Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cat and a Fish

by: Ken, Gretchen, Stella, Alice, Maxine, Margaret, Evelyn

I didn’t see the baby. That’s a little girl. Thinking of somebody else. I see the things on there, three things, that’s right. The cat wants to eat the fish. The baby will say, “weeeeee”! A bird in a cage. I don’t see a bird. A piece of weed. The cat is just sitting there looking. He’s thinking, “Jump out!” If it jumps out, then the cat can eat it. It looks like a boy, Glenn. That’s the one that likes to get into trouble. He did. He’s past that. I bet when he got a little older, maybe two or three days, he will stick his head in, pull the fish out on the floor, cry, and kick the cat. That one is right behind the other one. That cat’s just sitting there looking.

When Glenn kicks the cat, the cat says in his own mind, “Here we go again.” I would say, “I told him so.” Certainly all those years, they happened. He did alright. He’s doing great now. If he had broken the bowl, he would have just stood there and cried. Then he would go and say, “Mom!” The cat, when the splash, would be afraid and run away. He would come back for the fish. I don’t know if he would go around and around like he was doing before. They are probably just doing fine. The fish is old. People, when one fish dies, they wait two weeks and get another fish.

Glenn is married and has children and he is doing their things. No one has a cat any more. I never did like animals. No dogs. We had dogs, not any more, I don’t anyway. My kids didn’t like it. “You’re too mean!”

There probably are adults watching to see what is happening. I would get the fish up, back in the bowl, and get some water in it. The baby didn’t know the difference, did it in the water is what it was. I saw this yesterday, cute little baby. What could you say about inside. It won’t work too well. Probably they will get rid of the cat.

That would never happen, because babies don’t know much about it. The adults would give him a whipping, Glenn would go crying if I whipped him hard enough. That’s not a very good thing for a baby to play with in the first place, because cats scratch. They will do things differently. Oh my goodness, I loved the cats, and then I finally gave them all to my boys, gave them up. They love them. They still have them. The little blind cat.

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