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Characters: Tim, Kim, and Joy

They’re learning how to dive.  They’re going to get wet.  For sure.  They want to get wet.  Definitely.  Why do they want to get wet?  They’re happy.  They want to find the money.  They’re by the ocean.  Jumping and having a heck of a time.  Who else is with them?  Probably their family.  This ocean is close, but I don’t know where.  It looks like it’s, let’s see.  I’ve never jumped into the ocean.  The ocean is in a girl’s hands.  She’s going to hide it in the bottom of the ocean.  That’s a good place to hide it. 


I think there are three boys with the family and they’re all having a heck of a good time.  To me what they would be doing is getting ready to jump in the water.  Their family says “be careful.”  Put on their bathing suits.  Except the middle guy forgot because he’s got lots of stuff on.  He didn’t put his bathing suit on.  Why didn’t he put his bathing suit on?  He wanted to fill it up with money. 


Another group.  They’re family.  Are they brothers?  Probably.  Are they triplets or what?  I don’t know.  They’re family.  That one’s scrunched up a lot. They’re all different ages.  I don’t honestly know.  The youngest one it seems to me that he’s got his pants on.  I just hope that they have a heck of a time going with their family.  I can’t even see that.  I know mine is just like yours. 


They’re jumping off a dock.  What’s behind the ocean?  A big rock out in the ocean.  It’s on the shore.  They look like they don’t know what they want to do.  Perhaps they’ve already spent the money.  It’s not like they went to the dime store.  I think the family spent the money.  I don’t think they have a sense of money yet.  If we look, we’ll find it. 


What’s their family doing?  One family.  They’re probably watching.  I think it’s three different families and they’re going to shuffle the money around so no one finds it.  That’s what they’re going to do now.  They know where it is so they can put stuff in.  They look like they’re having a good time.  They have a big rock to cover it up.  Try to find money under any ocean.  How do you know this is the place where they did it?  I don’t even know why I’m saying this.  I don’t know if they did it.  Does their family know where the money is?  I don’t know.  Not until after almost the whole story.  Let’s wait until the end. 


If they told three different families and they had any other kids they could tell someone else and it’d be all over.  That would not be a good idea.  They’re saving the money for a Cadillac.  They’re all big boys and they want to drive a fancy car.  Do they have enough money to buy just one? No, I doubt they have enough money because of how they’re advertising it to us.  I don’t understand. 


Let’s change Joy’s name to Joey.  That’s more likely it. 


They’re down near the shore.  When they go to Florida, the weather is warm.  It’s not warm out today, is it?  I’m not very warm.  Why would it warmer there than we are?  I don’t know.  How far are we from the ocean?  I don’t know how far they are, but most people go to the ocean to have a good time.  Will we get a trip out of this?  We could make up a lot of stuff.  But most people go to the ocean to have a really good time.  And them three boys, that seems to be what’s happening. 


What do these boys want more than anything in the world?  They want three boys that can run with them.  What good’s it do them?  It does a lot of good for them.  I can’t see that it would do them any good. 


The ocean is beautiful.  They can hide behind a big rock.   How far could they get away?  I don’t know where they live, and do they have any equipment to get away in? They would need a fast car.  Probably a racecar. 


I can’t even imagine three boys wanting one Cadillac.  They’d need three.  They’d go in three directions.  What color Cadillac?  Red, white, and blue.  Nah.  No, I think the boys already have decided on having it.  Looks like they’re way out in the ocean for the boys to be able to jump off the highest place.  Must be deep water there.  Maybe it’s a dock far out in the ocean.  Kids don’t have any sense. 


What animals might they see? There won’t be a cow. 


But maybe a car parked on the highway, stuck out that way that they’re going to use.  There’s three of them, so they’re going to go in three directions.  They must be pretty smart to do things, or pretty dumb so they’ll get caught. 


I don’t think they’re interested in fish.  Yes, I think they are.  What kind of fish do they see?  Big fish. I wouldn’t want to see one of them.  You’ll get your hand taken off. 


