Friday, April 15, 2011

Aren’t you ashamed killing an animal like that he is so pretty?

Aren’t you ashamed killing an animal like that he is so pretty?

Honey. I didn’t know you were gonna use it. The head looks awfully small in here.

It looks like a real dog. Up by the riverside, down by the river side. (singing)

The face looks like a dog. Yes…Yes. It looks like it’s doing a real dog.

I don’t know I feel sorry for the animals. But it doesn’t feel like a real dog. This looks like a real dog’s face. Look at this!!! It’s so pretty. I can’t get over hurting for him.

Don’t you feel bad for shooting a dog like that.

Love me or love my animal. Good Golly I don’t know.

It’s a penguin. I might be wrong.

Penguin. Penguin. Penguin.

A real… whatever it is. Looks too much human. I think it is a person. Yes. It’s a human. It’s a girl, I don’t know though. It looks like a penguin in the back. It’s a peculiar picture. Looks like her ear is sticking out. But I have to have a live animal, I have been like that my entire life. I can’t stand seeing an animal killed. I think the reason I feel that way is that I had dogs or cats around us so much and if one of them dies we all would cry like kids. That’s my problem. A dog is a beautiful animal, I couldn’t kill them.

You killed them? I would never killed my dogs.

Eat a dog? Oh god no? Not ever.

We had a dog and cat that lived together. And they always smelled each other’s food to make sure it’s okay and then they smelled each other’s food.

Really? The dog and the cat?

I don’t know what they put underneath her it looks like a chair.

My father was German and he loved animals, oh my god. And he was always after us, who is doing this to the dog?! No kidding? Who is doing this to the cat/ no kidding?! He was European and he was always getting after us.

I had a cat.

We played with our animals. Slept in bed with us a lot of them or under them. We had our missy.

It’s wonderful to have. Missy, our dog was named missy… Missy. And the dog and the cat slept together and they were like twins, and the dog would come in and fall asleep and put her head on his shoulder. It was good.

Is the dog a boy?

You would know if it is a male or a female.

This isn’t a real dog??... Oh… Down by the river side (music)

She is hiding something. I don’t know what type of plants those are I can’t remember but I can’t remember what they had. But they really fixed it up so that she is hiding. I couldn’t kill an animal if I tried. No way Josẻ.

Kissing, oh I am just kidding. They looked at each other to see if the food was good enough and then they would swap. We were scared of our father German that he was. We cried when we had to leave them. Never did happen again. We had to move so far. We were moving from Florida to the west, and we couldn’t feed them and I cried across the United States. My father said we couldn’t take them with us.

What happened to my animals. Have they been…

When my father came in from work the first thing he would look at were the dishes and the animals. I would never get that.

That looks like a dog with her , and he is behind him and they are both looking at the water. And there is a blanket … OH MY GOD!!! It’s a basket!!!

The animals are member of this family.

Don’t lose it.

That is a girl kissing an animal of some sort sitting on a darn chair.

You didn’t get to go play anymore, not that day you didn’t. feed the animals and feed the book. We had two to three animals at a time.

I am watching the girl I don’t know what you’re watching. Looks like a penguin in a way but it isn’t there is too much hair. Oh My God.

Animals, that’s all it takes.

I don’t know I was trying to look and thinking about that. It can’t be a wolf.

He’s got pretty white feet, legs and nose. Looks like a wastebasket she is sitting on. It looks like a basket full of something. The question is what?

Were you looking at this.

Wastebacket. Washbacket!!! They got all weeds around it. Yes! and I can’t see anything that is not!! And all that hair and stuff and this looks like a real…

Were they orange colored on the top or were they.

Flowers.. I don’t… I don’t. I wasn’t into flowers.

And they are piled around the washbasket or the weeds.

I wasn’t a flower girl.

Looks like a washtub to me you know with the flowers. There might be some water in there.

Let me pray on it. Ooooooohhhhhh right there. Turned his head away and doesn’t k now It. He doesn’t have a woman’s breath and doesn’t know better.

What a lovely couple. There are two plants

I put two together. There is a hang onto, and you ought to show them to a lot of people.

E is for effort. Oh no never mind I AM KIDDING. Looks like there is a wolf coming back in, it doesn’t quite look like a dog. I think you know more about it than I do.

I don’t know… Too Happy. But the wolf is really kissing the girl and is covering the wastebasket… or the washbasket… with boards… and there are the yellow flowers. I remember them as a child and how to do it but I don’t know how to do it anymore. I just enjoy it.

I have kept dogs traveling and I was behind the typewriter all the time beating the heck all the time. And my dog would be waiting at time. And he was a lazy dog trying to sleep all the time. And we bought another dog as fast as we could when we got to Europe. It took us maybe twenty minutes or something like that.

It’s a leading say-dee-low-er. It’s a very good pet. The people that own it love it. He does anything he wants to do, but he doesn’t bite people, because we have petted him and spoiled him and spoiled him and spoiled until he thinks people all like us.

When he just started, he was small. But now look at him. He is a hotel and an automobile. I used to pick him up, and he was a doll. The people first pick him up. The dog could have been in their own yard, and they walked out and saw the dog. I didn’t bring my dog.

I was just going to call. I am awful upset. My dog is in the car. Where is my car? I am mixed up and confused.

He just walked in our yard and we started playing with him. Does he bite? Oh no. The people that were there went off somewhere else, maybe to a restaurant. They all got in their own cars. T-tops. We can have the dog for dinner, if he will wait.

We have a wild stab of imagination. Everyone has a different story.

The girl came from a town down the road. She looks like she is about twenty. The wolves are looking for some food and for some attention. The girl doesn’t have any food. What is she going to do? Go to church. She can explain to the wolves that she doesn’t have any food. If they are close enough to touch nose to nose, then they will understand. I talk to my dog and he understands. But this wolf doesn’t understand. He is just going to lick her face. I don’t give a damn what anyone else says. That is the way I see it.

My phone is on a telepole. Are they going out tonight? There’s two more. They are going to go behind a restaurant and find food. There’s food everywhere.

Written by Barbara, Betsy, Dorothy, Alice, Kyle, Evelyn, and Gretchen

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