Monday, November 7, 2011

Women Walking, Men Watching

Four windows, a wash job. Are they on this property? Here? [Patricia makes a box shape with her hands.] Sitting out there watching the ladies go by. Typical thing. In the middle of the street and a park bench, doing whatever they want to. Every time I sit down to have my teeth done, they say go here, go there. They are excreamely [SIC] interested up. Time to turn in. They’ve been sitting for a half hour on the part where they are going to be watching. The women are just walking away, down the hill, to the park or somewhere. They are close enough, so they must know everybody. The men have big eyes, square feet, and big shoes. The women are going to heaven only knows down the street. The two men are friends since they sit together. The women are friends, not sisters, they’ve got their hair fixed. Typical men sitting there. None of them are married. The women are going somewhere to sleep, and live, and come back. They are going to the center. I wonder if they look at their legs or not. Peering at the legs, not missing a thing, shaking their heads about the women. Good, the sun is out, but it must be cold, because they’ve got coats on and everything. All of them should make plans together, but they can’t do that now; they’ve been passed by. A sign on the post will tell them which way to go, or it says, “Typical Men”. If they all have a goal, then they will all head this way. They are out in the walking together in the jacket in the weather. The men are talking together about what they are going to do, and they haven’t been able to take their eyes off of them yet. Invite them home to dinner. The problem is there’s only two men and three women. We need to know what he’s thinking about. Where do you get a man like that? It should end if they get together, but nobody is moving. They get up and go talk to the ladies, talk them into going with them. The one on the left gets left out. She wants to get in the crowd. She could be angry or she could be glad to get out of the way. She says, “Leave me alone. Keep going.” She’s not going to stand there all the time, she takes off the other way.

Henry, Patricia, Gretchen, Margarette, Maxine

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