Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Town of the Past

by Philamine, Joyce, Patricia, Maxine, Henry, Margaret, Ellen, Joella, Marjorie, Christina, Gretchen, Anne [Lana]

That's a town -- good, God, it looks like a bunch of women. I can't see worth a flip! I can see it, a country town! It looks pretty sad. It ain't pretty to me. It's busy, they're messing around trying to find something to do. It's a grouchy town. In the sky is a lady of the past with long hair. 

There's wind. Those scrolls at the top, I don't understand what they mean. Maybe a message from airplanes. I've seen wind like that -- strong winds -- the people will get blown around! The little people are picked up, but not the big people. Lots of swirly-dos! After they're knocked down, they have to go home to get out of it. Birds probably fly past the windows, a little bit of everything, all of it. 

The people are getting upset because they don't know what's going on. The wind came from the river in the small town, a big town has an ocean! Out of the river comes fish, minnows, water, and motion. River is moving south, lots of rain, showers, and a little wind. I think I see more wind than that. 

People are in the houses on the hillside. They go to church, they pray, see other people. Feels good, they're all in church. In small towns, they mow yards, play ball, watch animals, they all meet at church to dance and play. Dance the foxtrot, the waltz, then they go home and do whatever they want. They know the big mirror is strong, so they have to get rid of it. 

Naturally, they're all getting ready to leave. It would be deserted, it would be a disaster. They're ready for open air. With clouds in the sky, it looks really bad, but garden has nice flowers. I think it's Maryland. They usually get a lot of turmoil. The lady with long hair could be one of us! We're resting, which I shouldn't. We can stay there or go home. We should be able to do both. 

The people already know, yeah, they know. They're scared. We're good people, but probably bad. We want to be good; we can share! We worry about whether it'll come to us or not. I wish I had everything. Don't let us fall off! The people will think of something else to do. We'll stay in the sky, but not for long -- joined with others. 

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