Friday, December 9, 2011

Saving Rosemary

It’s pretty good. This is a masterpiece. Skinny legs on these two. They are really working hard, that’s for sure. Playing mostly, throwing that darn piece of wire around. This scribbly stuff, I’d say throw it away, it looks like it was used for something else. It reminds me of a cold winter’s night, and I wouldn’t have any use for it. It looks like frozen ground and the stuff out there, I grew up on a farm so that’s what it looks like. Long skinny people trying to go fishing with a net. I could never stand there and do that and not fall in the water. So far they have not had luck, and hopefully before the day is over, they will have something. There must be something there or they wouldn’t go after it. They come from Oregon. One is Rosemary, and Charlie is the man. Cart it all around like a Caesar. Make a boo boo here and there. Rosemary got a fish hook in her foot. Charlie helped her get the fish hook out of her foot. It wasn’t easy, but because it was cold, she didn’t feel a lot of pain. He straightened the fish hook and pulled it out, so that it wouldn’t be so painful. He probably does have more experience than she has. He learned that at his father’s knee. That’s how a lot of boys learn things. They follow their father. The guys throws a net, and it’s a good idea. From the back and from the front, everywhere the same picture. They got the fish hook out and lived happily ever after. They will do very well because a fish hook can be easily healed. She won’t limp forever. They won’t go fishing very much with a net now.

Alex, Gretchen, Barbara, Thelma, June, Stella, Alice

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