Thursday, July 8, 2010


Their names are Bow-Wow and Poo-Poo. They’re in St. Louis. They are two different kinds. They’re not the same, anyway. What are they doing? They’re just sitting there waiting for their masters to come back. They’re at a dog show, obviously. They’re masters are here to put them in the show. They’re two entirely different kinds of dogs, so they’ll have to be in different classes of dog.

Bow-Wow is the big one. They’re not there just to see the show? First they’re going to compete. I’ve seen them. What are they thinking right now? They wish this damn thing would get over with. They’re wondering about something. The big dog is, but not the other one. Usually the only thing a dog thinks about is when am I going to eat? They’re thinking let’s do away with this. Poo-Poo looks interested.

What do you think he’s watching? They’re watching a dancehall girl. No, no, no! That’s me! I don’t think Bow-Wow is interested in candy right now. What is he interested in right now? Anything he can see. What are they dressed for? They’re dressed for something they didn’t know about before.

You’re wrong. I saw Poo-Poo going when I was going across the whatever, and he was just sitting in there. He turned to look at me, and so I left.

I’d like to know who gave them the shirts. Why do they have shirts on? I’ve seen dogs with shirts on. Because they’re patriotic! What does Poo-Poo have on his head? A scarf of some sort. Red, white, and blue, so it’s patriotic. Maybe they’re at a Fourth of July party. Yeah.

Bow-Wow looks amazed to me. If you go down, Bow-Wow comes right to you. You can’t help but pet him. It’s fun. Is Poo-Poo male or female? Male. Are they both boys? Yeah. He’s saying, “Oh Poo!” And Poo says, “Oh Bow!”

She’s saying behave yourself. The other day, those dogs , I can’t tell you what they really did, but they were running around, but not bad. Just playing. I just stood there and just watched them and it was fun. They were just run run run run and it was fun to watch them.

They’re sitting on a stage. Poo Poo said, “See, I told you so.” What does Bow-Wow say back? “Yeah, that’s what you always say. So what?”

Are Poo-Poo and Bow-Wow friends? Yeah. How did they meet? At a dog show, obviously.

They both go to dog shows a lot. They’ve won all sorts of prizes. Never the best in the show but always the runner-up. Poo-Poo does a lot of tricks. He’s very agile, he jumps, he turns summersaults. Bow-Wow’s a thumper; he just walks across the stage.

What class are they going to compete in today? Best in show. I’ve been there, and I’ve seen them. It’s funny. They don’t run away, they don’t do anything, they just do what they want to do.

What else would they see at a dog show? Dogs. They want something good to eat. What do dogs like to eat? Anything! Within reason. Dogs don’t usually look like they’re eating, they just gobble it up. Has he got a hole in his neck? No, that’s part of his ear. His mouth is open. They’ll see lots of people. What do they think of people? I don’t know, but they think! They do, they really do. You can just see it.

Bow-Wow is amazed at what he’s seeing, but I don’t know what he’s seeing. He’s bored, though. He wants to go outside and run around and get some exercise, which he was told when he got taken out of his kennel. But he hasn’t gotten any yet.

Poo-Poo’s not an excitable dog.

What do their ties represent? Well, I know one of them is patriotic. Their shirts represent the kennel they belong to.

What are they going to do next? Just sit. There’s not much they can do without their masters there to handle them. They’ve been told to sit and stay, so that’s what they’re doing. Their masters will take them back home next, because the show will be over. I’ve seen people looking at them and just watching them. They just talk with them, and that’s it. They say, “Come here, come here.”

Do they win the show? No. They don’t actually do it. Do they have any problems? Just how to get out of there and go back home. So our dogs are going to go home and eat? They wish they were at home eating. This one said, “I told you you wouldn’t get anything to eat over there.” Poo-Poo’s a prissy pot. She knows best. Bow-Wow just doesn’t give much of a damn. Excuse me. He just goes along because sometimes there’s extra food there and he likes it.

Barbara, Joyce, Betty Kelly, Patricia, Betty, and Tony

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