Monday, November 23, 2009


He looked like he wasn’t going to do anything for her. They’re throwing dice. Maybe they are. The women are sisters. Her daddy I knew. There’s another one. Earl said there might be something to learn, so you better be careful.

They’re shooting craps. That’s what I think it looks like. They’re doing good. I thought things were going good. He was having a good time.

It looks like a man and a woman. They must be working together. He came over and got me a bigger piece. I didn’t go very far.

It’s a Sunday. How do they know it’s Sunday? Where do they shoot craps on a Sunday? In front of the preacher?

You can take one back home. What are the women going to take home? A kitchen. I saw that. Where’s the kitchen? Where’s the church?

I was blue and pretty about it. Nobody gets mad in there. They don’t want these things.

He’ll be ready to make you marry her. They’ve got two places to go. They didn’t care about nothing else. It’s not there. They said, “He’s not kissing you.” Is he going to kiss you? That’s what it looked like.

They’re not that good. Do they look like women to you? They’re awfully ugly women. Are you sure they’re women? They could be. Do you know any women who shoot craps?

They ask, “Where do you go to get it?” I can’t see their hands. You can tell by a person’s hands.

I don’t know what to do today.

They look like twin sisters to me. One of the women is my sister. My sister dresses and wins more things. Let’s say they’re sisters, even if they aren’t attractive women. No, no, we don’t have any of those.

What’s the difference between craps and playing dice? It looks to me like they’re in a pool hall. I think they’re pretty girls. I’m good at those. They’re good girls.

Do you think they’re going to win any money? That’s just a penny. The chips look like pennies. They were playing craps last week also. Where were they last week? They were off in the yard. You mean they have a pool table in the yard, with flowers in it? It wouldn’t be the Sunday one.

It looks to me like they’re playing by themselves, but there are other people around. Not many people have a pool table this size in their home. You never know what they’ll pick up.

I don’t think they’re shooting craps. How would they have a pool table that big at their house? That’s all you can have.

Out in the fields, they dig. Do women shoot craps? Do they win money? What money do you think they can win? I think they’re winning.

I don’t see him. This is a man and a woman. It looks like she’s pulling the dice out of her bra. She’s hanging over the table. The man looks like he has big boobs, too. He’s driving me crazy.

I don’t think they’re in a pool hall because pool halls are made differently. Two people throwing dice? That’s doesn’t making sense. They should be talking about normal people.

Maybe they’re in a private room in Las Vegas. I doubt it. I think I’ve been to Las Vegas. I was looking for a man. I wasn’t particularly interested in dice. I’ve never seen dice like this. Why are they shooting craps with a diaper or something around their necks?

Who is the man? They’re living and loving it. It’s a good thing. She spoke back to the boy because he wouldn’t stay there and fix things while he was there.

Are they going to win some money? No, I just sit there and do nothing. Not very great. Some of them do and some of them don’t.

So now I’m going back. Do you know who that is? They found this place. That’s supposed to be his wife.

I would get in a good fight. Let’s just all sit down and say you’re a good person. I live right up here and I was going to get some people but then I just lost them. Anybody know where they are? I didn’t know they would come back.

They’re playing a game wherever they are. You know, I know that game but I’ve never played it. I think they’re playing craps.

What are they going to do next? They’re going to squawk. They’re going to go to their house. Do you think they’ve been in the pool hall since spring? I’ve known him ever since he’s been here. He’s got it. We did it.

STORY BY: Edna, Betty, Coach, Miss Peach, Bill, Betty Kelly, Vivian

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah

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