Monday, February 21, 2011

Somebody might be important in there

Somebody might be important in there

I would like a fairly cool day so that you won’t blister. That, and a picnic: just take anything with you, anything you want.

I’ve never been in something like this.I can’t see for the sun.You.

That’s the only place a person can be outside the building.

They look like potatoes from around the are. India Potatoes, because I am from there.

Rocks at the beach or something

Well they just look like the beach.

Around the water. Salt water.

He’s Happy, because he is kind of smiling, he’s not smiling really big but he’s smiling.

He there at the beach, swimming. That’s where I’d be I think. Only I’d be with a bunch of women. One’s who like to go to the beach. He’s a guy that thinks he’s better than the others which is why he is in there. If I knew him then I would go to the beach with him.

Oh gosh yes.Yes!Yes!Yes! Around the coast!!! I Love It!!!!! Up at the panhandle,

Just a beautiful salt beach with the small rocks and the sand.

I’ve never been asked these questions. Maybe just rock beaches. Round the north coast the florida coast, there’s a lot of good stuff. Spent many of an hour at the beach in a bathing suit and swimming. With friends and family the whole group. Beautiful rocks.

I knew he was someone important because he was flitting around. Because he was impressed with himself because he coud go to the beach. Probably important to go to the beach for him.

Well, you’re not a girl. They’re usually not impressed with the girls. They want to know what kind of guys the girls are going with. Usually a little fresh and a little conceited. Because he was out there in the time of day I was out of there because I was out there.

I played baseball on the beach. I would be there more in the evening; swimming, picking up little stones, just enjoying life. Picking up shells, I like any beach. I like more or less a clear beach.

It’s a cool day , in the middle of the week, before the rich people get there in the middle of the day. The ocean would be kinda swift, young ones in the water swimming.

The girls would be wearing be wearing bikinis and would be very nice to look at to show off, the men the same way. People who are interested in the water and getting in and out of the water. I’d be looking the boys over. Some in uniform. They are always wearing something. Making good impressions. I would get their picture in the picture.

I like sandy ones, ones with anything on it…shells. A pretty colored. One.

I like to go early while it’s cool.

There are seven rocks. You can see them in here.

One things has…it’s…pre… just better looking.

I would leave in the evening, depending on whether I met a guy or not, if he’s impressed me. It’s time for the girls to start flocking and the men driving around trying to get there in some way or another. I would leave seeing how they were impressed with themselves.

These guys are coming in a while and leaving at the same time, wondering why they were leaving me. They weren’t impressed with their surrounding characters.

I picked up on this right away and picked up a message that they were underneath all of that.

His name is Phillip Abraham. I was with them. I know.

He is the moon or maybe he is not the moon.

He’s tricking us.

He’s thinking about women, and he wants happiness. He is not smiling because he can’t find his smile. It’s because of the powerhouse.

“Just stay to one side,” he says, “don’t clash.” He’s not happy because they clash. That’s what they do in the powerhouse. They clash.

Now, he’s going to impress them with his thoughts. That’s how all the other rocks got there. With thoughts.

He was calling us for something, because they are just hanging on there. I am just not very good at this. He wants something. He wants just one woman.

They are hiding their faces. These rocks don’t have faces because they are all nervous. All of them. They are nervous because they don’t know what Phillip Abraham is thinking. Maybe something good or bad. They can’t decide, because they don’t know his thoughts. He could be thinking about another woman. He is thinking about another woman, and he can’t make up his mind.

Phillip Abraham doesn’t know how she thinks. [Ruth Ann points to one of the rocks.] She is with her family.

Phillip Abraham doesn’t have very many friends because he can’t get around. He doesn’t have any [Dotty waves her hands around] of these. After all, he can’t do much stuck in that box. That’s why he put wheels on the box. Now he can go get some friends. That’s why. But he can’t make up his mind about friends; he doesn’t know whether to be serious or not. That’s why he has no friends. He can’t make up his mind.

If I could help him, I would talk to him and find out what the problem is. But I can’t talk to him, so I don’t know. I am not very good at this. I told you I am not very good at this.

He’s trying to make a decision about a certain girl. He’s having a hard time because they have different backgrounds. You know this is the background: He’s a man, and she is a woman. They are different. He can’t decide.

This is his one friend [Margaret holds up one rock and shows it to the other storytellers.] That’s the way he wants it. He doesn’t know how to relate to people. That is why he has just one friend.

His one friend is a woman. She is medium-good-looking compared to him. They are not married because they can’t make up their minds. They have been on several dates - to the church, to this place, and that place, but only one place. Just one place at a time, in the right order, where they went. When they go places they go up the stairs, get in a van, and then his best friend will drive the van. As soon as he decides who his best friend is…

This one is his best friend [Margaret sets aside one rock]. They have been through a lot together. Family stuff. They have been friends for five or six or seven years. His friend is William. Is this a woman? If William is a woman, we will call her Betty.

You can see that he dropped his old friend and got a new one, because he couldn’t make up his mind about that other one. And now, his family decided for him. He is not really OK with that. But he has to, because he has no choice. No. He decided. And now he has another girlfriend. But that is not the end of the story. We are getting close to the end, but that is not the end.

Not good.

Left out.


This is hard. I wish I could remember.

He is going to make up his mind now. That’s better.

He is going to get married. Not at that high-up diner with all those people. It’s too hot there. And it is too high up. And all those people saying and telling the hmmmmmm.

We will find our way. This is good. It’s not like when we [Dotty acts it out, makes a sleepy, disinterested face] “hmmmmmmm,” now we really did this one [she smiles, makes a fist and punches her open hand]. We did this.

I can tell you about this wedding. His friend did the wedding decorating for him. It is a medium size wedding. He is supposed to have a big wedding, but his friends won’t go because they say he should have made a better choice. He could have made a better choice than that. Somebody gave them a hard time. Religion gave them a hard time. Some of this story is true. It’s true. You are a mind reader.

Story by Margaret, Dotty, Ruth Ann, Gretchen, Alice, Kyle, Betty, Patricia, Ruth, and Joy.

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