Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I don’t know where I live and how I can go home.

It’s lost. Wonder if she is in here, was in there and just left. I would know cause I am a mother. He looks funny. She’s putting a stick on him. No difference this might be a little larger

I don’t think there is any difference is the picture if there is then it’s very marginal. He was looking a certain way then just walked out I’ve seen him in there. If you were that then you would be something like that.

He is in the dead post. I think it’s a good relationship. It’s good when these kinds of people have something like that these people. If you were outside then you would go in and go into constellation inside there, and they’d and wide things open. If you see one of them then you can just take them.

Acting like that anyway. You can almost answer. You can see how cheap he is that’s him and that’s her then. She really has thick arms. I don’t think she is a young chicken. It looks like he’s been doing something because he is in love style.

[darts eyes back and forth]

He must have dirty ears. Sad I thought you said sound it’s the same thing He is a very cold man because the girl and the man have nothing to do with each other She is examining her ears If you look at him then how she looks at him, Looks like he is saying “yes, yes, yes, yes,” but he isn’t

He’s looks kind of dirty. That’s what she does everyday Most of the people down there are that way. I don’t think they are really related now He is in command because he walked away. I don’t think he is anyone‘s husband because he is green

If my husband was green I would shoot him. I would go to jail. I wouldn’t be involved with him. That guy looks a lot thinner as a statue. Who are they for?

They would of walked tin there and then she would say. . .” And dedededede” and I would like that. I have a husband. Floyd. No not as good as her. Anything that we can just look for and other things. What’s he do. Maybe he’s got cold. He’s too young. I don’t know I didn’t know him.

He didn’t know we were there. She didn’t think it was ice skating because there is no ice there. I can’t tell how old he is. Uncle something or other everything is over here. Missionary. He’s not too young and he’s not too old. He’s a lot of fun and he’s real well. People like that like to hit and do combing his hair.

See this long thing right here, that’s what she did. Might be a sister. I haven’t thought about a name there about a million of them. It doesn’t look like its natural. It’s just a table. It’s just a little table they use in a little room or a sitting room. She’s cleaning out his ears I know that I can’t see that good

I don’t know why they would make him green. He looks like he is a child. It’s not a child but it’s a younger man. I don’t know I’m not a good judge of character.

[Points and makes squiggles]

She thinks she is prettier than him. It’s his sister. She must be about forty-five. She’s fat isn’t she? It’s bear underneath there. Whatever they like to do. He probably has no grand-kids yet. He’s got something but I don’t know what I don’t like that color. It should be flesh color.

I wish someone would come here in one of those and we could say Look! Look! Look! Here he is? We touch him all the time. I think he’s pretty. You can see his eyes their okay, His mouth is in good vocation. Anybody over here that is what they do. Look under his chin.

I don’t know where I live and how I can go home.

We’ll call her Georgette Paley. She is painting. Or she is cleaning his ear. She seems to be interested in what she is doing. She needs something at a service station, maybe gas. What do you think? If I could only think.

Are we going to see her? Yes. I want to ask her something. If she knows me. I don’t know where I’m from. Maybe my family will be worried to death about me. Do you have any pictures of my friends? Surely my friend wouldn’t leave without trying to find me. Ask her how she’s doing.

We’ll call him George.

He’s a scholar. He’s studied everything. He’s not young. He studies in Washington, about all the events of the world. She it touching him up, like a sculpture. I don’t feel like talking.

Is that me? No, that’s not me. She’s going to tell it loud. I don’t think she is going to go for that.

He’s got a hearing aid. You know damn well that could happen. It could happen to anybody. And he is going to register. When he gets three girls, then he will register; because that’s what you have go to do when there’s something in your ear. I told you… now he lost his hearing aid.

I was unpacking my show. Oh my God, how old is he? I don’t know how the hell this happened. It’s mysterious. I just laugh when I don’t know how to say it. That’s how it is. I have to go to the other one. You can pick it up now. It’s terrible. I love to.

Story by: Betty, Patricia, Evelyn, Margarette, June, Phillip, Dottie, Christine, Kyle, Sandi, Alice.

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