Monday, March 1, 2010


I helped to design this flyer in the last session. What was that guy’s name? I guess the next step is the purpose of the event. No horsing around.

They’re going to a convention. She saw them. I imagine they’re going to a party. Looks like they’ve been partying before they left. They’re looking like they’re at a New Year’s Eve party. It was about a month ago. I remember that.

Rooster’s the head chicken head of some kind. Why are they wearing chicken heads? Candy. Two heads. If they’re indoors they’re just making a lot of noise.

They’re introducing colorful.

Who are they?

Where do they want to be?

For what reason? Candy for dinner.

What are they doing? They’re going to New Year’s.

Why are they wearing the chicken hats? Some kind of fuss up there and so they’re going to see that, too. I don’t know how to put it in. Tthere aren’t any men in there. It came in empty. Why are they wearing chicken heads? It’s just the way it is. I guess it’s a requirement for the party, which is a costume party.

What kind of costume party?

The guy in the blue suit is the big rooster, and the other guys are his buddies.

Where are all these fellas going? The other two are trying to behave themselves. They should learn to behave themselves. It’s going to be good.

Okay there’s that part. If you don’t share, you won’t get any more candy. They just looked it up.

They look like they’re all salesman. They’re working in the barnyards. The one in the blue suit is the big cheese. They’re having a great time. Not just nice, but they don’t cut loose like this very often.

Normally don’t dress this nice. Chicken is just for some barnyard humor. “Wear a hat?”

We should have spudded it. What to do.

I don’t know, honey.

Two of them are doing what they were asked to do, but the others are just cutting up. The remaining men are…I don’t know. How many fellas are in there? Maybe they’re three chickens getting ready for dinner. Looks like it’s wonderful.

Their names are chicken head. Maybe we should give them names of horses. The names of the horses, since it doesn’t matter to chickens what their names are. Look at the little ones there. This is the same one.

Same name as the horse from last week. Do you remember what his name was? Is this the same guy from the horse picture we saw a couple of weeks ago?

Looks like an Alfred to me. You mean the guy with the mustache? Yeah, that first one.

I think this a wild guess.

Do you want to go home tonight? I have a lot of meetings, classes, first.

I’m not able to read what it looks like. I’m sitting in my chair here, but I just don’t know.

Do you have one? Yes. Yes. I think so so so.

I want it to be through. What are they holding? Does one of them have a drink? They’re right here. Right there. Because you can get it from light. I can put it in my lies and take it to the ramp, and then when I ran I fant it. Cuz if I do you don’t know how you’re gonna breat. Are you every a fafa too?

Martinis or hula hoops. There go those crackpots. There go those crackpots.

They’re not as drunk tonight as they were last night. They’re given ‘em time.

What are they looking at? There’s a parade coming down the street. They want to see if they can get in it.

Oh, my land. Yeah. Granted.

This one’s saying to that one, “Put your hat on right!”

“It’s fine with me,” he says.

“As soon as I finish this drink, it’ll be even better.”

He’s going to need to do whatever he does. They’re going to sit around and talk about how good it is. Some of them are good. Some aren’t.

“How much fun that was that?” they’ll say.

“Let’s do it again next year. But let’s change our heads.”

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