Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dancing in the Desert

Lucille is in the desert.  She is from Italy.  That may be sand by a lake.  Why are we chasing her?  She’s just there.  I wasn’t quite sure.  She’s dancing around.  Why is she dancing?  She’s showing off for somebody.  She’s attractive.  She’s carefree and gay.


She’s dancing for a man. 


There’s no government around. 


She’s a young person, too.  She’s not very old.  The man she’s dancing for is Michael.  I used to dance in the old days. 


She’s in California.  It’s always bright like that out there.  She’s trying to make an impression on someone.  I don’t think they care one way or another about dancing.


There’s deep sand in the desert.  I don’t think she has shoes on.  She might be wearing ballet slippers or something.  She could be in the Sahara desert. 


I think there’s something behind this besides fun. 


It looks like a white truck behind her.


Her arm is pretty long.  Don’t you think it is?  She has long arms.  She’s kind of misplaced, too. 


She looks real happy to me.  She’s happy because of a man.  Somebody that would fly around in the room would feel happy.  They’re not down in the dumps. 


It looks like a truck from the front but the back of it doesn’t look like a truck.  The white things are real beautiful.  They could be a real pretty cloth.  How many of these do we have?  I see six of them.  What are they?   Three.  They’re toilet paper.  What is toilet paper doing in the desert?  I don’t think they’re toilet paper.  It looks like a truck in sections. 


I’m tired.  What time is it? 


What desert is this?  I think she could be anywhere.  She could be out at a dance.  She just got done taking classes and she’s going “Yippee!”  Way back in the back there’s mountains.  There’s a desert and mountains. 


When we started to go, we would go and get the same thing and take the same thing.  And she had to go. 


She wasn’t doing her hair because she was out there with the air blowing and she’s going “I’m free!”  It’s just after graduation.  That’s what I did.  Many years ago.  She doesn’t look that young to me. 


There’s a reason there’s pink in the picture.  I knew she was sewing.  She sewed the dress, very easily.  She’s wearing pink because she’s too fat.  The pink could be a message to another.  Who would be sending a message in a dress like that?  She’s so skinny.  The dress is big.  What kind of message does she want to send when she wears this dress? 


I can’t wait to get out there in the sun. 


She wants to be sexy.  She’s not built for this dress.  She needs to leave.  She likes the dress.  She wants to make an impression.  It’s not a good dress to wear to the desert.  I wouldn’t wear a dress like this, would you?  If she were in the desert, she’d wear something to make her feel cool. 


What kind of shoes does she got on?  She’s got to have something to protect her feet.  Why are we doing this? 


There might be a lot of people out there.  Who is hiding behind the toilet paper?  She’s not just going to be standing alone in the desert.  She’s hiding it, so it must be in one of these things.  Here’s someone hiding.  She’s putting on a show to attract someone.  How many girls would wear a dress like that out in the desert?  Why would anyone want to go out in the desert?  Are you or I in that picture? 


Who else is with her?  The guy who is taking the picture.  Well, first of all, she’s a very beautiful human being.  Her friends, her mother might be there, you can’t be sure.


Maybe she’s got an imagination.  Maybe she’s in love. 


It’s the day after graduation.  We all were happy.  When you’re in love you just do things.  No.  She’s in love with herself.  They weren’t playing.  It might be pretty hot in the desert in more ways than one. 


She might be a model.  Definitely she could be a model.  That could work. 


How did she get there?  A parachute.  Who was the guy she was with? 


The white things are part of her clothing.  Why is she turning in a circle?  She’s making a beautiful, beautiful picture.  Good.  The distance is beautiful.  Her hair is blowing.  There’s a scarf, too.  She’s not proportioned right.  She’s got so many joints! She’s beautiful.  Why would her legs be like that?  She’s got so many joints I don’t know how she got them.  She’s flexible.


She’s not very ladylike.  Because she’s more bare than covered. 


I’m going out.  He’s not coming back.  We’ve got to go.  We have time. 


How are they in the desert?  How did the truck get there?  It’s windy there.  It’s probably very windy in the desert.  The wind is swirling around.  There’s not much you can do out in the desert.  She’s going to go get drunk.  Or get laid. 


There’s a town here and she probably comes back here and twirls her beautiful sash.  She’s dancing in the desert.


I don’t think she’s dancing. I don’t think she’s got that much in her. 


Why would she go out in the middle of the desert and get one man with an automobile?  Why would she do that?  She must think she’s pretty sexy.  A beautiful woman in the desert, and she is really beautiful.  I don’t think she’d be alone with just one guy.  Really, that’s not safe.  You never know. 


A long walk in sand.  It’s hard to walk in sand.  And I can’t see what kind of shoes she has on.  What kind of shoes does she have on?  She’s real slim and sexy.  She’s a very attractive girl.  Why is she out there by herself in that kind of a dress?  Is that what they teach in school?


Where is she going next?  She’s got to clean up.  Back to bed and going to sleep.


STORY BY: Annette, Miss Peach, Mary, Vivian, Nancy, Betty


HELPERS: Terry, Jessica, Sarah

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