Thursday, February 4, 2010


The little boy loves the horsie. I would say they were hand-in-mouth ranchers. They might be movie actors. Which one? The horse is the actor. The horse is wearing a bridle.

The man’s name is Larry. A little girl is next to him. No, it’s a boy. You can see it’s a boy. Her name is Allison. She’s meeting the horse. What’s the horse’s name? We’re treating the horse like a dog.

The horse’s name is Horsie. What are they going to do with the horse? What would you do with a horse? I don’t want to say. They’re going to let the little kid ride. Sit in the saddle anyhow. The name for the horse is Bernett.

Allison has never ridden Bernett before, but she has ridden other horses. If they live on a ranch, they’d ride the horse around the ranch, around their property. Some people ride them for pleasure through the park. Most people who own horses own riding horses.

I’ve been to a ranch. My cousins had a ranch, and I visited them once in a while. You can read an awful lot about these things today.

They have their own vegetable garden on the ranch and they grow their own vegetables. Raise a couple of sheep perhaps. Have young animals there for the kids to pet. They can teach the children proper care of the horse from the time they’re little, how to groom them, you know.

What is the name of the ranch? That’s such a big question. There are so many ranches and so many ways to name them. I’d call mine Tally-ho. I’d name mine Patty.

Does Allison have any brothers or sisters? I think so. She’s got an older brother, about fourteen. I don’t know about that.

Larry is not their father. You would automatically think father and son or uncle and son. I think father and son. Is that a girl or a boy? I don’t think a little girl that age would be wearing earrings. My little girl wouldn’t be. She doesn’t look much like a little girl.

What’s in the back? I don’t think that’s anything, it’s all black. It’s nothing that would be important to look at or see. I don’t know; the horse is in the way. If her name is Allison, that must be a girl then.

How old is Allison, about seven or eight? I’d say seven, approximately. She’s taller than she looks. She probably doesn’t usually ride horses. When she stands up and stretches her legs out she’s going to be taller.

Do you think Larry is taller than the horse? I think he’s taller than the horse. Allison is probably older than she looks. I kind of think Allison is a boy. His hair is kind of cut like a boy’s.

What are they talking about? Riding the horse. I imagine they’re talking about riding. The little boy looks like he’s anxious to ride. I think he’d have to be closer to twelve because if you’re going to take a child away from home and immediately put him on a horse that’s an odd thing to do. If a child is too little they’d be scared.

They’re talking about the horses. I can see they’re doing something with the horse. You can see he is looking up at the horse, and so is the little boy. They’re obviously talking about the horse. Larry is probably asking if he wants to ride. The kid is anxious to do it. He’s not really scared but he’s a little bit frightened. He looks like he’s very very much interested.

They’re in Tennessee. Kids are usually afraid of animals at first. They want to get acquainted. He’s searching for things, wants to know what’s going on. He wants to know if he can ride. He’s got a hold of the reins and everything. Does Larry ride too? I should think so. I don’t imagine he’d want to start out with a pony that’s not done anything. Is the horse already trained then? Sure. The horse seems eager to get going on something.

The guy that owns the horse is teaching Allison to ride. Larry owns the horse I imagine.

They’re being interviewed. Maybe the guy’s father wants to see how the kid’s doing.

This guy wouldn’t be out here if he wasn’t expecting to take him for a ride. The little boy is anxious because he’s older than Larry thinks. I don’t think this is the same kid as before. Yes, it is.

How should our story end? They’re going to go riding. That’s what he’s there for. Larry is anxious for them to start, too. Look at his hands. He can’t hardly hold himself in.

STORY BY: Erwin, Tony, Betty, Barbara, Patricia

HELPERS: Kennedy, Sarah

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