Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It could be a Betty like Me

Isn’t that cute.

The little girl is just sitting there. Just sitting there looking at the other picture and writing on the blackboard. She’s really small. It could be a Betty like me.

Someone set her down and left there. Her mother and daddy left her with a babysitter while they did some errands in town and when they cam back she was gone, they had to look all over town, they found her a day and a half later, they didn’t know she was that smart. Children are strange they can hide how smart they are.

She has one little pigtail.

Kids don’t care they want to go and do things, so it’s hard to tell where they went.

Perfect. No she’s got a bareback. They don’t know how long she’s been lost. We’re lost and don’t know where we are going. They took her home. They were just questioning. She was frightened, because being alone and not being alone and so on. Someone wanted to take her home that was walking by, a stranger. The person that found her was very happy. They were very happy in taking her home and I don’t think they succeeded or not. They were walking. Strangers to her.

A man. A woman. I imagine that they would be because I would wait in the store for thirty minutes. I don’t even remember because I was kind of young myself. By decent who really wanted to know and wanted to help her.

You can talk to kids and find out a whole lot of things.

Would you like to come with me to my home

She is very time and hadn’t known a lot of people yet.

Are they happy? she was lucky that she picked up by someone who was nice.

She was very happy and was probably hungry too I imagine. She didn’t talk to them they made motions because she was very small, that she was happy about the change in front of her.

She’s in a diaper, she is wearing blue pants and a yellow shirt , her hair is one pigtail with one light green ribbon in her hair with a piece of chalk in her hand drawing a flower with a flower around it. Thee rest of the pictures were there, the kitty cat, the face.

She drew this and this and that is it all the rest was done by someone else. She did the flower. She can’t be walking far because she is small. Her underpants is green and yellow, There is nothing but half a a fac.

That is a kitty cat with half a body of something coming after it there is another kitty cat and there is an airplane. She had little tiny legs and she has shoes on so she is wlaking along. She was walking away from the person she was tih and found something else to do.

When your child you don’t think what it is you think about where you are going to go, because I’m not good with child again. She is back again but I don’t know how she did it.

I would try to find the mother and father, I’m a favorite of kids especially that small.

She is in a dreamy mood and she is getting her imagination together.

Has she noticed the cat there? I don’t see that she has.

I would like to know what they wrote about her, and what they saw of her and asked her and what kind of questions, and how she answered them.

She is not too small because her legs are pretty stable you see that.

See there different types of planting, according to what her family would be doing. Wandering where she is.

She did her hair all by herself by combing and braiding.

She is little there but she is not a little baby, she is in between.

They got Simon on the very top what likes like what was going to say taxi but there is a t and a blank and a x and a blank, and there is a kitty cat, there is a kitty cat, and there is a little thing that snows,and a little bit of grass around the girl.

There is a name that says Anna, may be she did it.

Simon… S-I-M-O-N and she is just scribbling, one little pigtail

She is small for her age with little shoes and she can walk

I am the only one who has color on mine, she has pretty blond hair with a long pigtail coming coming from the top of her hair with a dark blue or green ribbon. She just went down to sit was going on and she was writing ans start scribbling

She doesn’t know how to write because she is not that old.

They just left her there to play and left there to do their business they wouldn’t tag them around there, it’s not safe, they left here there to be safe.

Their white English American and very well behaved sitting their very patiently drawing and they left her there knowing that she would be alright

Kids like to do things themselves. Someone is following, that would explain the picture. Someone found her and followed her to see what she was going to do. Poor girl.

That is a nice blackboard too. It is inside the building. Anna went away to look for the cat. I don’ t know I haven’t found him. That’s simon’s name up here. She is not even dressed to be outside and has to be a school building because of the walls. It has to be a man because the little girl isn’t dressed right.

Not everybody has a blackboard in there house.

Is Simon the baby?

He got away from them, he is close by. I would say he is in the same room, For very young children who aren’t even in school yet. This even a window because it is a drop window. That looks like a suitcase right there. Simon is in a different school room for children that are not even in school yet. His cat, I don’t know what this is. Is this flowers?

She is thinking about the other things that would go with them.

She Is too little to think about drawing, I imagine she is about six. Someone took their finger and erased some of the picture on the chalkboard.

She got tired and sat down and started writing there. That’s are kids are. They are rattled and going on doing something without thinking about what it is. She goes through one thing to the next without even thinking about it.

She will go after the cat. It’s trying to keep away from the child. That’s a dog face. A cat’s face is much smaller while a dog’s face is much bigger and more solid. Somebody erased it because they has an idea. Park a airplane. She just hadn’t gotten down to drawing it yet. God knows. I wouldn’t of predicted any of this from her.

When have they been outside to see an airplane in the air. She got a kitty cat I can contribute that to her. This one and that one. And some flowers with some weeds. But she didn’t write those two names, she wouldn’t know how to spell No one is there, she is by herself.

She is only about 18 months. Old. A Doll.

She wouldn’t be walking out in front of one to something is outside, it is a school of sometime with a blackboard. I imagine it is one that is not a public school,

I was six years old before he started school, about five or six. Don’t take my picture. Her head I kind of big for a child that is small. How old would her age to be?

Anna went to go and find her cat which was peaceful which was trying to stay from the little one.

Simon is in charge. He keeps the chalk going. Anna will be back later. She thinks she is really busy right now. A machine is flying but I don’t know where the wings are. The story has no end, because there are too many echos.

Written by Joetta, Patricia, Betsy, Barbara, Betty, Kyle, Alice

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