Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music is the best medicine

By: Anne, Maxine, Margaret, Ernestino, Joetta, Ellen, Gretchen, Mable, Stella, Alice

After watching this video:

......Alice and I had the idea to play music for the residents at Emeritus and see their reactions, and their reactions were wonderful.

Mythos- Surrender (instrumental)
It’s a romantic sound, makes you feel very mellow, quiet,. I don’t feel too relaxed, but I feel a little more relaxed than I was.  Okay. I don’t think I ever feel that way (serene or peaceful).  It didn’t change anything. I don’t feel like it’s very familiar to me. I wasn’t concentrating very hard, I was thinking of where it’d lead me to. I don’t know anything about music. It sounded good.

The Drifters- This Magic Moment
I can see where you have to get accustomed to it. Romance, a loved one. Brings them closer. Thinking of the ones you love being close to you, being gone.

The Beach Boys- heroes and villains
Whatever it is, I enjoy.
(What do you think about enjoying music that was written over 50 years ago?)
 I think it’s great. I think it says a lot. It’s something that has been remembered over the years, long than a person.

The Beach Boys- California Girls
It makes you think of past days. How much fun and different things were. It makes you get it on. 

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