Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Cake Conversation

by Glenna, Margaret, Anne, Gretchen, Henry, Marjory, Dorothy, Philamine, Lorlene, Jean, Earnest, Evonne, Joyce, [Alice, Lana]

[What's happening?]

A little boy is walking in a storm.

[What should we call him?]

Jimmy Carlos Glenn from West Virginia.

[What's happening outside?]

The storm is in Tennessee.

[Where's he going?]

He was taking a trip, going someplace. He's walking there, asking people how to get there.

[How does he feel?]

He's tired, tired. His feet are sore, he's dodging traffic, he's thinking where he's going, soaking wet, cold.

[What should we call the other boy in the background?]

Little Boy Bobby (whose name is Robert).

[How does he feel?]

He is very lonesome because he's gone far away. Who would let a little boy like that by himself?

[Why is he alone?]

His people are sleeping. Why would they do that?

[Where is he now?]

Little Boy Bobby is farther away. There's a big difference. He's got more clothes. Somebody is going to go looking for him. His parents will go looking for him. Sooner or later somebody will find him.

[How will the story end?]

It may be the last one. Or maybe my mind or my miles. Count the steps. See what they say. Take somebody with me so they don't miss him. After the talking's done with children and parents, it went the way the parents said.

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