Tuesday, December 1, 2009


What are these people doing? They’re just gossiping. They’re opening a picture. It looks like the work they do around here a lot. They have two shopping bags. I think they’re waiting on somebody. Probably another woman. They’re going to play cards or something.

It says “happy” on the bag. It looks like they’re sitting in a station waiting to go someplace. They look like farmwomen. Those are kind of odd dresses. Look what they’ve got on. They’ve got bibs on.

One is a lot bigger than the other one. I didn’t look that big. No, I didn’t.

I think they’re going home. It’s kind of country-style.

The woman on the left is showing the other woman a picture. That’s me in the picture. I guess it has to be. I wasn’t nearly as big as that. I never saw her.

Those are small shopping bags. I don’t know what they’re going to do, or who’s going to eat them.

Lucy is the one on the right. Who is the other woman? She sure is pigeon-toed. She must have some peanuts in her purse. That one on the right is kind of chubby, isn’t she?

They’re both going in their purses. It’s on the other way. It looks like an iron. They should know it. They won’t go to seat.

We’ve all gotten heavier and warmer. They must have something to eat because they’re both opening the bags up. They bought pretzels or peanuts, because look around on the floor, there’s all kinds of paper.

We never did look that fat. There’s a lot of fat on Lucy. Lucy looks like she ate it all.

There he is. They don’t like to be that way. So we can be big and fat. See, they do look fat, don’t they?

Where are those two women going? Well, they’re just going. Some of them do. That was wrong. It shouldn’t have four. It should have been one.

They look kind of stupid to go swimming. They’re going to have fat bulging out of their suits. You think you’re super thin. I always thought I was awfully thin. They look bigger than they did before.

Look at the hats they’ve got on. That’s a hot bag. Maybe this kind of hat was important in those days. Are those pretty hats? They’re up higher. Their hats are high. I like their hats.

Where are they sitting? It looks like a stall for horses. See, it’s a real wide stall for these real wide broads. There’s a narrow stall right next to it. Why would they be sitting in a horse stall? There are fans in there. They’re wearing different kinds of shoes in the horse stall. They didn’t buy anything big.

We’re all smaller than they are. They got a big contract for something. She really looks small, doesn’t she? They’re smaller than that. Yeah, she was. He’s a lot smaller than he seems to be.

There are my tears. This couldn’t be more than two miles away from here.

Why are they standing in a horse stall? It doesn’t actually have any stalls.

For one thing, she’s slender. No, my wife is slender. Neither one of those women is slender.

If this is a horse stall, there aren’t any places for the horses to eat from.

My wife doesn’t wear a hat, and she doesn’t wear shoes like that. She’s looking for me.

I never could think that way. I always thought I looked younger than I was.

Where are the women? It’s an old picture. Some little towns had places where you could wait for a bus or a streetcar.

Who is the woman on the left? I would name her Margaret. She’s twenty.

Do Margaret and Lucy live together? No. They’re young.

Where are Margaret and Lucy going to go next? They don’t know. I wish they would go, instead of just sitting. I wish they would just accept that everybody’s old.

Because they’re going. That’s what they do. Where do they want to go? They don’t have any luggage, so they can’t be going very far. I called over there and talked to them. It’s not the bottom part; it’s the top part. I don’t think they get away with it. That’s right.

Don’t let them go! These are the questions we have. Maybe somebody could find someone.

Are they mother and daughter? They don’t seem like they’re friendly with people their own age. Do you have a lot of friends younger than you? Not a lot younger. There’s a big difference in their ages. How old do you think they are? She’s got dark hair, and she’s got blonde hair. They don’t seem to me to be attractive. What’s their attraction?

I wasn’t big that long when I was that young. They don’t seem to have anything in common by looking at them.

Lucy looks like my grandmother. What was your grandmother’s name? Grandma. Did she live in a place like that? She wore a hat like that.

Is this a picture taken over a picture? It looks like there’s a picture underneath this one. Is there another one?

Has she been kidnapped? War is hell. I agree. You see what you see. I think it’s a gravel road.

Where are they going next? I wouldn’t know. Do you think they’re two women who are going to run around together? Room thirteen. That’s bad luck.

How should our story end? Like this. I don’t know why he paid for two women’s hotel bills. If I was there, I’d throw them away. I’d like to see one of those. Not like this.

If they get on a bus, where will they go? To Vienna. They couldn’t ride a bus all the way from there to Vienna. They’d have to get on a small plane. How do they know to get on a plane if they don’t know what it looks like? I guess they’d have to know what it looks like.

The place they’re going to doesn’t sound good to me. Two older women of separate ages want to go to Vienna. They don’t look like too much. Do you think they’re attractive? No.

How could they be going to Vienna? They don’t have too much stuff, and Vienna is clear across the ocean. Maybe they’ll shop more when they get to Vienna. They’re going to get a dancing outfit and dance. Can you imagine them in a dancing outfit? Not together.

STORY BY: Edna, Betty, Chuck, Coach, Tony, Vivian, Patricia

HELPERS: Jessica, Terry, Katie, and Sarah

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