Well, they don’t have much farther to go.  What else should we say?  That they’re bad boys.  They’re going on a lark.  To see how much they can do and what they can spend.  They’re going to buy everyone a present.  They stole the money.  They cooked up something.  Especially where the girl was.  Where was the girl?  I don’t know.  She was just teaching them how to dive, maybe.  Where would she get it?  She must make a lot of money as a teacher.  That’s a joke.  They’re on a lark. 


Does their family know they have all this money?  I doubt it.  The parents don’t know where they’re going.  I didn’t know where my kids were half the time.  I imagine they don’t.  They’re going for a swim and they came around here.  All the people are here.  I think this is a family outing.  That might be.  What do three boys in one family want a Cadillac for?  Well, it’s not so much the Cadillac.  What is it then?  It’s just they are wanting their own Cadillac. 


Where are they going to go after they swim?  They better swim four hundred miles.  They’d go home to bed and sleep.  They’re in Florida or some place we don’t know about.  They could fly in three different planes.  But they’d be afraid to take the money with them.  They’re probably smart enough to put that money away and then act like nothing happened for several months and then go and spend it. 


I was saying to my husband how much fun it was to do something special together.  But it’s especially nice and I did find a few things. 


Maybe these kids didn’t do it.  Maybe somebody else did.  That’s a good point.  What about these kids planning to do it with some girlfriends here and there?  Maybe the girls did it.  That might be true.  They might not have hid it very far.  Just going about business like nothing happened.  Well, I think I would try to stop them from stealing it if I could.  The boys are planning to trick the girls. 


Anything hidden in the water is not very safe.  And there’s a lot of fish in a place like that.  And the fish haven’t had anything special.  The fish would spend the money on earrings. 


Okay, now what?  Shall they play? These kids didn’t have anything to do with it.  I don’t think that they planned to do it.  But they did do it.  Oh yeah.  I don’t think they planned anything like that.  They’d divide too much of it.  How much did they steal?  I have no idea.  I don’t think it was somebody that was wealthy they stole from.  I think it was someone who wanted something they couldn’t afford themselves. I don’t think so. How much did they get?  What did they get?  They hid it in the rocks.  I think it’s a lot of bull.  In the first place, three guys knew where the money was and the three guys wouldn’t trust each other.  In the second place, there was a girl involved.  In the third place, anything could happen.  That’s right.  I’m froze.  I couldn’t even run if I had a bag of money. 


How does this story end?  How long does it have to be?  Find the three boys and kill them.  I’d be tempted to if they were mine.  I’d be tempted, but I wouldn’t do it. 


Let’s look at it this way.  In the first place, I’d make them return the money.  Well, she has the money.  What would you do if you knew your three boys had done something like that?  Why would you go with the boys?  I’d go find out what the people they stole the money from knew about it.  Maybe I’d ask my boys to share it with me.  Would those boys be yours?  I would be very mad.  Why?  Because they stole money.  Suppose it was a girl who had the money and the boys knew that she had the money and they were following her around.  I don’t know.  What would you do?  I’d call the police to follow my own kids.  Even if it’s my own kid.  If they do something like that in the early ages it’ll get worse later.  Probably.  And why does a girl who’s real wealthy to begin with still have that much money?  Why would the girl not give the money to them to begin with?  Why don’t we wait to see what really happens.  Should nothing happen to them? 


I think it’s like a family outing.  The story ends with them going home to their family.  Absolutely. 


They should be scared to death because of the police.   What if you had five or six thousand dollars?  I’d be happy.  Me, too.  What if the money was hidden and one of your friends knew where it was?  What would you do then?  I’d call the police.  The police would think you stole the money.  What if I saved up five thousand dollars?  Over my whole life.  Well, these people aren’t very old.  They couldn’t have saved up five thousand dollars. There has to be a connection somewhere.  The girl and boy might like each other.  What if the girl had part of the money and the boy had part of the money and he wanted all the money and somebody stole from somebody part of the way.  That’s what I set up. 


How can we straighten it out?  I’d contact the FBI and tell them all that had happened.  There’s some reason why those people are involved.  If I had five thousand dollars I’d want to know more than if they had a good time or not.  That’s quite a bit of money.  Give me some, okay?  If someone knew, they should call the police.

We’ll see in the paper tonight.

STORY BY: Sudar, Betty, Betsy, Miss Peach, and Annette


HELPERS: Terry and Sarah

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