Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hunting for a Title

I don’t understand her. She needs to be warmer, I guess. Her name is Bo Peep. I can’t figure her out. All white except a black corset at the waste line. She’s holding a very large rifle in her hands. Look at the instrument she is carrying, it is an awful long thing. Could it be a fishing pole? The whole thing is very incongruous because she has such a fancy dress on in the forest. The lady in her furs. One leg short the other pretty good size. There’s not enough there to say what she is doing. What kind of things is she chasing? An animal? Is she capable of leaving the impression of being somebody? I just don’t know about this one.

Bo Peep travels with someone and takes lessons. She has her head turned to look at someone way back in the ancient days. She is carrying symbols of times gone past. She may be investigating the problem, that she is out of her era, her usual way of living. Bo Peep is an old timer. Whoever has taken this photograph has chosen to lose his way. There are three different colors. She has a tail hanging down there. Her hair is covering her face and making her look like an animal. She may just wander around through the woods to see what else she can find, not just wait around there until something else changes her mind about what she is doing. Bo Peep is a party girl who likes men a lot; she is looking for He-man. But she has made a bad choice of wearing apparel; she doesn’t look like a showgirl. Her hair is hanging down. I accept that now.

I am not convinced by this even though this might be a pretty good rifle. This could be for a play, a modeling pose. She couldn’t be dressed just like herself, with things to look dressed so we can’t know what kind of person she is. Holding a gun. It is very unusual. Does this have something to do with safety? Guns and people together, we haven’t learned how to put guns and people together. She could have left us a note to tell us where she was going, if she was hunting or if she is working for an advertisement. Everything you see with a gun is going to kill someone or something. You can have a lot of fun being destructive.

Long white hair, one arm half way showing, a very unusual costume, this is quite a deal. She’s posing for an ad in a magazine, and she is advertising the rifle. She seems to be in the woods, advertising a rifle for hunters to buy. You have to feel that she’s posing to advertise their wares. Anyone looking at the ad will look at her instead of the rifle. They have chosen the wrong way to advertise. The rifle looks too common; you need something to stand out in the program, to interpret what you are doing. Hunt or build fence? I don’t know.

She’s looking at the man that owns the rifle. She is uncomfortable, because she is unaccustomed to holding a rifle. To be in the woods holding a rifle is a strange situation. No man is looking at the rifle. Whoever is advertising the rifle is handling it the wrong way. He may not necessarily get fired, but he won’t accomplish his mission. He is not bad; he is just not that bright. If he is advertising a girl, that will not happen, because the person looking is torn between looking at the gun or looking at the pretty model. If he is advertising a woman, he has failed in that as well, because her clothing is incongruent. His boss will fuss a lot and give him a hard time. They need a time and place when the two of them agree on what they are going to do, instead of looking at what they’ve already done. Move on past the mistakes. The end is one shot from the gun; she is out on the run. She goes back to the office and collects her paycheck, and she leaves that problem up to whoever hired her. She did the job they asked her to do. It is now their problem.

Gretchen, Mabel, Jeanne, Patricia, Alice (artwork by Jeanne)

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