Vivian

HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

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