Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It’s for four. I have some pretty ones. We have a lot of fun. I don’t know how to do it.

What are they doing? They were the first ones there. She was cute, and she cooked. They’re doing so many things.

Who are they? God knows. I don’t.

That’s not good. Yes, she is. One’s a man, one’s a woman. She got out of there.

Looks to me like they’re standing on their hands. The gang is here!

Why are they standing on their hands? I didn’t know they were.

That won’t taste very good! Wow, that’s hard. You want me to get this out of the way?

What are their names? I don’t know what he does.

The one in pink is Polly. She wants a cracker. They have their hands in the sand.

His name is a number. Four.

What are they doing out there besides standing on their hands? Just to attract attention. Just to get a picture of them doing something different.

I don’t know anything about belly buttons. Those are soft, see. They’re not hard. Can you stand on your hands like that? Yeah. Yes, ma’m. I will tomorrow.

What are they going to do tomorrow? Rub down their aching bones, I guess.

Whose attention are they trying to attract? Just anybody that’s out there. Who else is out there? Just their camera crew.

They see the ocean. The gulf, wherever they are.

Don’t get a car. I’ll stand on my hands. Yes, that was cute. That was beautiful. It was good.

Wherever they’re looking they’re going to see nothing but sand. Looks like they’re going to see everything they could see right here. They’re going to see water.

What do they want? Certainly, they’d have to want the beach. If you can handle that well, good. They just want to have a good time. They’re not going to find it standing on their hands. Don’t tell me. I don’t even want it!

There’s got to be someone that came with them. If they’re out there showing off like this, there’s got to be a couple of photographers, people to say, “Okay, stand on your other head.”

Who else is at the beach with them? Nobody. I don’t see anybody else.

Are there any animals at the beach? I don’t know why there would be. I would say yes. Well, could be a dog, and a rabbit. Why in the hell is a rabbit there? Ask him. One thing: rabbits don’t like water, so they wouldn’t be anywhere near the ocean. Well, somebody was dumb enough to take him out there in a cage, because they sure didn’t take him out there any other way. The minute they let him out, he’s gone.

They’re just waiting for the man to come home.

We can do it. It’s right in there. They couldn’t get there.

“Now I have to go get my rabbit!” They didn’t bring the rabbit, but they didn’t do anything about it.

I knew it, but I can’t take it.

Who brought the dog to the beach? He enjoys bringing himself. Nobody’s pushing him around.

When they came back, they were fair. They just all got it together in the sun, all six. They were coming up. Would she have stopped them? That’s the way they did. They’ll come.

The dog thinks the beach is a great place to run and play. He’s not too fond of the water necessarily.

The starfish is nice. You can put it on anything. If you wanted to glue it to the paper, you could glue it to whatever you’re writing. The shell is too lumpy. You could put a sticker on the starfish and put it anywhere.

Would they find shells on the beach? Depends. You wouldn’t find shells on the beaches in Florida. Those kind of shells don’t wash up on a beach like this. They would be on a beach where there are cliffs or rocks. They’re in any east coast state. In Florida. Some of them don’t have nice, smooth beaches like that.

Those are stupid clothes to be wearing on a day at the beach. Might be a real cold day. You can’t tell.

How should our story end? They get down and go home.

STORY BY: Ruth, Dottie, Barbara, Patricia, Vivian

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