Monday, November 23, 2009


The man is trying to attract attention, if he’s sitting there with all those lights. He might be in a store. What kind of a store is it? It must have something to do with electricity.

Why does he have so many light bulbs? He likes the pretty lights. His name is Mr. Light Bird.

The first thing he does when he gets to his store is turn on the lights. Are they different colored lights? Do the different colored lights mean different things? No.

What kind of lights does he sell? They must be really pretty lights. It’s unusual for those kinds of lights to be sewn together. I’ve never seen them like that before. Light bulbs are light bulbs. Have you ever been in a store where the light bulbs were different colors? Yes.

He sets them up at night. Some lights are bright for reading, and some are colored lights that people enjoy having in their homes because a lot of time when you go into a room and it’s a colored light, you kind of relax.

I like very bright lights for reading. You can have a blue light or any color light just to sit down and relax. But they wouldn’t show up if they were all colors.

I think the colored lights depend on the person and their personality. What I would like, you wouldn’t like, and what you would like, I wouldn’t like. You have to think of the light with the person. If you want a very bright light for reading, for relaxing, you wouldn’t mind having a yellow light or a blue light. What kind of light would an angry person have? I think they would just have a regular light you just look and see. Because if you’re going to be angry, you want a good light to see who you’re looking at.

A bright light, if a person you’re not particularly fond of comes to see you, you don’t want to sit in a room with that person. The lights are on all the time for the curiosity of people. You couldn’t see them well in the daytime. What would be the point of having them on?

What do they use the lights for? To attract people, I guess. They have these lights shining all over but they wouldn’t really do anything for you. Where do you think the store is? Maybe he’s in Antarctica. Then Mr. Light Bird would be very eccentric. It would be too cold for people to sit around and watch him.

Where is the store? It’s right there! What city is it? It’s a big one. I don’t think it’s very big. I wouldn’t be interested in a store like that, would you? What kind of person would want a store like this? What if he wants to take a bath? Would you want to watch him? No, he can take a bath by himself. I just don’t see a point in him making himself the star of this picture.

How did he get started in the light bulb business? He’s a crackpot.

What kind of light do you like? I guess yellow light would be relaxing. Kind of like the sun.

What would be the point of having the lights on in the daytime? What would be the point of having them on in the nighttime because people are sleeping? What is the purpose of the lights? Nothing.

Everybody’s got lights. How do you sleep at night with lights on? That would drive me crazy.

The man looks bowlegged.

What does Mr. Light Bird want? He’s a crackpot. What do crackpots want? All kinds of silly things. He wants nothing. He wants to bull ride. I don’t want nothing for him. I don’t have any idea what a crackpot like that wants. Let’s cut around the chair and cut him out completely. Then we’ll have an empty place. Let the light bulbs die.

Is there anyone else in the store? No. Only one guy. Do you think someone is hiding in there? I would be curious about the man. I wouldn’t bother him, but I would take a peek in. I would like to ask him about the lights, if they’re too bright for him, if he can see good. What would he say? It depends on his personality. If he’s not talkative, he won’t say a lot. But he might talk, talk, talk, and you’ll be sorry you asked him.

I think there are more important things in life than light bulbs. It’s interesting, but why would he want light bulbs in the nighttime when everyone is sleeping, and in the daytime when nobody can see them because of the sun? We don’t know why people do what they do. That’s true.

Why would anyone want fancy light bulbs on in the middle of the night? You’d have to go outside and take a drive around the neighborhood to see what he’s doing with the light bulbs. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

How should our story end? I think it should have a beginning before it ends. I think some crackpot just made this up. The story should end with everyone buying a light bulb.

STORY BY: Betsy, Betty, Tony, Margaret, Betty Kelly, Edna, Patricia

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah

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