Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What’s going on in this picture? It looks like the old railroad station in Orlando, years ago. He’s supposed to be one of those that plays baseball. Don’t worry about it. This is the most important thing. They’re beautiful.

What’s the time? It’ 2:04. The woman is dancing. They’re asking each other questions. They’re acting silly. And they’re having a good time. I can’t see where the music’s coming from so it must just be in their heads. Things go away like that, but they’re waiting for all the people. Three years later. The clothes smell good. I think it’s my son.

Why do they have umbrellas? The lady is holding something in her hand other than the umbrella, like a bouquet. Poor old row. Where does yours go? It doesn’t go to him. They came from down the road. That’s a bad place to go. They could hold on for hours, which is too long.

Are they touching the ground? They could touch it, but it’s up to them what they do. Someone told me to keep on dancing and dancing and dancing. We don’t want it pulling out on you. What are they going to do tomorrow? They’ll do something. It’s a beautiful dress. Look at the way they walk. They’re either running or dancing.

It’s a cute picture. They’re coming toward us. Where are they? In Florida. It looks like a railroad station in some little town. Nobody else is around so it’s not used much. The train came in and it came in the back of it. Are they going somewhere on the train? I guess they are, if they’re going to New York. He just heard that they’ve got an audition for a Broadway show. The lady said, “Don’t worry about it.”

That’s a beautiful picture. That looks like the old railroad station in Orlando that isn’t used anymore. They’re both good people. You can see there are no cars parked around it, nobody wandering around. The railroad is still in good condition but nobody’s using it.

She’s burning now. He’s looking at her dress. Where is he? You have a need to cherish everything. The kids have money. It’s good because it’s not crowded.

It doesn’t look at all like him. They won’t stay. That’s a deserted railroad station. Nobody there. If they’re going to catch a train they’ve got luggage, and somebody should be there to pick up the luggage. Us people, sometimes we get so scared, and I don’t know why. When people need help, we need to help them. Come on, that’s all right.

His name is Alfred. I knew someone named that. He said okay, he’d run around with an umbrella in his hand if there was no one to see him. I mean, this is one valley life.

I wish they had those night things. I did, I did, I tried. What is her name? Betty, and he’s a Tom. Her name is Mickey Bell. What about Betty Mickey Bell? It’s a possibility. Well, nobody’s there to hear them or see them.

She looks like she’s heading toward the park. They’re having a good time. It’s obvious they’re looking at someone. Who are they looking at? Who is taking the picture? That’s who they’re looking at. She doesn’t much give a damn. I think my daughter Melinda is taking the picture. That’s a deserted station.

He headed for five fields, wherever that is.

Where are they going? There were no rugs, no studs, nothing that you could want. I couldn’t get on them.

Everything he wants to know, he just takes it. I don’t know I’d be stepping and flying. It’s because they get afraid. They’re posing for a picture.

They’re going to New Jersey. Why would they go to New Jersey? Same reason you would.

Why is the crew taking a picture? They don’t have anything else to do, and someone told them to go take a picture. Actually, they could have just taken the picture and then posed these two people on it, instead of dragging them out there in the first place.

I like them both. Whatever he’s doing, I don’t know what he’s doing. It doesn’t even look like their feet are touching the ground. His do, but hers don’t.

How do they know each other? They went to school together. That’s what they were talking about. Are there any others in the area or is there just empty space?

Do you have that little half-calf?

What is their relationship now? They’re fooling around. That’s all they do.

The umbrellas are taking them up off the ground. They’re relatives. Let’s get on the road. Tie everyone down.

They’re dancing. They’re beautiful. Put away the pen cap and anything else that’s loose.

She did a good job. I did a lot of those. My son was talking to me about it. Why do they need umbrellas for their dance? The girl is the only one there. It was not in my head at all, because I didn’t know how much they were going to have to do over there. I had a lot.

Why do they have the umbrellas? They had to have a prop of some kind. Because when they were zebras, they needed them. Start the engine as quickly as possible. I see the heat.

That was good. Why do we have two drivers? Take that call.

This is my daughter and son. My son is dancing with my daughter. She always wanted to be an actress. She made it. That’s good.

Is that a gun? They’re in the chicken yard. If we don’t get off the ground by 3:00, I’m going to cancel.

This is the most beautiful picture. I met him a long time ago and he had a beautiful suit. I don’t care if I get there or not.

Why are you all of the sudden cleaning? They’ll be here. I don’t know what time he’ll get here. We don’t even know what else is in the truck.

What are they going to do after they get their photo taken? His father works there. It’s a chance to get a picture of the old place in the news again. Nobody uses the train station anymore. Everybody flies. Why not? It takes fifteen minutes by air and two hours by train. Buckle up.

They want to take me home. Nobody’s over there, I don’t think.

STORY BY: Erwin, Betty Kelly, Dottie, Barbara, Tony, Vivian, Patricia, Nelsa

HELPERS: Terry, Kennedy, Collin, Sarah

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