Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BABY IN VEGAS: The Story of Johnson, Shara, and Betty

I don’t think it’s a hotel. No, this is a home. This is my home. Betty is sitting kind of funny. She’s reading a newspaper. Makes me think of my mom who cut my hair. Kids were all cutting their hair and I didn’t want mine cut.

They’re all talking to one another I believe. Are they deformed? This one looks like she has a thing on her hair like she’s trying to dry her hair. How come you always want to cut your hair? She’s holding a newspaper—they must be having a conversation. I put my two daughters in there. They’re asking questions. Shara and Johnson are asking questions.

Why my momma had my hair cut off, I don’t know; it was pretty. Maybe someone cut Shara’s hair. It looks kind of cute there, too. Oh my land, felt like I was being crucified when my momma cut my hair. She looks like she has a newspaper.

I wonder why they didn’t have a third person. The person who was in the empty chair accepted whatever these people were offering. Johnson is offering something.

Here’s an outline of a hanging on the wall. This must be a kind of room where they make things look alike. Here it seems to be longer over here on the side. There used to be a fireplace, it’s possible. Looks like a bar now. They changed the fireplace into a bar. Men like to go to bars. What’s that guy got in his arms? I think he’s holding his coat.

I think he’s holding a dog. Where do you see a dog? Is this dark hair woman as pretty as the blond? She’s a pretty girl. These people are all friends. Is that a person back in there? Could be standing in an unemployment line. I can’t see for sure. Maybe it’s a friend back there.

Johnson is complaining about her. He’s like her father. He’s old enough to be her father. She’s holding her stomach like she pregnant. Not if he’s the father. Who is the father? “Are you pregnant?” he asks her. They are having a conversation about many things. This girl is really attractive. He has a physique. She’s complaining because Betty is so attractive. Unexpected things happen, like if they’re really married and she’s going to have a baby and this other woman is really pretty, and that part of her hair is pretty. It looks like it’s pretty long.

Somebody might be coming in this side. The door is kind of like there are different…1, 2, six, like six pieces of posts. These look like windows. This picture hanging on the wall to me is like Iceland, looks like in Iceland. The outline is like Iceland. Johnson, Shara, and Betty do like to travel. A lot places. United States. Nevada. I never have been to Nevada. I’m looking for snow. She wants to go to Las Vegas. I think it would be especially fun to go to Las Vegas.

They are in Las Vegas. Maybe that gal’s not pregnant, but just lost a lot of money. Cut her hair out of anger? Right behind her is a bar, and a door so you can go get more to drink. They’re talking about money. Unmarried girl and pregnant. All kinds of crazy things could be happening. She’s cute too. Why is she sitting that a way? She might be some sort of cripple. She’s sitting here, but then it looks like someone fell down.

They had a fight.

She’s really cute.

They are having a good day on this occasion.

They seem to like themselves. They’re going on vacation. It’s really cold in Iceland, and so they’re going on vacation to Las Vegas or South America. I’m going to go to Iceland in about a month or so. It’s still not so cold. They’re not all going together because I don’t think there’s a man with Shara. They’re going on vacation. Betty might have started out with someone. She’s going to South America. Is there anything exciting in South America? Why not? Just being there.

She acts like she’s pregnant and trying to explain away why she isn’t, and that’s a bar with entertainment. Why did they cut her hair off? They didn’t do it to make the picture. There must be another person involved. This man in the white coat back here. The father of the baby of this one. This is a young person. Seems like the place to go when they’re having trouble. I wonder who’s in the back here. I’ll bet the kitchen is back through this door. Possibly, someone’s in the kitchen. There’s noise in the kitchen. Cooking something really good. Some delicacy. Quick and easy. Probably don’t know what to eat anyway. They’re probably half drunk.

I can’t see that up in there. This is a continent of America but it could also be Iceland. This is an adventure place. If I went to Las Vegas I’d be going there to play cards, wouldn’t care what the others wanted to do. I imagine they’re good at cards.

I think this woman has a towel on her head to dry it.

She’s trying to pick up a man.

Not me.

She got caught.

I like to read books about all that stuff.

She’s in a place where they’ve done something bad. They never show the good parts of the thing. They always show the bad parts. Some sexy book she’s reading.

What’s this door here for? Back in here’s the bedroom. I think. Don’t you think?

Right here in this place there is no newspaper.

Looks like three different pictures back here. I wonder why there’s nobody in this chair. Seems strange. I think this is a dog here in his arms. I think it’s a horse the kids ride. He’s been riding a horse. This is his riding coat.

They’re home now.

AUGUST 10, 2009

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