Monday, May 24, 2010


Who are these two girls? I think they must be sisters. They’re getting into their mom’s things. They’re seven or eight. No older than that. They could be eight or nine, in that area. They’re pretty. Is the one on the left a blonde? Her hair looks blonde on the left and black on the right.

What do they want? I don’t know. What are those things around their necks? They want what’s on the suckers. What are their names? If they’re sisters, they would have similar names. Shirley and Alice. Are they twins? No, I see such a difference. They’re not even related. No, they’re not. They certainly don’t look related.

How do they know each other? They live in the same housing situation. They go to the same Sunday school or the same church or maybe the same school. Do they get along? They seem to. I don’t know how anybody could get along with that little snot. Why is she sticking her tongue out? Well, she’s got one to show. She’s getting ready to lick the sucker. She just finished the licking sucker. Here it is, right here.

Where are they? Must be close to home. They’re home. Thank God they’re too close. That looks like a sofa in the living room on the left there. They live in an apartment building. Whose house are they at? That’s a hard one, because they seem to be doing the same thing. You don’t think they’re sisters, huh?

Which one is Shirley? The one with her tongue sticking out is Shirley. What is the last thing they said to each other? “That was good.” She’s the bossy one. I can’t tell whose house it’s in. That’s a cute picture.

What do they like to do for fun? Aggravate people. Who do they aggravate? Any kitchens. That’s a good place because I hate the kitchen. They jump rope.

The one with her lip sticking out is the one who leads the other one into trouble always. Because that little happy-go-lucky doesn’t know any better. What kind of suckers are those? They’re split halfway through. They’re just the ordinary kind you get for a nickel at the grocery store. Can you get a sucker for a nickel now? I don’t think so.

Look outside. It’s going to rain. Maybe that’s why Shirley and Alice are inside. That looks like a sofa or a dining table. It’s hard to tell, but that looks like furniture. Maybe they’re inside because it’s raining outside. Or too hot. Why are they inside, Tony? Because they’re inside, that’s it. They could be outside, but they came in. They’re going to go outside. What are they going to do outside? Ohhhhh….

What state are they in? We can say they’re in Florida because we’re Floridians. What are they going to do after they finish their suckers? Shirley doesn’t act like she likes the sucker. They’re going to go outside to play. That doesn’t sound very interesting. What is something interesting they can do? They can go see if they can get another sucker. One they can save until tomorrow. Are they collecting fenders?

They don’t look like they’re old enough for that. What would kids that age want with cars? They couldn’t drive.

What kind of trouble could they get into? They could find a way. They could get into their mom’s make-up. How about getting into their dad’s shaver? Oh boy. They would have trouble, wouldn’t they?

What is her tongue sticking out for? She was going to lick the sucker.

Are they talking to one of their mothers? Tony, what kind of trouble are they going to get into? I don’t know, they’re just kids. They’re going to play. They might as well go home.

How did they get the suckers? Well, I would think that those are such big ones that mom had to buy them. Why did mom buy them? Well, you know, Mom says if you’re good girls, you’ll get so and so. They had her fooled. I don’t think they got their hands sticky because they’ve got their hands on the stick. That’s an awful big sucker to enjoy, because you can’t get the whole thing into your mouth at once. If you bite into it, it’ll all crumble down.

Why is she sticking her tongue out? She doesn’t look interested in the sucker. I think they’re looking at boys. She’s trying to look at the end of her tongue. There’s got to be some sort of an indication that there’s a boy there. I don’t think they’re interested in boys like other girls are. If one of them was doing it, both of them would be doing it. What do the boys think of the girls? I don’t think they’re especially interested in them. The boys think nothing of them. They think Alice is cute. They think Shirley in envious.

Are the girls going to talk to the boys? Aren’t they a little young to be boy crazy? If they are, they’re going to say, “Na na, we’ve got suckers and you haven’t.” They don’t have sleeves on their dresses. The boys will says, “We don’t need suckers. We don’t like them. We’re going down for ice cream.” No.

Do kids eat suckers now? They’re so messy. They get sticky. Suckers are kind of dumb.

What are they going to do next? They invite the boys down for ice cream. The boys say, “Buy your own.” Ice cream is expensive for kids that age. Where do they get the money? They’ve had it all along. The parents gave it to them, just to get them out of the house. I think they must have gotten it from the people who got along in a cart, because they are too young to go to the store and get it themselves.

Shirley is kind of cute, I think.

The girls are being told you can’t have ice cream and great big suckers on the same afternoon. You have to either put the ice cream in the freezer or the suckers in the refrigerator. I bet they got those little tennis shoes on. They would get chilly from eating ice cream. I don’t think they would buy another sucker that big. Those big suckers are probably fifty cents at least. Those kids don’t really like the suckers, I don’t think. She’s sticking her tongue out.

STORY BY: Tony, Betty, Dottie, Barbara, Gussy, Patricia

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