Monday, November 23, 2009


Oh, it’s a man! Is that what it is? No. It looks like a man to me. I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.

Maybe he got it. That could have been while the three were eating.

What is he doing? He’s flying. Where is he flying? He called me. It looks like it’s in the Alps, or over the ocean. You can’t get anything more than what you put in.

If you could fly, where would you go? Do you like flying? I guess. I wouldn’t want to fly by myself because I wouldn’t want to get lost.

Is that one or two persons? It’s just one, isn’t it? Does he have friends with him? No. What is he looking at? He’s just looking. I don’t see anything. He won’t be finding gold.

Is it a her? What is he wearing in the picture? Not too much. A little boy. He’s just a little fellow. Did I do it right? I did it! You’re in a good mood today. She should be!

Where is he flying to? He’s right in the middle, I guess. If I was a man, I would want to do it that way. Otherwise, it would never be as pretty as we did it.

We know all about those men. We’re going to keep checking on you so you’ll be as beautiful as we are. Do you love me? I love you.

How high do you think he’s up there? They look like they’re hiding. Are they hiding? It’s must be about the baby or about the dad. That little baby might need him. You think there’s a little baby in there?

Chocolate. Is he flying after chocolate? I would fly after chocolate. Let’s hang in there until we find a way to do it perfect. We don’t want to miss anybody. We want those baby girls and baby boys.

I can’t fly, so I couldn’t do that in a million years. We can watch when the people fly. We will watch them. He might let us look at it. Miss Peach is a pretty lady. She is. He looks like he’s by himself. Chocolate candy. Mmmmm. Does he have any little boys or little girls? We’d be lucky if he took both of them. He’s taking his little boys with him. Why not? Everyone would be strong every day because of the little boy.

Chocolate, that’s what we use, isn’t it? Gold would be kind of hard to find flying around. You’d have to fly closer to the ground.

Are you sure it’s a man? What name do you like? They’re all nice. I don’t even think he’s flying. Those mountains aren’t very mountainous looking. What else would he be doing? We’re going to go up there and we will see. That’s just one more day.

His name is Donny. It’s pretty silly to fly by himself. If they’re other people with him, they’re on the ground watching him fly and look silly flying by himself.

This looks like water to me. It looks like waves because there are rocks over this way. The waves are vicious looking. I wouldn’t want to go with him. Does that look to you like a rock? It might be a vicious storm. I don’t doubt there’s a layout there. I don’t understand this position. Well, do you think he’s going to land on the rocks? There’s a big building right there. What kind of building? How did he get up there in the first place? He’s been laying there. He’s laying on the mountains. Must be.

That’s kind of a dumb thing. He’s not very bright. What would you think if you saw someone flying above you? I’d just stand and watch. It must be high up. It looks like he’s on his stomach. Why is he flying? When I look at that it looks like there’s a wall.

It looks like he’s flying, but he’s not flying at all. What’s he doing, then? He’s studying the universe.

Look how steep those mountains look over in there. It might be a long bridge. He’s not flying. No. She said he’d be there about three-thirty. He’s got to get there by three-thirty. Where is he going? I don’t know and I’m not going to ask it. They’re all going just fine.

He’s in a race. He’s winning the race. Why do they have a wall right there? It could be worse. No, he’s not in a race. He wants something to do. She was afraid to. What was she afraid of? I don’t see anything hard about it. He’s going down to see some more. He’s quite a bit higher.

Have you been flying like that? No, I don’t think so. What does he see on the ground? I don’t know what kind of country it is. Put the cash onto it. I think the mountains are there, so it’s not good for farming. Over here, it looks like it’s water, a bridge.

Where did he go? I was going out, I was going out, too. I just went out and got her up and got a bag of gold. There’s mountains and water below him. Are you ahead of him? I must be. He might be looking for girls. He’s trying to impress her. He’s looking down at other things, too.

How should this story end? Where is he going next? I didn’t see a picture or anything. I think he’s nuts.

STORY BY: Miss Peach, Vivian, Patricia, Betty, Betty Kelly, Bill

HELPERS: Terry, Katie, Sarah

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