Friday, April 15, 2011

The girls does more than those kinds of hats

It’s a cat. He’s going for a walk to stay on out. Out. If he didn’t he would die. We never think of pets. He needs to get out, but they don’t. They don’t see a horse or fairy. They don’t come up. I don’t think so, a lot. They know when they want one. It’s like they soon, as around, bang, and stop him. No, don’t stop the cat.

He’s going to get the bird. When he gets the bird, he’s going to play with it. Play. His name is Pussy. [Laughter]

Her tail is straight up, which means she is attentive to something. They are more.

I guess he is lifting his head. That’s Alright.

I didn’t want the cat’s.

I live her now but I was watching other locations and all.

They got more at my house than there. Ya, because there. Not the cutest cat. [points at the bird]

Well… [shakes hands] it has to be doing something.

The cat running through there. He’s sitting looking for scrap.

The girls does more than those kinds of hats. It’s better than the first one you show.

Outside of schoolhouse.

Betsy, she probably don’t even think about it. Aloose. Because not careful about what is going on while she is working.

She’s teach third or fourth grade. She doesn’t care that much. it’s just a part of her working habits.She’s really young. She probably figures that is the way it goes.She probably doesn’t pay attention to what is going on?She is probably thinking that book is the best book to pick.

She’s new. I think so too. Near calulu I think.. I think… I would like it… he would like it. That fell on it, and this here is from here. No, he did, it. Just the yes…yes. Onsavasive.

Keep my fingers crossed.

I don’t need it right now. It’s silly…Oh, you can’t have it until two two, no six, because girls want the six. Because you always wanted to do that one, and I did do it. Good with face. You need to get home. You can put it down now. Ya, I don’t know. They can’t even have…ya.

She sure is. What? Ya, Okay.

You don’t have the decorate it when I get there. She too eats. She'll have too one has she once she.Must not be a good picture because she is doing her business there and eating there too. Happy.Happy Happy. Happy. But it’s on the scare right behind ya. Why are you walking all over my suit. That is not nice either. There is one more.


I don’t think it is a thing to see. It’s not sanitary. Well it’s because it’s walking around there and crapping around there. To me it is not sanitary. The cat is right behind there with the bottom nice and straight. You can’t tell me how to dress. You’re bossing me around!! That’s not nice!!!!

Why don’t you go someplace else!! Why don’t you come over here and take over if that is what you want to do!! I can just go back to class. If you are so noisy. Get off of my clothes!!!!! Sorry I didn’t see that there. This belongs to me and you are so noisy and you need to appreciate other people’s things. I’m cold all the time.

Ya, that’s scary.

You gotta button down.too many of them working on that field, she is messing them up for ya. Why don’t you get her out there and participate, she is the one being noisy. And this is yours, and this is a rabbit. I don’t want her in the house. It’s a good thing to know what is going on. Because of those other customers. She’s a pain in the ass if I you don’t mind my saying so.

Why don’t you go over there with her instead of us. She is reading everything you do. Do you know what I would do. I would put test first first, then I would leave it and put it back there. Do you want this one? It’s a mouse, it took that long.

[Betty raises her hand in smack] smart aleck!

You are nosy as hell!!! You don’t have any kids in school and you don’t know what you are doing?

There he is.

Why don’t you go someplace else! Why don’t you go on!!

You are doing your job that is the main thing. That’s what they are … everything. They are out in the country in a puddle doing something, I have nothing to say about that. It would with all animals. There are three other companies working behind there shitting everywhere and they couldn’t find us.

You don’t know about that because you can’t get into things. Doesn’t have enough? Oh, okay. The same girl, she is going to notice that too. I am not one to judge. Spring. Her score is pretty bad I thought. She won’t even give us a chance to look at it, she is looking at it herself. It is not right as far as I am concerned. She is noisy and being a pain in the ass.

She is trying to decide if she should catch the bird or let it go. She is staring. She can’t see the cat. The cat is not there. She is looking at a book of drawings. She has a serious look on her face, because she can’t read it. She is just pretending to read it. The book is half way open, which means she must have started it some time ago. She has been there for a long time.

The book has pictures of fire. There are pictures of animals. She already has a cat, so now she wants to see what a dog looks like.

Pussycat will go see the girl, maybe.

The bird is on the fence, trying to stay away from the cat. There’s some space in between. The bird is chirping. The cat hears the bird.

In between the cat and the bird are fishing poles. It is just growing there, too stiff, too young, leftover from what was there before. The people are on a lakeshore. The cat belongs to them. It’s too well fed. That is why he hasn’t jumped the robin. He isn’t interested in eating it.

She knows she has a cat, but I don’t know if she knows this is taking place. The light is all around her. She doesn’t need it to read the book, she needs it to have her picture taken. There’s more in the book than just watching a cat chase a bird. This is the cat-in-the-hat. The bird can fly away way faster than the cat can jump. That’s a big heavy cat. He is not going to be limber.

The whole book goes together. She is scared. She sees something.

She’s not scared! There is no fright there at all! Just shadows on her forehead. She’s damn bored looking at that damn book and that damn cat.

It’s just a textbook. A schoolbook to hold up to her face. The book is exciting. If it was exciting, then the cat would be crouched down, ready to attack. But he’s not. He’s saying, “Get the hell out!” He is too heavy and fat to catch it. He has nothing to do.

The girl just somebody they knew. They said hold the book up and act like you are interested in a cat chasing a bird. She was just over there. They said, “Hey look at the cat.” Then she picked up a book. I don’t know why she would pick up a book to look at the cat, if the cat is out the window. How can she see out the window when she is over there looking at a book.

Written by Barbara, Betty, Patricia, June, Alice, Kyle, Evelyn, and Dot

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