Monday, November 7, 2011

If Phil Comes Home

Phil, Christine, Henry, June, Gretchen, Patricia
I can’t tell. It looks like a dog. A tree. Cutting his nose. A walrus. That’s an animal. That’s what it look like to me. I can’t see nothing. The man is trying to help the walrus. A monster is what he’s got there. That’s a good picture. He is healthy. Do you know that? It looks like an animal. It’s got to be a big one. It must be good, because it is by a human being. They tame them to be good animals. They work on him. I don’t know that they did, but they tried to make a good animal out of Phil, that’s his name. The man is a goose with a long neck. I was in the past. I forget. The man has a saw or an axe, chopping up the monster, cutting the wing off. Chopping his head. Yes, I can see that myself. It is stupid, and I won’t. Honest. I don’t care what they. He’s doing something to Phil’s head to train him. Phil’s looking for somebody that he can eat. Tame him to be a good animal. He’s cutting away on that animal. It might be dead. I don’t know. I won’t be made out of anything. That’s a big animal! That is the first thing I see. The animal gets tears in his eyes, starts crying from getting brutalized. He says “ow, my leg falls off.” Phil won’t be crying if he loses that leg. If the man can get through it, then it will be the end of the leg. A big sore on his leg. It’s very sad that he got the infection and has to have that done. I hope so. I knew, but I don’t know about that. It might be. He’s cutting it off now. We’ll know much more after he stops cutting. The man thinks it will help. Don’t get me wrong. It must be alright, because you’ve been with it. The story will end when he gets through cutting. I love Phil and I care for Phil. Phil gets better, in other words, a watch dog.

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