Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Arrival

Irene seems to be alone in a sea of tall buildings and concrete full of people that rush hither and yon and don’t pay attention to the things around them and don’t get to see much of nature. She is standing on a high balcony in this large city, which I assume is New York City, and she has allowed a small insect to sit on her hand. She is looking at wondrously because she sees so few of them in that environment. The plane is coming in to bring in more people who will be less attached to the real world and more attached to the mechanical world. She is wondering where this will take her in her life.

It’s an opera up high. In her hand is a clink, clink. She is an opera singer who needs a lot of clothes. She wants black heals. She is meeting someone in New York City. Yes. I think so, too. He will want to see her very, very nice. Everything is clean. You can go on it. You have to get a mirror.

Where is the man? He went away in the water? Let me explain. The plane is over the water. The man who is coming to meet her is in the plane. Who is he? He is anybody that can do it. I would tell him “Nine days.” Maybe, “Explain, explain, explain, if you have time.” It’s terrible. He has been away too long, and he needs to explain what he’s been doing. She’ll forgive him. If I knew she was in love with him, if she told me, “I’m in love with him,” then I could know. We have to listen to them.

But that might be someone else’s hand. Very bleak. Very dull. Not enough there to strike up imagination about anything. We don’t want to push it too far.

Irene is going back home to the farm. She is going to get on the plane to get out of the horrible unnatural nature of the city. She is going to go home and see how she feels about the situation before she makes up her mind. This is only a chapter of the story. We need another chapter to give us more information.

June, Jeanne, Patricia, Betty, Barbara, Margareta, Alice

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