Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Conversation At The Supper Table"

Mable, Betty, Coretta, Joetta, Stella

They are talking about a million things. They all have a glass of wine. They need a glass of wine. It’s not a really good shot. I’ve seen this kind of mixture before.  They look concerned. Nobody’s happy, nor down. They are trying to take it all in. she realizes what they are talking about. A little complicated.  It’s a good picture. Definitely some kind of family party it might be something startling since everyone is looking at the little boy, Bobby. He’s getting attention from every direction. Somebody has something strange. The daddy, Paul, looks real interesting.  Real concerned about what the little boy has said. That’s a picture. You can’t tell what they are doing. Those two and the old man look surprised. How do you eat like this? (Do you think there is a problem?) I guess so. I know something is wrong. It could be as well as one or the other. All I know is I’m hungry. (what do you think the parents are thinking?) It depends on what kind of parents they are. Sometimes they get hostile, and sometimes not. They’re all concerned about the same thing. Paul is staring at Bobby from across the table. They seem very attentive. They seem like a good set of parents. They like to interrupt the little one, he talks a lot. They have to take time to vent. They have to take time to listen to each other. I don’t know which one is the listener. Why is it important to be a good listener? You might miss something.  If there’s a real problem, you find out about it and do something. Families have different arrangements, and this family’s arrangement is a good one.

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