Friday, January 25, 2013

Roger and Gloria (Part Two)

I think she’s crazy.  I think I’m fairly sane, I don’t think I’ve crossed the line yet.  Gloria is going to see Roger.  She will find him.  It’s going to be hard, because of these kind of eyes.  Need a different deal.  What color are they?  What size and shape are they?  Gloria has brown eyes.  Her eyes stay closed.  She sees him with her mind, her imagination.  She remembers what her brother looks like.  Those things (the headstones) happen.  Gloria comes down from Heaven to find Roger.  It ‘s windy and breezy.  Normal temperature.  A lot of water, running in the line.  Like an elevator coming down.  Soft and easy.   Smells like roses.  Roger is glad to see her, overwhelmed, trying to get it all out, all the talking.  Everybody is trying to feel good with each other, and the mother, Belibina.  He feels really bad, because he wishes she was alive.

Belbina is with Roger and she is overwhelmed, too.  Speechless, just like Roger.  Gloria say, “Peace be with you. “  They calm down.  Gloria goes back up to Heaven, her mother is coming home with her.  Roger wants to go with them, so they can be a family again.  Roger will go to the grave, but he has a way to go yet (hand motions like traveling along.)  It’s too preposterour.  They’re dead.  They’re not traveling like they’re taking a trip.  God only knows how they are traveling.  Leave it up in the air.  That’s the only way we need it.

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