Sunday, December 18, 2011

It Takes Life to Make a Baby

Mergitroy’s jazzing it up. Patricia just found out that they are expecting a baby. His wife is playing the flute, while the husband sings a song. It goes like this, “My parking days are over. My sparkling lights are out. What used to be my sex appeal is now my water spout.” They are not children; they are adults. It is entirely different now. Mergitroy is juggling two apples, and he drops the apples. They just get along, that’s all. This is the first time she has ever been pregnant. They are excited and afraid, it’s something new. She was a cashier, and she told the boss at J.C. Penney. She rings up things that people are buying and shows them various objects that they are wanting to look at. She continues to work while she is pregnant. Mergitroy is a railroad man, he rides the rails and watches over them. She had her baby, a girl, six pounds and four ounces. The baby has blond hair and blue eyes. Giving birth was not too much trouble. They call her Abigail Loretta. You have to have bottles, diapers, everything else and whatnot to take care of the baby. She slept through the night and she was very comfortable. Patricia took six months off work. Make sure the baby has a good home to go to - that’s the first thing. She works eight hours a day. It makes it kind of rough. Mergitroy asks her, “Take a leave of absence while the baby is so young.” She says, “You take care of the baby.” He growls at her. She growls back at him and says, “I’m doing it may way.” He should help her out accordingly, get supper ready. He is good dad. He prepares, helps her prepare. Thank God! She quits her job. The dear little baby made up for everything. They work it out very well.

Thelma, Barbara, Christine, Gretchen, Patricia

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