Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bad Habits Versus Good Habits

It’s very strange, but there are five nuns sitting on bar stools with tin legs with high-heel shoes, which appear to be the legs of the nuns. It is an oxymoron. The drinks are above the nuns. Obviously the bar tender must have placed them up there. For some unknown reason they are meeting in a bar. Perhaps they want to see what the bar looks like. What is the great attraction?

There are fifty working people, a whole expanse - that is what I am talking about. They are having a military meeting. Each one represents ten. So there are ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty. In the work military people do, there is no slowing down. They have lots of legs, which means they can really get out there.

The group is not wearing military uniforms because it is a special occasion, and they are out to have a good time. They are on a secret mission to check out the bar and find out how their soldiers behave when they come to this bar. The bar advertises, “The drinks are on us!” The habits are the nun clothing. The fact that there are ten bare legs is telling, a play on right and wrong.

I’ve been there, and I’ve been through the book. They are going to attend and say, “Lets make the most of this day.” The one on the far right has other plans, but she has not been able to express them. She can’t break in to what the others are into, all their ideas. She hasn’t been able to get a word in. They are trying to all share their ideas, but they haven’t had enough time. They only have three hours.

What does the one on the far right want to say?

She found something. She found the irony in the whole situation. Wearing “habits” to check out the “habits” of the soldiers. It is effective, but only depending on the location. This is an extremely unusual visual situation, if nothing else, almost more than anyone can accept. They are checking out an unusual situation like this. Bars are not the most proper places.

The secret mission is a failure. They were a little too obvious. Nobody is going to entice the military people that go there with their wares as long as there are nuns sitting there in their habits observing their habits. The whole thing is a play on bad habits versus good habits. They were too obvious. That is obvious. The whole thing is obvious!

Evelyn, Jean, Gretchen, Joetta, Betsy, Alice

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