Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Dilemma of Joe's Friend

by Ellen, Gretchen, Maxine, Marjorie, Patricia, [Lana]

[What's happening in this picture?]

The topic is a ball. That's the man.

[What's the man's name?]

His name is Joe. He's a gentleman that stands up all the time. He doesn't like to lay down.

[What's he doing?]

Somebody's showing us how big they are to how big we are. 

[How's that make Joe feel?]

Joe's content with his size. Oh, Lord, yes -- it's good! I thought he would never come, and he's even barefooted.

[Why does Joe have a ball?]

Joe decided to play some ball. He likes to play! It's good. And today, I was so proud of them. Joe caught the ball, trying to win.

[Whose hand is holding the ball with Joe?]

It's me, the other hand. They could be friends.

[How do you feel about friends playing against each other?]

I think I'd try to stop it. Make them competitors, not as friends. But they'll always be friends, it's just a game.

[What will they do after the game?]

They'll talk about the game. Joe's bewildered because he got to keep his friend. Now, they're going to the hospital because Joe's friend is unconscious.

[Why's he unconscious?]

Joe had to take him because he was afraid he'd die. He's (Joe's friend) taking a lot of tests to see if he's okay.

[What did Joe do while his friend was taking these tests?]

Joe decided to let everyone know his friend is in the hospital. He doesn't have the right to decide his life for him. It was paved in a piece of paper. I don't know what it is but it was there all along.

[How's Joe's friend doing now?]

He's probably doing okay. They don't like the hospital, but they needed it desperately. But now they can leave.

[Where are they going?]

They're going home, and they feel good. You never know.

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