Sunday, August 23, 2009


Marion and Suzanne are running away. It looks like a nice boy coming this way. She’s a happy person, maybe going to Las Vegas. And she’s smiling because she’s going to Las Vegas. Suzanne, the woman behind Marion, is an older woman. She looks like she is really happy about wherever she is going.

That’s another woman behind her? Yes. Oh, bullshit.

Halloween here we come. She looks very exuberant and happy. Really happy. I have to piss. Where are we? I don’t want to make up any story. Seems to be in an area there is might be going to Las Vegas. They’re smiling. Maybe they’ve never been to Las Vegas.

Alone. Alone. Alone. No paper to crumble up. They’re running toward place, not away from one.

“I can’t believe we’re alive,” Marion says. There’s a car in the yard. Money falling from the sky: “Yahoo!” “Hallelujah!”

It’s in Florida. It’s in Las Vegas. If people were going towards it they would be happy. It could be a open field running very happy maybe they are going to Las Vegas.

Looks like a field. Looks like they’re exuberant happy.

The dog’s a happy fella. If he stands in front of that fan, he’s a happy fella. In my times I didn’t have a fan like that. What the heck is the dog’s name? Jeff. Is that an animal?

There’s also on the side of the road, buildings. Three or four buildings. Maybe somebody is coming to see them. Is Marion going to bring Jeff with her? Maybe. Maybe she’s running trying to catch the dog. It’s thundering. She might be catching the dog. That’s a cute little dog. In her hand, that could be a leash to hold the dog.

Thunder and clouds. One is older—the one in the front is older. Maybe they’re mother and daughter. She’s holding a leash and the older one is in the back.

So many people take up potatoes. Good point. There are no cars. I can’t say why there are no cars. I would say they get along. Yes, they seem to be exuberant.

Behind them there’s a highway like that and another highway like that. Like an intersection. I’ve never been to Las Vegas.

Where are they coming from?

They came from this farm. No it wasn’t the farm. They wondered if that was his mother and father, and then we all like to cross our legs. I like the dog.

Would you tell me what we’re doing?

It’s a cute picture. If they make it to Las Vegas, take me. Take me for a little while.

They do nothing on the farm. They’re very busy on the farm. There’s not much I remember. Lot of houses it seems here, also a car, and people in the houses.

I’ve never been on a farm. Jeff the dog lives on the farm, maybe. See you pushed me into that now. I think this dog is an exuberant dog.

He’s a lucky dog, for sure. Wherever he is. He likes to wet the floor. The posts are here and the road here and a truck over here. I believe that this is a pretty picture.

I’m sure and then I’m not sure.

I hope the farmer is taking his farm and making it good. Good thing and that’s about it. I have no idea the age of her husband. He’s so big eared. The dog. To me it’s bad to take a dog to Las Vegas.

Let’s say we put it this way.

STORY BY: Sudar, Elizabeth, Betty Kelly, Betsy B, Annette, and Miss Peach

HELPERS: Sarah and Terry

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