Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Painted Lady

Each person is entitled to think and to make themselves beautiful and lovable. She is obviously a paper-mache person, a stand in for a real person. Her face is made of newspaper print, the story of her life is imprinted all over her face. Whatever she cares for in life, to make the best of it to help other people establish friendship. Be as good to each other as you can. They try to tell her something or help to improve her. Not with all the make-up. She doesn’t have to put a whole lot on. See the eyelids weighed down.

No one has seen a person who looks like that. Her name is June. It is a hideous picture. Oh so beautiful. Are we sewing? She is beautiful! Someone did an awful lot of work on this one. I’ve never seen a more beautiful one. Her smile, her eyes, that’s about all I know about her. I don’t know her that well. She is a beautiful woman all the way through, a friendly open person who tries to understand the position of those who speak to her. She is making some noise, “Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu.”

There’s not a natural thing there. Her eyes are overemphasized with black circles, her cheeks are outlined in the stupid red, a stupid picture someone made who does not know what a human being looks like. Anyone who would make her look like that should be sad. That is not beautiful. It is ugly to me the way they have her all outlined. They don’t have anything on hair or smiles. I wouldn’t give two cents for that. I’m sure it cost you more than that.

Whoever did the art work knows exactly what they are doing. Someone who reads her story will have the opinion that she hides her own identity in lots of stories about other people. She is a kind, thoughtful person who is very insecure about her own intelligence. That is one reason she has her story all over her face. I don’t like anything on a piece of paper. I don’t like it period. You keep putting in and putting in making it up so you can print it out and throw it all over everyone. It’s because you like it. I would throw a saucer at it. Crack a saucer over your head. [This storyteller stands up and leaves the workshop, very bothered about the way the story is turning out.]

We should avoid conflict to keep peace and be healthy and not continually disrupted. We don’t need fear in our lives, to be more and more afraid of things. We need to wait to be sure what people’s intentions are. They are curious to find out more about other people.

One cheek looks rounded and one looks straight and flat across. I don’t agree with all that. She has beautiful eyes. She has little lights in her eyes because a photographer with a flash that left light spots in her eyes has taken her photograph.

Which one do you like the best? It depends on the mood the person is in, what they are looking for, but I’m not an artist. You can’t tell from looking at it what she is thinking or what she is afraid of or what they are thinking. We’ll just let her be who she wants to be and we will live with it. She is looking at us, because we are looking at her. Nobody can get through the expression of self. She is interested in the person she is addressing. She is taking in all the information the person is giving her and doesn’t have a preset opinion of what that person is like. She takes as fact, whatever they say.

Bad people look differently at the eyes. We should help and accept help. I don’t know that you should consider them bad people. Consider them false, the people who project their opinion on her. She is not affected by their opinion because she doesn’t know them. She is being polite, nodding, listening, but the words of the bad ones are not sinking in.

The moral of the story is be good to others. This opinion is a loving and kind opinion. Not putting your bad opinions on top of people before you know them.

Patricia, Gretchen, Jeanne, June, Barbara, Ruth Ann, Mable, Alice

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