Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blood on His Sword

Not too much. 1, 2, 3. Yes, I can. Scientific news. Is it the same picture? I spent the day on the main division, so I don’t know.
Oh, it’s a couple of fighters from the mid-time, mid-terms. They are fighting because they are mad at each other and everyone else. They got themselves involved. That’s for damn sure, in the middle of the ages.
Evidently he is in love with her, and he wants to get to her, but the father is standing in between saying, “No. You are not of royal blood, so you can’t marry her.”
What happens next?
Oh it is always something good.
Two boys. The King will kill him. That’s bad. You got it. A bunch of idiots fighting and a woman running.
He’s just threatening. He doesn’t have the nerve to whack him one. He’s too old. He is making one last stand to protect his daughter’s virtue.
She is completely unconcerned about the whole thing. She doesn’t give a hoot’s ass. She’s in love with herself. There is nobody in the world who can compete with her, to make up to what she is. Certainly not that little pipsqueak over there with a bird on his head. He wants to attract attention. This is the only way he knows how to get people to like him. He puts a bird on his head, and when the bird talks, everyone think he’s talking. Well, just look at him! He is bowlegged, and he doesn’t even know how to play that instrument he is holding.
She says, “Why don’t they go away and leave me alone. I don’t like either one of them.”
The King has blood on his sword, because he scratched his ear. He has so many clothes on that we can be sure he didn’t scratch anywhere else.
She knows someone else will be along in a little bit. Daddy is doing his big thing, protecting her. She has good sense, so she will go as far as she can, away. She doesn’t want to get involved with that mess. She can run fast, with her legs as far apart as paper. I don’t blame her, with two swords. If I were her, I would hide under the bed, too. Wow. You-how-you! There she stands in the middle. I would run my legs off. That is ridiculous.
That’s my husband. He is going to get some money.
I don’t think the King has money. They didn’t show a tissue. I didn’t see one. When they went home, they took the money. He went home and just left her there. He said, “You just do it yourself.”
She has the money! She’s not going to give the money back to him! What the heck? He bought that to pay her off. She can do anything she wants. Goodbye. Oh yes. Oh wow! She is independent now! She will go everywhere she wants. She hasn’t made up her mind yet, so she will try them all out first. She likes someone attentive, flat out honest with her, pay attention to her, provide her with everything she needs, everything she wants. Everything she wants but doesn’t really need. Unlimited money. She makes sure what she is buying is worth it. She can return it someday and get her money back. She is a pretty smart girl.
The King is going to buy a Queen for the King. For sale? That’s terrible. I said that? I lied. I missed that.
The middle one has his arm on it, getting her away from number three. Get away from him, huh? Think I will stand there with someone holding that damn knife far up high? Heck no.
He can have as many Queens as he wants as long as he can afford to keep them. Oh yeah, he has enough. That is a typical father-in-law attitude.
The guy in the middle wins!
She is long gone.
The other one isn’t moving.
Do we want this end?
Let’s leave them in suspense. We have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens.
Gretchen, Evelyn, Patricia, June, Barbara, Alice

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